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Tristun Reeves

“I swear on those interceptions I saw white not black” – Chase Daniels

Chi- Nation

Looked like he closed his eyes on those interceptions lol


    Daniels: “If i dont see it, it never happen”

    toddiamhvact 7

    His face cringed “awe s***” as soon as he released that last pick.


The Bye Week will give us time to get ourselves together, Gotta remain hopeful Lot of football left to play GO BEARS!🏈🐻

    Pablo Moreno

    Well said matt needs to get the whole team together theres alot if football left “VAMOS OSOS”


    The best the beam has going for them is the bye week


    That’s beautiful 🤣Too bad it won’t change a damn thing.

    Gary Slomczynski

    @DonnieYou are very right chicago needs to go back down the slop chute where chicago belongs!!! History repeats itself again and again no good QB’S just a punky one with Walter!! Till that changes it will remain the same as allways be second rate!!

Gregg Howard

Everyone notice alk the press cobfrences after the game that all look worn out? Wonder y?

john doe

We’ll never get to a Super Bowl with the mediocre quarterbacks we have, what a waste of a talented defense. Why is Chicago cursed with bad offenses. Please bench Charles Leno Jr.

    Gary Slomczynski

    @Matthew Lepka Typical thin skinned bears fan can dish it out and cannot take it!! The trouble with your offensive line started with that blow up during training camp!! Its still going on!! So sorry!!


    Gary Slomczynski besides philly yeah I agree 😂

    Gary Slomczynski

    @Grizz Philly has a better running back got him from chicago!!! Go figure!! I just state facts!! Have seen to much over a life time!!

Anthony Cothran

This game the bears played is unacceptable

Anthony Cothran

The offensive line is hurting us Charles Leno has to go! Kyle Long has to go. Massie has to go. They are useless.

Parker Dog


    Jorge Rios

    Both of them should hav been gone. Especially long. Nothing, but the name that kept him on the team. He’s been a mediocre player at best. And Leno jr well lord knows why he’s still there, but the bears kept them both. Knowing the bears they’ll franchise Trubisky lol. It’s the bears

    Moe Snert

    Christian Solid QB is irrelevant. The weak offensive line is limiting the bears running game

    Bobby kingCaffeine

    @Moe Snert Yeah the o line threw those HORRIBLE interceptions

    OG Skywalker

    Yeah but the o line did get about 4 or 5 penalties well just Leno jr then chase gets sacked 4 almost 5 god damn times

    OG Skywalker

    Yes because Mitch got sacked 4 almost 5 times 😂😂😂 no he didn’t so stop your crying and bitching and idiotic talk you know that o line is atrocious


I was there. An Englishman at his first NFL game. I thought the Bears looked likely to win this. I guess they just let it slip away in the end.


    They were maiking a comeback and weren’t in the lead dummy

    Steven Arebalo

    @Nautilus1972 They took the lead at one point and did look like they might win until they gave up that last TD. It’s ironically funny you’re in here calling people dummy.

    Rayvon Velez

    @Nautilus1972 why you calling him a dummy?

Jacob Novotny

Bruh why can we never get good quarterbacks IM LOOKING AT YOU CHASE, TRUBISKI, and CUTLER our amazing defenses are getting wasted by terrible offense


    When you call a quarterback in his second year of a new offense bad

    Patrick O'Donnell

    The organization has always put all of their mental effort and money towards defense. They want to make money far and above winning or making the fans happy, and historically defense has been their brand and organizations want to protect their brand and protect the idea of what people think about when they think about the Bears, which is linebacker play. That’s why they backed up the money truck and unloaded it for Mack, because their brand is linebackers who get QB sacks and create turnovers and that sells jerseys and that makes money for the Bears, but it doesn’t necessarily get them wins, because it’s addition by subtraction. You are adding the value of Mack but at the expense of not being able to add money to beef up O line and other offensive weapons that they need. And even when they do have an offensive budget, the GM’s they hire don’t have the experience or negotiating talent or player evaluating talent to make the best use out of the money the McCaskey’s are giving them.

    Terrel Ada

    Yup!! I agree!! Mitch started or played only 12 games in College?? Im not sure but what I am sure abt is I wish Mitch what had a little bit more experience an development from College an from the Bears before he started!!! Just saying!!

Moon Jayy

Guys I’m pissed at him too (chase Daniel) but y’all can’t get mad at him if the pocket is collapsing and Leno and the other o-line is not blocking and is getting flags. This is only 1 game we have so much more games a head stay positive and bear down. The defense puts some stop. If chase had more time in the pocket we probably would of won. Cut him some slack.


    We still make the playoffs. No doubt!

Moon Jayy

Guys point the finger at the o-line 🤦‍♂️

    Connor Muckerman

    Moon Jayy but the O Line is great when Trubisky plays, huh?


    We need to see if we can trade for Trent Williams

    Moon Jayy

    Grizz right

Reza Amirzadeh

Yeah let’s float the ball in triple coverage. Thanks Bears for laying an egg. Sick of these type of performances.

percussus resurgo

There is a QB in OK. I would like to see in Chicago

Avei Lafaele

Leno needs to be benched.

    Michael Coffey

    Long is worse sadly but BOTH need to go

Prince-Kayson Kealamauloa

Bears fans acting like its the end of the world 😂

Steven Simonovic

Daniels sucked. I told everybody that when a team game plans for this fool, he would fold. He really should have had three interceptions today, and on the last one on the last drive Wims was wide open.


He tried his best, but I hope people see now there’s a reason why this guy has been a career backup.


That jet lag hit harder than a 🥜 punch

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