Dan Quinn Discusses the Challenge of Stopping the Eagles Offense | Eagles On the Phone – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Loyal Philly fan Reply

Carson Wentz and this run game gonna takeover on Sunday 👌🏾

    bad boothe Boothe Reply

    Let see we secondary weed some fixing

Domencio Brown Reply

i wonder if Bill Belichick will get on the phone lol

    Wilson Reply

    Domencio Brown definitely not

    Mega Reply

    Domencio Brown LoL that would be funny

    bad boothe Boothe Reply

    Can any one fine if bill go on the phone

    Fifapro 44 Reply

    I think he will, week 10 the Cheatriots come to Philly to get stomped out before we stomp them out in the Superbowl again

    bad boothe Boothe Reply

    @Fifapro 44 rematch that should be fun


YOU can LOVE or HATE is, BUT YOU WILL RESPECT US! WalkItToHim Wentz… “Slaying HATERS, one game at a time…”

    hamhockbeans Reply

    Remember the Wentz can’t bring teams back from a deficit or he can’t throw over 20 yards. Those haters are on milk cartons now.

    John Hearn Reply

    You don’t hav’t be a hater, this Sunday the Falcons are gonna
    Punch a hole in the offense lie
    That a gang of masons couldn’t
    Fix. And one of the DBs is gonna
    Put a hat on djacks ribs, Oh Ya.
    This will be a physical game. And
    There will be hard contact. And
    Many flags.

hamhockbeans Reply

He did not face Wentz? What he did face during his rookie season. The year the Falcons went to the SB. Wentz beat them that year in Philly.

    david pianista Reply

    I forgot that one. Does it was on Atlanta?..

    Josh Reply

    Wentz played them his rookie year. Missed the playoff game in 17 and the opener in 18.

    david pianista Reply

    @Josh thanks, but I forgot if he played on Atlanta or Philadelphia in 2016-17 Season. Unfortunately Wentz hurt his knee against the Rams almost at the end of the season a year later.

    Josh Reply

    @david pianista it was in philly.

    Spermwhale1000 Reply

    That’s right. I think they beat the Falcons the last 3 times they met.

John Hearn Reply

I’ve seen so much fall apart, I wouldn’t bet on the eagles in this
Game. I hav’t seen the point spread, but I’m certain the book
Ain’t gonna be easy. Take the Falcons on the spread.

    Conner Marchetti Reply

    please bet agaisnt us bud, enjoy losing your $

    John Hearn Reply

    @Conner Marchetti I ain’t betting
    Against the eagles. I’m betting
    Against the book. I couldn’t care
    Less who wins the jack off game.

    Spermwhale1000 Reply

    Da battle of da boids!

Marco Mitchell Reply

Any falcons fans wondering why coach is here ?

    Dempsey Crandell Reply

    Marco Mitchell I’m wondering myself what the hell he’s doing on the phone with guys from the Eagles. this is weird lol

    Josh Reply

    @Dempsey Crandell they do this every week with every team

    tweezerjam34 Reply

    This is a standard conference call every head coach makes every week with the oppositions media.

    Dempsey Crandell Reply

    Josh i had no idea. this is just bizarre to me

Brittany Garrison Reply

Sounds like underneath will be open all day.

jonroberson67 Reply

I say 31 to 21 philly

Spermwhale1000 Reply

Carson plays to win. Not like the last 30 years of Eagles QB’s.

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