Daniel Jones FIRST HOME GAME highlights | Giants vs. Redskins – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Darknino Liberté

He was decent we was raddled at home but then composed himself

    Round Robin


    Darknino Liberté

    @Round Robin it’s true

    Round Robin


    Mike Ferrara

    Rattled, raddled wouldve been more appropriate if eli was the qb. Not dissing Eli at all


Hopefully we win against the Vikings, gonna be a tough game.


    @Fernando Salas You’re right.


    ElderFlame – the vikings scored 6 points last week.. cousins is a glorified backup


    @Snoice I’m just saying their defense is better than any other team we’ve played so far, atleast teams we’ve won against

    Alucard #1

    @Frankincensed I heard they’ll start Eli that game then go back to DJ

Lebron James

-4 picks in rounds 1-3
-70 mill cap space to fix defense
-Rookies continue their development
-Saquon return to full health

    S L

    -Daniel Jones

    Sam Washam

    S L that goes in the rookies continue their development category

    jjh lk

    $100 million in open cap space

Israel Garcia

Why is the volume so low in your videos! This is FOOTBALL not golf!?!

    Squid Inc

    Bruh, smh, just turn your volume up, the levels aren’t low.

    Israel Garcia

    @Squid Inc I did all the way, I wouldn’t be commenting it if I hadn’t🧐🧐

Gerald Riley

Good game fellas 🔴🔵

Sweatytrash 69

What about the giants d tho They really stepped up 👌

    Squid Inc

    Also, the Defense might not be as bad as thought with the production the Buccaineers put up against the Rams yesterday.

    mike wright

    The Giants defense didn’t do much besides be in the right place at the right time!! Those interceptions fell in their lap they didn’t work that hard for them$$ I wish they did work hard for that, the Giants work really hard to tackle the guy after the offense catches the ball😟😣

Jason Cortes

Golden tate should be a plus for DJ moving forward.


There was some concern about Jones’ pocket presence last week. I noticed today he looked very comfortable and poised.

    mike wright

    😁. I’m starting to think he can play😃 and stop questioning him😙 every quarterback makes mistakes get back up you know

The Dante Show

Sloppy game today not gonna lie Vikings did not have a good game today let’s keep the momentum work on the mistakes easy

Raekwon Vaughan

Go Dj that’s my Dj


Let’s keep this going Minnesota isn’t gonna be easy but we could win

    Mike Moran

    Absolutely we can but we have to take better care of the ball

Amazing Guy



If only Barkley was healthy, we could destroy defenses.

    Mike Ferrara

    24-3, I’d say we walked over their D


    Mike Ferrara for sure, the problem was we couldn’t run consistently. With Barkley we would have no problem

Mike Moran

Couple of rookie mistakes but he’s a smart kid he’ll learn. Always great to put a beating on the Deadskins

Somewhat Knowledgeable Geek

The Giants Got Barkley and waited a year to get DJ. Looking a bit more like the right choice by the day. Even though Barkley is hurt right now, he’s a star for the foreseeable future. This is why the Giants will always be a more competent franchise than the Jets.

Demetrius Bennett

Just sorry iam a Redskin’s fan but I might have to find a new team

    James Gunther

    Come be a Giants fan

Central Coast Climber

No disrespect but calling this guy a potential rookie of the year is kinda insulting… he reminds me of Blake Bortles… constant slant, check down and legs. Other than that i’m not seeing what the big hype is. Gardner Minshew is a legitimate rookie of the year contestant.

    James Gunther

    Well we dont know yet. I don’t think he’ll have a great rookie season but I could be wrong. Minshew also throws the same way btw

    Central Coast Climber

    @James Gunther minshew has thrown much more accurately. Even set a record both franchise and in the NFL already. He’s thrown at least 6 25 yard dimes. And drafted in the 6th round.

    James Gunther

    @Central Coast Climber He has better receivers and Jacksonville has only been around for like 20 years it’s not hard setting records there. 🤣 Daniel Jones had a historic debut but we’ll see how this turns out.

    Central Coast Climber

    @James Gunther I agree DJ CLEARLY has better receivers and should be taking full advantage of that. Having two WR that are just now coming off big ACL injuries, an undrafted FA 2nd year and a second year 2nd round pick from LSU is what the jags have to work for. The NFL has been around for a while bud lol a lot longer than the jags

Uso 684

Im more concern on whos gonna replace Ryan Connelly… hes been a really good pick in the 5th… he was a General on the Field … Prayers of Healing upon you bradah Ryan 💙💙💙🙏🙏

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