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    OTX Johnny

    #8 goat!

Rc94 C

Never seen Daniel this happy.

    Savage Joey

    He’s been way more open and his personality shows alil more than the last 3 years that tells me he’s confident

    Savage Joey

    @bt curry agreed

    Lucas Christopher

    It’s been exciting to see the team happy for once

    Scruff D0g

    Yeah he finally has a Coach.

    Jomar Leonard

    For real 🙏🏾


Productive and stabilizing if not outstanding or elite as of yet. More chances to get completions and maintaining pass rating will see a tag if not a 2-3 year contract




Eluterio Millan

You are the fan’s QB. Let’s stay with DJ. 😊

Kevin Efhan

We got you DJ! Forever G-men!

    Taga Cale

    That’s my quarterback

Angelo Maximus

Daniel Jones finally got Good Coaching
And leadership to guide him the right way. The Whole Giants organization is Much improved.
We the Fans believe in this GIANTS team

    bt curry

    Well said.

bruce lau

WE GOT U DJ !!! truly tho you can’t be more happy for Daniel Jones, like the dude is actually fun playing football than in past seasons definitely


DJ looks happy for once bro I’m glad they these guys are having fun LFG GMENNNNN 💙❤️

Donnell F

Should have signed him and Barkley when we had the chance. Especially with the org admitting he was never given a clear chance. And we saw what Barkley was capable of.. Hope they take a home town discount to help the team.

Essam Mozeb

I rooting for you DJ make all the hater eat they words


I’ve doubted DJ, but you know he reminds me of Manning. Just gonna give his all for this team and not let his emotions take him over. Just calm and collected and just work with the guys we have. Looking real good right now. Go BIG BLUE!

    mitchell baker

    He is like Eli in that he will never badmouth one of his players ever. Wouldn’t even do that about last year’s bad o line when they tried to get him to compare last year’s line to this season.

    somerset 808

    100%. And DJ never places the blame on anyone and praises his teammates in the Manning style.

    A B

    The guy is a franchise qb. He just needs help and good coaching. Saquon has been great, but interior Oline and wr have been poor.

    Excited to see how we finish, and very excited for the future, $60M will buy a lot of talent. And guys are going to want to play here.

    Scruff D0g

    @A B well the free agency class is looking really thin in 2023

carson kremlik

DJ has been improving each year – like last year his poise in the pocket, hanging onto the ball,
precision passing from the pocket all improved. this year his reads, and pocket awareness
are notably better, and he is throwing strikes on rollouts, and while improvising on broken plays.
A hot Saquon and the offensive line play jelling into a much more effective unit has helped him a lot- last year there were plenty of occaisions when he had 2 seconds to get rid of the ball.
a little more time has been a great help. i’ve been of the opinion that DJ could grow into being
a good quarterback, and i think it’s happening. early in the year the line was porous,
and he’s been throwing effectively to back up receivers all year. Saquon was struggling a little
with the sore shoulder last week too. Nevertheless, DJ had 70% completions; half the incompletes were dropped passes, and the rest primarily cases of wise decisions to move on to the next down.
the playbook is better too, with the pass/run options, rollouts, and mid range slants all giving him
decent targets. as everyone can see, we are scoring in the red zone, and generating late game drives. i don’t buy the idea that he is ‘just a game manager’. He is making critical plays at critical times. What do they want? For Giant’s fans it’s been a long wait, and heart warming now to see some winning football.

Daniel Nigra

I rewatched the Joe Judge Press conference after the Chicago game last year. Where he spoke for 15 minutes and rambled on. The old coaching staff and the new coaching staff are worlds apart

    Jack Metrro

    “Again I got watch the tape.”

    Scruff D0g

    Watch the tape non sense.

Nameless Grifter 2

The late game drives is simple. This team isn’t giving up. Their hearts are in it all four quarters. Right now I guess you can equate them to not being “morning people” lol.

Daniel Nigra

Daniel Jones. I am one of your loyal supporters who never doubted you, uttered a negative word, or called for your removal. What you are doing now, and what you are about to do are the reasons why. I knew there was a top level QB 1 wanting to break out. LETS F%^Kin GO!

Red-Blooded Patriot Anon

DJ is playing winning football rn. Credit to the O-line for playing well also. Coaching matters bruh


I see Danny happy and smiling. I am happy and smiling.


Very hard working, humble, and tough dude… how can you not root for him ✊ let’s go Giants ‼️ let’s go DJ ‼️

    Joshua Wooten

    Damn where was this energy the last 2 years?

Rafael Soltren

The players really like Daniel, don’t care about the hate the media has for him. He has earned some positive vibes.

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