Dan Quinn speaks on loss in Houston, eyes set on Arizona – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Julio J

Meanwhile I’m watching Kyle Shanahans 49ers putting in work. Wish we could’ve kept him.

    Robbie White

    @Julio J well Dolphins,Jets,Redskins,Cardinals but after we fall to arizona sunday we will be close to the worst in the nfl.

    Robbie White

    @Chasin Paper Teco Raw a Beast glad he went to a better managed team I give it to Shanahan for what he has he is doing the damn thing. RESPECT!

    Robbie White

    @Chasin Paper ito smith is out performing freeman he does to much dancing and cutting ito is raw with it as well because he is a one cut runner.

    Robbie White

    @Chasin Paper I’m to the point idk what the hell we need to do smh… to me its starts with management.

Country Boi Ross

💺 🥵 🔥 💺 🥵 🔥 💺 🥵 🔥‼️


I’m actually worried about the cardinals 😭😭😭

    Anthony Wright

    I’m not, I believe in my Falcons and I’ve never waivered like most of our fans. Sure I’m not happy about where we are but I also believe we will win our next three games to get us to our bye, that’s right I said it!!!! We will beat Arizona this Sunday then win our next two at home against the Rams and Seahawks at home to get us to 4-4 at our bye week….

    Cody Paul

    @Anthony Wright Always enjoy your comments bro and it’s nice to know that you still believe in miracles…..


    You should be this team awful

    Matty Ghost

    I hope the cardinals win….We need a new team

    Jacob's Weather

    if we somehow lose to them, Dan Quinn needs to be fired on the spot. I thought defense was what Dan Quinn specialized in, but everyone on his defense except like 3 players can’t tackle.

Beast Mode Killa

This feels intense idk why tho

chris patterson

Am I getting laughed at wearing my falcon gear?

    LA Ryan

    Anybody laugh at me in my Falcons gear is getting swung on.

    R Hendry

    LA Ryan Nov. 28 is National Punch a Saint’s fan Day

    Justin Johnson

    @R Hendry Right knock them bitches out

    Byron Jones

    People joked me yesterday when I wore mine to work.

Hingle McCringleberry

More lip service

    GhOsT PePpErS



when you play to survive lmao

Country Boi Ross

I seen guys giving up this past week! Do not expect any better Sunday! Kyler will have a breakout HOF like performance ‼️🤦🏿‍♂️

Tejsh Desai

I never thought I’d see the day where I’m more excited for the Hawks and Braves than the Falcons


    Sad times

Edward Clark

Another Sunday Let Down. Thought It’d Be Different. Thought We’d Go Into Practice & Assess Everything Wrong & Put In The Work. I Don’t Wanna Hear The Same Thing Every Week. I Wanna See Some Emotion For This Team.


Man DQ is like a broken record every week says the same thing every time. He needs to go on somewhere he ain’t no killer

Mel Sells Real Estate

Shanahan clearly was the mastermind behind our earlier success. When he left his true colors came out. Times up DQ

C Smith

I don’t even know what to say anymore good god

Seargent AR-10


Chad Macgargle

One paragraph:
We clearly want to effect the DBs (offense,) this is seen during the route progression and personnel packages causing match up issues with DBs in run fits. Our protection/blocking schemes generally negates any mismatch advantage we may have. We don’t see enough power blocking, gap, or zone looks; and when we do call a wham lead on the goal line, it looks so different than the “bob” vanilla we run most of the time. We don’t call plays in combination, where 3 plays in a series all look the same in the first step, so the defense can key in on our TE or C and know exactly what we’re about, while Randy Moss laughs at us and the men on our team’s effort to win as we look on to see our former OC masterfully execute the same idealology.

PS. Ask Randy Moss if he’s tall enough to reach that NFC Championship Ring from 1998? Thanks.

Freedom Fighter Brandon Harris

Fire DQ and go get Jim Harbaugh from Michigan!!!!!!

Trill Savage

Shoot pick up dude from Clemson “dabo swinney “the guy is a monster ..like DQ but he gotta go

Nick bagnulo

HIRE a tough coach and GM

Byron Jones

I hope DQ comes back and reads the comments on this video! An then start preparing for ur next week game speech on how u got whooped again! 🖕

Ann Murdock

WE got beat down by the FORMER BALL BOY!!!

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