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Camden Disney

Giants are going 2-14 now.

    Lonzo Ball

    Camden Disney
    Better than going 0-16

    Dean Wald

    They would go 0-16 if Eli started every game

    Thomas Urech

    RDMC not if the Dolphins have something to say about it! One of them has to lose that game!

    I take walls bitch

    *Bills Fan*


    They were already gonna go 2-14

Habariza MastaaBONGO

Good luck to New York New dawn good luck Daniel Jones prove them wrong buddy


    Dave Brown 2.0


    @Blake Anderson Daniel Jones is a white privilege quarterback with no real starting quarterback talent.


    @Jham stick to those food stamps boi.


    @braxtomania There are more white people on food stamps than black people in this country, so that has been debunked already loser.


But when they play the Pats this year switch back to Eli.

    Stelios Kontos

    @Elijah Mitchell ya but the Patriots beat the chiefs twice last year if you remember, but anything can happen we all know that


    Optimistic Outreach You’re name suits. It makes you weak

    Tyler Smith

    Eli has only had two good seasons his entire career and that’s not hating that’s stating a fact, grant it he won those Superbowls those years but let’s be honest here he needed to be replaced a long time ago they need to start over in N.Y. they have a rookie qb a 2nd year beast of a running back why not just start over?

    Nero Pathak


    Riley Titan


Will K.

😩😩😩 man I’m sad I was hoping for a manning vs Brady one last time ‼️‼️😩😩😩

    Father Leo

    It could still happen. Jones can play very to lead the giants to the postseason only to get hurt and Eli comes in for the playoffs.

    Kyle Bloom

    @Father Leo lol that wont happen

    Kyle Theune

    Putting Jones in cant go any worse than what Manning is doing. He is washed up. He has been for years now


    Why so you can go 1-15?

    friendly Jew

    @Father Leo STFU lol

Can't Stop Jerking 445

Man Eli is facing the same thing with his brother Payton

    Can't Stop Jerking 445

    @Isaac .A this will happen to Eli too

    Isaac .A

    Can’t Stop Jerking 445 of course

    Hey Momma

    Can’t Stop Jerking 445
    Except he wont win another SB

    Can't Stop Jerking 445

    @Hey Momma exactly


    Peyton was way worse than Eli in his superbowl wins.. he was carried way more

James Sheehan

Sad seeing Eli losing his arm strength. Hopefully jones is the real deal for the giants. Should be an entertaining rest of the season regardless.


    James Sheehan bruh Eli has 2 rings real deal? Lol….

    James Sheehan

    AWORKOF ART yeah, Manning was the real deal for over a decade. But if you watch tape of him. His accuracy falls off real quick the farther he throws, aka his arm isn’t as strong as it used to be. Maybe the saints will pick him up and he can pull off what his brother did for the Broncos

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Eli is 113-113

Giants taking him out before he goes below 500.


    @Dominican 1844 Phil Simms did won two Super bowls. He got hurt in 90 and didn’t play but he was on the team.

    Nero Pathak



    @Broncos4life their defense in 2011 was ranked 25th though.

    ThatOneGuy 123

    Tastyquicksand – #DailyNFLVideos playoffs matter. He’s 124-120


    @Broncos4life lol, Eli will slip into the void but not Manning.

Garrett Murray

Giants have sucked the last couple of years and if I remember correctly, this is the 2nd time that Eli has been benched.

Sean Manuel Cordero

Trade him to the jaguars and reunite with coughlin

    dead zone312

    Plus the backup QB for the jags isn’t that bad at all he was pretty good ,

Brandon Van

Eli era is officially over in NY. Wild. Watch him go across the street to the Jets now lol. They need a QB while Darnold is out.


    Brandon Van he only out one week

    Nash Scheber

    @JIGOKU KIRĀ i heard he would be gone for a month. They were talking about in the game last night


    Nash Scheber 2-8 weeks they said I believe

    Nash Scheber

    @N_JAMES damn hopefully its not 8 weeks that would spell doom for the team this year


    @JIGOKU KIRĀ You’ve never had mono so shut up already idiot. He’ll be out minimum 6 weeks and he won’t be back to full strength for 12mths as it stays in your system and you’re contagious af during that time, so you can’t even share a drink or even sneeze in the wrong direction.


Had no idea Eli was the reason for the Giants pathetic excuse of a defense. Team’s been a joke since Coughlin

Debaser Deducer

LMAO this thumbnail 😂 Eli all pissed and Daniel looking hopeful towards the future.

    MLP Shawn

    Lmaooo thats a sad sight. Like Bledsoe looking at young Brady

    Dandre Johnson

    He looks like he could play Eli Manning in a movie

Tristan Wright

I still think its a little early, especially against a tough tampa defense

ivan rupee

Coughlin trades Ramsey for Eli and we are set


    @MDB You mean 2 time super bowl champion who beat the Pats twice? Yeah. Remember how you guys wanted Coughlin out then he won a Superbowl?


    @GizmoMaltese how long ago was that? sorry not the same quarterback. hes no tom brady cant live in the past

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    The jags want a first round pick and more. Eli and a first round pick for Ramsey

    richforeverken !

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT Belichick has a first round pick and more lol. Don’t be suprise if he’s a patriot this week

    Rb6 For life

    ivan rupee set? You would still to replace literally everyone on defense and the entire o line

Ricky Hiley

It’s sad, but, necessary. Still love you Eli.


Eli was a true Giant who I’ll sorely miss. But this whole thing was mishandled from the start. Why did they bring him back with the $23,000,000 cap hit, when they could have used that money to help the worst defense in the league. Gettlemen and Shurmur are both clueless. Unless Daniel Jones shows he’s got the stuff; both of them should be shown the door at season end.

    Elmyda 1537

    I heavily agree with u


    The front office have created a joke of a team for years. It’s shameful being a fan

    Nash Scheber

    They probably wanted eli to start to be a punching bag to see how good that offensive line is but who knows

    The Keeper

    DG & Shurmer were hell bent on proving people wrong that eli can still play & it blew up in their face


    Gettleman for sure but Shurmur has shown that he is a great coach. Don’t really know how much influence he had on the Daniel Jones pick but if it was him then that was his worst move

Benjimayn Vai

They saw OBJ play today, and thought…..maybe he was right lol

    RD2 4

    Against the Jets 🗑


    Yeah they played a team that scored 3 points..


Sad for Eli but it’s time.
Thanks mister Manning


Hey Giants, the QB isn’t your problem.

Sojo R

This the beginning of the ending for the New Gentrifed Giants.

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