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Daniel Jones Leads Huge Drive Finishing w/ TD Run!

Daniel Jones led the Giants downfield and capped it off with a 7-yard touchdown run. The New York Giants take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Josue Tejada Reply

Daniel Jones playing good actually gives me hope in the Giants

    Isaiah Ling Reply

    GodOfSouls65 FallOut39 and without saquon in the backfield

    GodOfSouls65 FallOut39 Reply

    Isaiah Ling and without Golden Tate and ogletree in the second half

    stylus850 Reply

    Good is an understatement. I have to look when I saw a debut like that! Cam Newton has a great debut, but this was just great, unexpected.

    GodOfSouls65 FallOut39 Reply

    stylus850 IKR

Matt Loco Reply

Giants won 32 – 31 Matt Gay missed 34 yard field goal

    Loyal Philly fan Reply

    Matt Loco that’s crazy cause your name is Matt. So are you Matt gay?

    Sprite* Reply

    I cried

    Sprite* Reply

    And I’m a giants fan

    Jawaad Quzoom Reply

    This is payback for all the times the giants lost on heartbreaking field goals

    Han Solo Reply

    Cairo Santos>>>>>

kreisel dreher Reply

This kid has the guts. Exactly what the team needs

    Kevin Cifuentes Reply

    Bro. He walked in a wide open td.pleaze

    Vincent Pascual Reply

    @Kevin Cifuentes eli wouldve been stopped at the one. stfu clueless

    Domivator G. Rex Reply

    @Kevin Cifuentes He wasn’t talking about that play specifically chill out

    Amazing Guy Reply

    @Vincent Pascual Eli ran a td in just like that against the Bucs in 2017.

Visiqq Reply

i cried tears of joy 😢😢 that’s my quarterback baby!!!

    Peanut Live Reply

    Visiqq okay T.O

    Elijah Mitchell Reply

    Peanut Live 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Loyal Philly fan Reply

Eli watching him like a proud father 😂

    Loyal Philly fan Reply

    joshua akotia yeah

    joshua akotia Reply

    @Loyal Philly fan lol

    joshua akotia Reply

    @Loyal Philly fan philly fan L

    Majin Merrk Reply

    @joshua akotia You’re just mad because he did it before you could steal it to use it here yourself.

    O.G.PAPPÍ Foreal Reply

    Eli doesn’t run

KingChris21 Reply

This dude is legit. Tampa dline beat him down and he still killed them in the end

    Ariez Reply

    Absolutely beat him up in the 4th kid has guts

    jaygiant10 Reply


Julian Shipp Jr Reply

As a Ravens fan I hope Dainel Jones has a great career for the Gmen

    daniel preece Reply

    He’s got all the ability

    KS Mahomes Reply

    Thanks brother

rob p Reply

Where are all the people who booed when they drafted this kid??? Crickets!

    rob p Reply

    @TheHappyHuntsman Your mama’s an idiot and so is your daddy. They booed him.

    Daniel Pacheco Reply

    @rican_ plays games who cares if its the Bucs….the kid in his 1st NFL start made an 18 point comeback against professional starters….and with thet Giants horrific def still made it happen and put them in that position to win…idc who it was against.

    Leit22 Reply

    rican_ plays games wow doubling down guess we’ll hear those crickets next week but I’m sure you’ll find some other excuse

    Jason Kerns Reply

    rob p factz they all quiet LoL I’m probably the only giants fan who believe in him and knew he has potential

    TheKillaShow Reply

    They’re too busy yelling in excitement. Go sit down somewhere rob.

T T Reply

better than eli
actually moved the chains instead of checkdowns
giants could have had a fire offense with odell, saquan and jones

    daniel preece Reply

    Barkley injured 😭😭😭😭

    Morgan Freeman Reply

    @Epic Gam3r odell is legit, the frontoffice of the giants was the real problem

    N4ARideRTR Plays Reply

    @Morgan Freeman Maybe they’ll get Jerry Jeudy in the draft

    Naim Lewis Reply

    With no line.. we cleared cap space with the move and got a RG in the process.

    Epic Gam3r Reply

    Morgan Freeman when Odell is focused that is good for us

Thomas Vincent Reply

Wow.. that crowd roar on the TD run. This was a Tampa home game right?

    Cody Wright Reply

    Same at magic games. So many people in Orlando are from somewhere else and cheer that team. Plus a ton of bandwagon riders who love whatever teams ESPNs favorite. I have always felt it hurts our teams. It make players not care or feel the level of pride for their camp that they should. It’s a Florida curse. College sports is the place were FLA teams get the most support at games, and even in merch. It sucks it’s like that when you’re a born and raised Floridian.

    john smith Reply

    Tampa, Orlando, Miami, all have a ton of New Yorkers that moved down because of the cheaper cost of living. Also Giants fans are some of the best traveling away fans in the NFL.

    Jason Kerns Reply


    grunermrk Reply

    As a Floridian that’s a Giants fan, there’s a lot of New Yorkers that move down here. Also a lot with beach houses and stuff down here.

Anthony Joseph Reply

Remember when Stephen A Smith hopped on ESPN and said Daniel Jones is a bad pick for the Giants? Seems like he always does this & never gets called out for it.

Kasmir Jones Reply

Sound like a giants home game damn tb sucks lol

    Matt Calogianes Reply

    Kasmir Jones a lot of people from ny move to florida

    James R Reply

    Its all the retirees from NY/NJ lmao

Deven U Reply

I haven’t been this interested in a giants game in a long time. And a win to cap it all off….Phew what game

    Cruzan26 Reply

    I can’t wait to go home watch it again. Lol

    Medina La Maison Reply

    You’re not alone man! All of us feel the same way!

Nash Scheber Reply

Where the Danny Dimes Haters At ? This Win Was For Barkley !

    nick bas Reply

    That’s literally what I said when he went down bro

Tishawn Farrar Reply

We got our future quarterback baby we got the best Quarterback in this nfl draft

MrUHOH415 Reply

Good Danny Dimes. Make me eat a pile of crap.

Typical Bucs. 😂😂

Befi Reply

Shoutout to everyone that doubted Daniel Jones and the decision to play him.

King Petty Reply

That’s without Saquon for most of the game… they got something in that kid.

SW Productions Reply

Remember when he was drafted and booed out of the building? NY fans haven’t learned anything since Porzingis

Jules TASTY BURGER Winnfield Reply

This was Daniel Jones’ way of showing everyone that doubted him. The kid has CLASS and let his play speak for him. Played it like a pro and was calm under pressure. GREAT JOB!!!👍🏼

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