Daniel Jones: “We’re pushing to play better” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

We stuck in there the first half🤦🏾‍♂️just gotta finish through

    Colin Stapleton

    We stuck through until ~9 min left in the 4th

    Brian Gonzales

    The defense was gassed out by the 4th qt bruh

Frank Stange

He obviously needs those important parts of the offense including Barkley the runningback Hillman is trash

    Lucas Martinez

    Sure bro.

    Chris Wilson

    He would have lost no matter what…He played terrible.

    Jason Gilbert

    He played decent that game

    Justin Roman

    Hillman threw the game away

    Nash Scheber

    @Flymoolah man 27 Hillman is a runningback. I think you got him mixed up with Elijah Penny

Big Blue Elo80

Ain’t mad at ya DJ let’s go gmen

Uso 684

If we had our Key Weapons on Offense, it would be a whole different game


    Lucas Martinez watch gmfb

    Lucas Martinez

    +ELR No I don’t waste my time with that sorry.


    Lucas Martinez cuz it’s facts

    Lucas Martinez

    Still don’t care. Move on.


I thought we played hard all night; major kudos to our defense. Their starting to gel and make big plays. Young and talented so I’m very optimistic especially once Barkley comes back. Season is still young.

    Chris Wilson

    Your defense did nothing lol they allowed 35 points…Their early success was due to Patriots offense not being synced up yet not due to Giants defense. Once Brady and the offense warmed up it was all over, they moved down the field completely at will. They allowed a QB to get two rushing touchdowns when it was obvious what he was gonna do. They knew what was coming and still couldnt do anything to stop it.

    Jose Magana

    Chris Wilson lmao you obviously didn’t watch the game. The defense played really good. And the two QB touchdowns were qb sneaks at the one yard line. And plus the patriots had the ball for 40 minutes so the defense is gonna get tired

Jeffrey Li

Keep improving DJ, we sticking with you

12ehd Fantastic

With what we had, I thought he did a decent job. He faced 2 of the top defenses in back to back weeks. 2 of the 3 picks weren’t even his fault. Defense impressed me in the first half. Game would’ve been a lot different with Shep, Engram, and Saquon. Hell, even Gallman would’ve been better. Good learning experience for the team, get our players healthy for AZ.

    Aidyn Peterson

    Chris Wilson 35 points by one of the best quaterbacks/offenses ever so yes they did good

    John Holland

    Aidyn Peterson Pats offense only scored 21 tho

    Joskey O

    Chris Wilson , they did not allow 35 points, only 21. The Punt Block was special teams and the Hilliman fumble for touch was offensive miscues. Defense played well.

    Daniel C

    @John Holland One TD the Giants defense was gased, they were in this game most of it.

    Daniel C

    @Joskey O those two plays cost them big time.

Lucas Martinez

The defense played some of their best football in this game until the fourth quarter when they were clearly gassed from lack of TOP. The offense just kept getting stalled due to how depleted we were. Receivers couldn’t get seperation, the running backs weren’t very productive, and DJ dealt with too much pressure.

Flymoolah man 27

This is my quarterback, my fave quarterback in the NFL over all of them now, he is a beast, love his mindset and where his focus is

    Chris Wilson

    Really? Hes not that great and he makes terrible decisions. Hes not a franchise QB, they should have put in Eli after the second interception.

    Zak Muhammad

    Chris Wilson nope. Many rookie QBS make these kinds of mistakes. Remember he’s playing without the best running back in the league and his two leading receivers.

    awand piro

    Chris Wilson we got a know it all football analyst, please explain why he’s not a franchise QB?

    Zak Muhammad

    awand piro he’s most definitely trolling or just straight up hating.


    @Chris Wilson one of the interceptions wasn’t even his fault, Tate flicked the ball up in the air

daren harris

Danny had a good day at school tonight…he learned alot…he knows his weak spots…and i beleive he will correct them…

Daniel Frieka

You WILL play better. You have a like and a comment from me. I know this is unrelated but can you also leave a like to my latest youtube upload please


When ever I saw d.j have time in pocket nobody had an inch of seperation, and people scratching their heads to why he’s throwing picks. Only concerning one was his third pick.

    Mac Matthews

    Totally agree, honestly think this could be the toughest game DJ will ever have to play in his career

    Arn Martin

    goat 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 zero Separation None naaaadaaa….. we need to trade for a Monster WR


    someone who actually watched the game! Couple big drops too.

    Mike D

    @Arn Martin or have our 3 best offensive players healthy

Ethan Stamm

Can someone tell me why Shurmur would punt the ball on 4th & 2 when his team is down by 14 points with 7 minutes left???

    Craig Beach

    I’ve always been a big fan of Shurmur, but i think we gotta dump him. Not a good play caller

    Daniel Pacheco

    he bet the over and was hoping patriots could put up more points so it would cover..lol


    still scratching my head about that one.

    Kyle Janisch

    in my mind, that was the biggest turning point of the game. If they converted there it could have changed things.


    He’s trying to get a higher pick in the draft

Deon Jones

The Giants took an “L” but I’m impressed by Daniel Jones’s game play and accuracy.

    darknight307 Pagán

    Deon Jones how was he accurate?!? 15/31 comp and attempts?!? 1td 3 int 35 1qb rating

    Nash Scheber

    @darknight307 Pagán no receivers were getting open he had to throw it into tight windows that whole game against the #1 defense in the NFL this defense is no joke

Markie Markman

This whole season is a learning experience, I thought he did fine, our D did fantastic, excited for the future with this guy.

    Bearer of Bad News

    The Giants defense gave up 430 yards though. That’s not “fantastic”

    Markie Markman

    @Bearer of Bad News for a depleted defense it is

    Kyle Bryson

    Bearer of Bad News defense was on the field for 76 snaps

    Roasted Toast

    @Kyle Bryson defense was exhausted


His receivers couldnt get any separations that’s why he had to throw the ball in tight windows …no running game

    Arn Martin

    ok but the thing you have to be proud of is that he throw it and some of his Slot throws 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    He will be ok, it’s just growing pains but he got the IT factor. He is a rookie and on top of that no no. 1 tight end, no no.1 wide receiver, no no. 1or 2 running backs and on top of that we played the best D in football.


    sundae s yes he did and I am a huge Manning supporter but it was time to move on and be greatful for everything he did and accomplished as a Giant!

Denise Roccia

Go DJ your the best Remember Eli was 1 and 4 when he started. Hang in there


OUR FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT! Daniel has that “it” factor you see in greatness!

Richard Pilhofer

Damn just imagine what we could have done with the rest of our offense…

    Nathan Williams

    We definitely could have had a chance to win

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