Danny Trevathan on playing Vikings at home: It’s time to play ball at home – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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KnightScales Reply


Joshua Ivery Reply

Bears definitely gonna beat Minnesota Viking’s this sunday

    Philip Gibson Reply

    Mitch Trubisky couldn’t hit water falling out of a canoe.

    Isoke Nichols Reply

    Joshua Ivery i hope we win but with mitch under center it will be a nail bitter.

    JulieBishop Reply

    @Philip Gibson you’re right he def could

    Jon Russell Reply

    @Philip Gibson Yet he beat Minnesota twice last year and embarrassed them in their house.

Pusha Tee Reply



I think the bears should resign trevathan

PHILosophy 1990 Reply

I can’t wait to see these jerseys on Sunday man!

Mo Merrell Reply

1:32 “oooooo my grandma taught me that” lololo who was that?!

Zachary Jones Reply

Man this man has Grown up so much… Keep growing.. BEAR DOWN

Free Bird Reply

Those helmets are sick!l

Lenny James Reply

What my man saying….!!! We welcome you to are House,,,But don’t act tough in are house get your Fucking Head Cracked! So Bear Down and Shut the Fuckup son!!! Purple people eaters……

Lenny James Reply

See the new head gear in back ground!!! Kinda kool

Jerimie Daniels Reply


Rick Stark Reply

Nobody cares about this non-story. Stop pushing a narrative. It’s irrelevant. Ask the man about football. It’s a freaking jersey.

    Nick Angelos Reply

    I’m guessing you’re the “shut up and dripple” type

    Rick Stark Reply

    @Nick Angelos I’m guessing you’re the type to like your own comment immediately after posting it.

    Nick Angelos Reply

    @Rick Stark That’s you bud 🤣

    Rick Stark Reply

    @Nick Angelos k

    jjthesavage Reply

    If they don’t fight it, the cancel culture will cancel football. Sad but kinda true.

Big gaming35 Reply

Why tf did he ask him being an African American?? That’s bogus coming from a. White guy, has 0 correlation

    TBR Cosby Reply

    Big gaming35 you’re right that’s bogus as hell

First name Paris Reply

Talking about what with mccaskey?

    BagCRAZYTV Reply

    They had a video about black players not being able to play in the nfl in 1936 nd the black players on the bears being the first blacks to play in dem

Ivo G Reply

The O G of the D

Dominic VanderMyde Reply

Nah bruh, Y’all gonna get bullied in your own house come Sunday 🤷🏽‍♂️

    De'Angelo Hickman Reply

    4 wins in Chicago since 2000

    jjthesavage Reply

    Not likely.

Andre Akerele Reply

Danny’s dreads are makin’ me hungry, they look like French fries🤣

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