Danny Vitale says the Packers’ defensive play has been ‘incredible’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Tony Pepperoni


Zynx 1

Danny Vitale is awsome

Hector Rodriguez

As a Packers fan I hate when people use that word make something great again from Trump speech make America great again which I’m so disgusted when I see people wear stupid hats like that when I walk to grocery stores and malls

    Greg B

    Otherworldly Burrows 🇺🇸👍 yes I am dumb……..along with 62.9 million other voters. Your welcome in advance.


    TRUMP 2020

    Andy Lam

    Why so serious? Let’s put a smile on that face!

stephen batchelor

Make our coach great again hat love it more then make America great again hat and i im a black conservative so any hate bring it im not ganna argue or respond just my opinion

    Aaron Rodgers

    stephen batchelor I respect you ✊

    Otherworldly Burrows

    Bro wtf. No one cares if you’re a black conservative lol. You’re obviously looking for an argument

    Otherworldly Burrows

    Unless you’re saying don’t yell at me for liking the hat better. In that case, da Faq?

    Paul Kaehn

    @Otherworldly Burrows seems like you’re the one looking for an argument. The hat has nothing to do with politics. It’s just football, man. That’s what we use to get away from how shitty the world is.

    bryant perez

    Just like a vegan and crossfitter you had to let the world know didn’t you? Lmao

Andy Waller

I like your hat Vitale.


Dude was key today .

Jay Rock

Love the hat!


LOL the hat

Dennis Alvarez



I really wanted him to get that TD!! Upset the Packers didn’t let him run it in.

Dion Rowsell

I need that hat! Awesome

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