Daniel Jones: “We’ll correct as a team and move forward” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

We got this GIANTS

Adel Waly

We need saquon back but I hope they don’t rush him

    Dman Entertament

    @VEGANMONEYBALL he will be back but I think he will be back as a decoy to throw off the Patriots and Saquon was ready today but decided to wait till Thursday

    Kung fu Kenny

    RoguePepper 9606 you must be stupid? Odell got hurt jumping up for a slant ball

    Mr T

    But that’s his job, to rush!


    I hope he doesn’t rush himself back. Not gonna go anywhere until they get that defensive secondary in order anyway. Remain patient, get healthy, and keep improving for 2020-2021.

    Mr T

    @theredmullet Horrible to watch defense. you just know every play they’ll give up something big. now he comes Brady to eat them up.


Yes just move forward! 11 more games to go. No team wins em all. (Only the 1972 dolphins)

    Stephen Hassol

    Mmm yea mmm yea I felt like I was back at DUKE mm yea mm yeah

    D Flatt

    The defense is really, really bad. Everything else can improve but you Giants needs more talent in defense.

    Maxmillian Robinson

    RONEFFECT yo your vids are dope man keep it up!


    Maxmillian Robinson thanks


    Snoice I appreciate you

Maria Gregg

It’s ok D.J Moving right along…. Next


It was a noble effort given the lack of a run game.

Im-a-giant 10

Jones did good just receivers have to catch the balls and o-line to block him plus defense secondary has to bring it up let’s go Giants 💪🏼🔥 🏈


    Yeah he missed a few throws. Hopefully this game will do good for the Gmen as the Vikings D is very good. I look to see if players still compete and/or are not scared, lose confidence, etc. Danny Dimes passed all the tests for me but I would like him to have more control of the offense to call audibles to change plays like when the safety happened.

    Danny F

    Yeah he missed a couple throws but also the receivers dropped passes in their chest can’t have that happen

    Sportsplayer 2.0/Daniel

    Im-a-giant 10 he played the best in this game. He puts the ball right on the money our receivers just need to catch them. He was our best player tonight

    charles deyo

    @Sportsplayer 2.0/Daniel yeah, i agree. I thought this was Jones best performance with as much pressure that was on him. I’m sold also. If the team was a little better he could’ve won a game like this.


At least we got 3 sacks also we aren’t suppose to win anyway just beat the jets and we should be fine

Undiscovered Videos

I still support Daniel jones 100 percent . Gotta love em when there new if your gonna love em WHEN hes a vet.


They had opportunities to stay in this game. Young team need to stop the dumb mistakes and get healthy. I like this team were headed in the right direction.


Engram and shep really pissed me off with those drops today

    Julian foolian

    Ay it happens. We’ll be back, keep ya head up bro

    Chris Redfield

    I know 🙁
    Engram had some key plays and whoops.
    NY will get better as the season progresses


    They do that a couple games a year.

    SmithN' Wesson

    Try being an Eagles fan 😆 our boys dropped everything


    Shep is out for a considerable time due to concussion. Damn

Benito Diaz

We got the patriots next hopefully everyone who’s on the IL comes back.

ElGordo Loco

we need to get it to golden tate more. jus work as a team d.j is mobile but offensive line need to give him more time

Geoff Weiss

Yeah Danny is a good qb, he’s got a bright future, I think we get out coached every game, I just don’t have any confidence in our staff, getting us prepped making in game adjustments, for that matter handling success with any ability to maintain momentum. Also, what was up with the 2 phantom flags, gigantic momentum shifters, the drive after our only TD, we had a ton of mo, the crowd was jumping, and that hands to the face(shoulder pad) killed the 1st half I thought, then on the 1st defensive poss of 2nd half, the taunting call. Those are miserable gigantic momentum shifts, am I wrong??

Elmer V

At least the cowboys lost today

John Silva

I honestly haven’t followed football for that long just really started to get back into it with the Daniel change, honestly i think this loss will be good for him, keep him humble and determined to win all while seeing what he needs to polish up as him and a team in general. Hopefully a better performance against the patriots.


    You seem super fair weather which is the worst type of fan

    John Silva

    @Addem sorry im lost you’re saying I’m the worst type of fan? I’m sorry I guess lol I just wanted to watch another sport other than soccer after all these years wanted to watch two sports not just one.


    John Silva That* guy


    John Silva future looks bright for the giants. Not this season maybe not the next either but we have potential.


Love this man more than is probably healthy, but I can’t listen to him say uhmmm, ya know, so… for 20 minutes


    “I mean I think…”


When you come out to play you need to play The Way Minnesota play today

George Sexson

my left ear enjoyed this.

Danny A

Love this kid let’s go Gmen

Tysean Wright

Love how alot of us aren’t just straight bashing the team but giving positive and good constructive criticism

    alpha Acquaye

    Tysean Wright I think it’s because we realize it’s a re building young team so we just have to be patient

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