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Toxix SN

Like if Danny dimes will prove everyone wrong

    New Era

    As a eagles fan….he WILL.


    You have a Fortnite profile picture so I won’t


It’s like having our very own Tom Brady

    nalim lattarai

    Michael Daniel jones isnโ€™t good and you have 0 subscribers idiot


    Michael no one is really going to be scared of Jones later or now. The giants record will be proof.


    @Nigward Ok there swammy. Thanks for letting us all know the future.


    Daniel Jones is OK at best lmao


Lookin at the comments it’s weird to see how different people’s minds change in the past 4 months

    Jung Wook Ro

    Those same people will come out right back once DJ loses first game or commits his first interception.

    Kevin Lynch

    @John Goulet nope. Can’t pass on Josh Allen or Ed Oliver at 6 those are game changers on defense. Trust me Jones would’ve been there at 17. If not so what next years draft class features Hurts,Ehlinger,Tua,Fromm, Herbert, Burrow going in the 1st or 2nd round. You don’t ever reach for a player in draft. Defense clearly was more of a pressing need. They lost more games last season because of the D not making any stops in the 4th quarter than anything Eli was doing on the field.


    @Kevin Lynch I think the broncos would have picked Jones cause they traded back to 20 when we took him but I was a little annoyed that we didn’t get Josh Allen tho

    Kevin Lynch

    @gianta_boi there was a source inside the Broncos war room who saw their big board. They had Drew Lock ranked ahead of the other QBs they got who they wanted. Schefter confirmed it on draft night. You can’t pass on Josh Allen or Ed Oliver or those two nasty LBs. How you gonna run a 3-4 with no pass rushers or LBs? More importantly there are a lot of QBs available in the next draft. This was more of a defensive draft. Can’t reach for a 2nd round QB with the 6th pick. As a Giants fan I hope Jones does really well but I didn’t want this to come at Eli’s expense.

    John Goulet

    @Kevin Lynch that’s why I said MIGHT have been available. Allen and Oliver(weird, 2 first names for last names) are definitely good players or even great, but there is no bigger difference maker than a QB. The thing is we DON’T know if he would’ve been available at 17, we aren’t the all seeing eye or anything and neither is Schefter, whom I totally respect. I think it was probable DJ would have been available later but that isn’t a guarantee. Someone could have nabbed him. I just hope he turns out to be great. You don’t pass on a QB you really love, and I have a lot of trouble considering a QB pick a reach. You only ever realize that later. I totally agree with your point about Eli, makes me sad to think about it.

True north 30

Good luck kid…lots of hard knocks coming your way!


He sounds EXACTLY like Eli with the interviews.

    Suplex Beast

    Eli’s Clone!!

    B. Roemer

    You took the words right outta my mouth. I hope he plays as good or better. Thank you Eli, for everything. You’re one of the best. Good luck Daniel

    6 GEAR !!!

    YES!! He Does…lol Eli 2.0



    Frank graham

    It is uncanny isnt it…. he is a graduate of the Manning passing academy.


I’m so happy. I expect a lot of growing pains.

Macky Mode

I would be so much more hopeful if WR corp isn’t so decimated as it is, I have watched this game long enough to know that it’s going to be very difficult for DJ to play good let alone play above anyone’s expectations, but the thing is…this DJ guy…somehow he gives me this unfounded faith that he’s somehow going to play in a way that is going to mesmerize me in a good way…I don’t know about other teams but in 30+ years of following Giants football, certain players just have the magic…again, not saying DJ will shine in his 1st game right away…but I think he’ll show me something that would give me enough hope to keep watching.

Andrew S.

very humble and seems like a great guy. can’t wait to watch him play

Arn Martin

Everything you dream of a good arm his tall and can move to help the WR get open if they need to

Michael Place

So sad for Eli I feel so old I remember how excited I was to get him in 2004. An end to possible the greatest era in Giants football.


    @Squid Inc coll thanks for telling me pops

    Craven Moorehead

    Dont feel sad for Eli. The Giants have paid him over 250 million dollars.


    Definitely not the greatest era. 84 through 90. It is the STRANGEST era though.

    Evander Holyfield

    Michael 05-12 is


    @Evander Holyfield It’s not. With the exception of 2008, the Giants were not a dominant team in any one of those years. Which is why I said it’s the strangest era. With all the frustrating, headscratching losses that they accumulated from 2005 to 2012, winning those 2 super bowls was completely bizarre. Awesome, but bizarre.

Brooklyn Tv

He’s gonna BALL OUT this weekend!! Watch!!


Much respect to the one and only, Eli Manning. Iโ€™ll be at Buccs stadium ๐ŸŸ this Sunday representing for Big Blue. LETS GO! DANNY DIMES

Julian Rodriguez

So basically Eli Manning is gonna start instead of Eli Manning


    Kinda. We’ll have to wait until next week to see if the metamorphosis is already complete.

    C Mack


    Roasted Toast

    Elis clone will start

    Fah Blizza

    Yeah. A better version of him.


    that ain’t eliโ€ฆ that dany dimes

drafty carrot

I will miss eli. he was drafted 3 days before my birthday. he will be a hof. thank you for being a class act.

    Reginald Chiatti

    Might be hall of fame last couple season tarnished his career sadly…

    Tae Wiz

    Reginald Chiatti he will most definitely get into the HOF. They arenโ€™t gonna care about the INTs and losses. As long as the losses arenโ€™t greater than the wins which currently heโ€™s at .500. What will get him in is beating the 16-0 Brady pats with an 8-8 giants team, and then doing it again with a 9-7 giants team. โ€œThe Brady Killerโ€ 3-2 in all times theyโ€™ve played against each other.


    Tae Wiz defense won eli those games 2007 super bowl luckiest win in sports history

Mingo Ramirezz

I’m just wishing for no injuries.

John Cool

passing the torch..this is a great move..the regular receivers will be here week 4..thank you giants for still not giving up the season.


He says uhhhh, ummm, and you know just like Eli Manning! ๐Ÿคฃ #ThankYouEli #GiantsPride #DannyDimes

    E 'riqo Suave

    Lol I said the same thing

Lemuel Sinclair

Eli you sly sob…how did you clone yourself?

    Agoinsane Insane

    Lemuel Sinclair ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

matthew janis

My dad had Simms, I had Eli, and my kids one day will have Daniel. Unbelievable

    MONEY/SUCCESS 10Million

    calm down!! He hasnt even started yet. He might be garbage on sunday. Youre getting ahead of yourself

E 'riqo Suave

This dude talk like eli with the ummm after every sentence lol.

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