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Daniel Jones Tosses 1st Career TD Pass to Evan Engram for 75 Yds

Daniel Jones throws his first NFL career touchdown to Evan Engram for 75 yards. "The New York Giants take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Escocivo 30 Reply

The Giants defense is hot garbage! They are lucky Daniel Jones and Barkley is keeping them alive.

    Lebron James Reply

    SmokeyALCO 2016 we went 11-5 because of our defense. We had 3 all-pro DB’s that year. You might be talking about 2017 or 2015.

    WarHero1939 Reply

    i mean they havent had a defense or well team in general for years

    Roman McAveney ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Reply

    Barkley is dead

    SmokeyALCO Reply

    @Cruzan26 Yes,only 3 points. A great adjustment for the “D”. They are rebuilding and maybe this game can be a start of something good. The Buc’s kicker helped at the end. The Giants secondary got highly Torched the whole game.That has to be fixed.

    Cruzan26 Reply

    @SmokeyALCO Very young secondary and putting Jack Rabbit with no help on a top 5 WR was foolish.

STCB Prod. Reply

Do yall think with Saquon out, this is a steeler type situation? (Its different ik)

Stormstriker Reply

I think it’s time we owe him an apology 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Slxtt_YT Reply

    So what do you guys think now?

    Jason Kerns Reply

    I don’t need to owe him anything I already knew Daniel Jones would be great

    75 aces Reply

    @neutral nick hotel of course I can’t know that for sure, but Jones didn’t have a whole lot of buzz going into draft day. I’d have bet he’d be there at #17. If he’s a good starting QB for 10 years, I’ll get over it. But I’m greedy. I want top notch quarterback AND an impact defensive player, and great pass rushers are usually fished out early.

    Damn Feds Reply


coreyandy5 Reply

Defense allows 28 in the first half, Eli was the issue though

    Damn Feds Reply


    Lebron James Reply

    Eli wouldn’t have 2 rushing TD’s & wouldn’t have made that TD to Shepard. He also wouldn’t have threw deep to Slayton. Daniel Jones is simply a better fit for NYG offense scheme.

Kevin Pawl Reply

If someone dies in a living room, is it still a living room?

    bruce lau Reply

    why tho ?

    Cortez Reply

    I mean the room didn’t die

    Goku Black Reply

    I’m taking this joke

    Cormel Reply

    “Automatic leave him dead in the living room..Get it, leave him *dead* in the *living* room” – Wayne

    J. Carson Reply

    I’m too high for this comment 🤣🤣😕😯

mRsNAhBoii Reply

Golden Tate is really gonna help out Daniel Jones

    SmokeyALCO Reply

    I hope the Defense starts playing.

Itu M Reply

Do not underestimate Daniel Jones. This is a well rounded QB. Do your homework.

    Dominic Pin Reply

    Keani Wenger idk I heard that the broncos and redskins wanted him

    Keani Wenger Reply

    @Dominic Pin from my perspective leading up to the draft the only team I could picture taking Daniel Jones in the first was the Giants with their 17th pick and it appeared to be fairly common opinion. Apparently the Giants wanted Josh Allen and tried to trade back up for him so if they reversed that and took Josh Allen and traded up for Daniel Jones instead I think everyone would have been fine with that. Also as long as Haskins was on the board I don’t think any other team would have taken Daniel Jones over him.

    Dominic Pin Reply

    Keani Wenger Maybe but I wouldn’t pass up a franchise QB if there was a 10% he would get drafted

    Keani Wenger Reply

    @Dominic Pin it’s all about stonks, a game of risk

Deisel 1 Time Reply

Never judge a book by its cover

    Scruffy The Sasquatch Reply

    Nice first grade saying

Luis_Is _Goated Reply

Well looks like it’s just up to Daniel Jones now

ihurtmytoe8 Reply

Same play what JuJu Smith from Steelers did 😂

GameBoy Kiwi Reply

So we gon act like Engram ain’t just outrun the Bucs defense

    Jason Kerns Reply

    GameBoy Kiwi factz my giants got that win though

    Keani Wenger Reply

    GameBoy Kiwi he a quick boi…. faster than some dbs and apparently faster than some defenses

    Isaiah Ling Reply

    Keani Wenger Evan Engram is the fastest tight end in the league, and has potential to be one of the best hybrid TE’s in the league

MafiaboysWorld Reply

This and JuJu’s plays are almost the exact same! 😳

    J. Carson Reply

    Literally lol

Brion Stringfellow Reply

And to think this week I started Vance McDonald

Emperor Z300 Reply

Is it me or are only showing the progress of the NJ than seeing the bucs touchdowns 😡

Bobby Bonilla Reply

The kid is the man now. Eli’s days are over.

Fernando Z Reply

Anybody else here after Dan Jones won us the game?

    NBAx Reply

    Fernando Z YESSIR❗️

BioLogicalEX1 - アニメの反応とゲーム Reply

Lets go New York Giants :DDDDD

Jon Davis Reply

Knew this guy. What a great QB

You Subscribe Reply

They took too long to start Jones …

Leonardo Lugo Reply

He is boutta elevate this team so much because he spreads that ball around. Evan Engram will have a lot of opportunities so rack up stats.

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