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Daniel Jones Has Legs & He Knows How to Use Them!

Daniel Jones keeps the ball and runs it in for a 7-yard touchdown. The New York Giants take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Emperor Palpatine Reply

A lot of people have legs and know how to use them lol

    SlickDangler10 Reply

    Its a song, theyre not meaning literally 😂

    Emperor Palpatine Reply

    SlickDangler10 I know 😂

    SuperKeith 007 Reply

    Sorry Emperor, I was going to like the comment but you already had an executed order of 66 so…

    Chidozie Osuji Reply

    It took lamar Jackson 7 games to beat that

    Cian Shamrock Reply

    hello my lord i see you have lately been top comment on every damn nfl video

Escocivo 30 Reply

Daniel Jones is helping the Giants come back in the game.

    Big Blue Beats Reply


    Josh W Reply

    Comeback completed!

Andrew Kyle Reply

Lamar Jackson has joined the chat

Solar Wizenn/Dareon Blount Reply

Who else just saw this live on TV

Cian Shamrock Reply

that’s why he’s a 61 in madden because he forgot how to use his legs

    Airen Holmes Reply

    Cian Shamrock lol damn i thought he was 69

    Tyron Wells Reply

    He should be 73 ovr

    42Problems Reply

    He has 83 speed

Mike. J Reply

Ok I guess the Bucs don’t have any highlights

    Brad Piff Reply

    Mike. J fr wtf…

    jeremy brown Reply

    This ain’t full game highlights

Vaudi6 Ave Reply

Damn I can’t even get a Bucs highlight

Stephen A Smith Burner Reply

Dave Gettleman signs Daniel Jones to $150m 5 years after reading caption

Shawn Christianson Reply

I wasn’t aware that before this game his legs were of no use.

BDMF 1967 Reply


Lost Cloud Reply

Everybody thinks the 1 handed catch is soo hype 🤦🏾‍♂️💆🏾‍♂️

Caleb The Spy Reply

Wait a minute, I thought the Giants fans were all upset un the draft and now they like this guy? If you knew football like me and the Giants coaches then the Cardinals would have passed up Kyler Murray for this guy

    Daniel Snyder Reply

    lol the Giants fans are stupid

    Joe Josa Reply

    Sports are rigged. Grow up

Book of shadows contributor Brian Reply

Max kellerman happy now.🇺🇸😚👍🏽

Joe Garza Reply

It’s 28 – 10 at halftime and all they show are Giants highlights? What’s wrong with this picture?

    Josh W Reply

    Check that score again

SuperKeith 007 Reply

Can we PLEASE show some Bucs highlights!

Bill Reply

Finally we have a QB that is not afraid to run.

Bobby Bonilla Reply

Eli could not have done that. I think that’s it for the old fella.

Texan Football Houston Reply

Man come on really NY sucks this year dam rebuilding year

Stikbots Video Games Etc. Reply

Daniel Jones. He put da teem on his back tho.

Daniel Jones Reply

Dwayne Haskins who? This is my year!

    NC Sports Talk Reply

    Daniel Jones lets go Danny dimes!!

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