Dan Fouts Lights Up Dolphins with 380yds 4 TDs | Chargers vs. Dolphins “The Epic in Miami” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Daniel Adams Reply

We’re gonna win this chargers fam ⚡️

Rick Sanchez Reply

Phil and Keenan this weekend gonna be connecting like Fouts and Winslow

fightingmink Reply

That classic Fouts drop back.

Гоша Гео́ргий Константинович Микчаилов Reply

My father remembered air-Coryell the first great air raid! He always told me about the shootouts and vertical routes.

Lolo K Reply

Dam Dan could rip it.

FormulaWill Reply

It seemed like every game the Chargers played during this period was an epic game. The Chargers had a prolific offence and a porous defense. They were winning games 42 – 35 and losing games 42 – 35 every week. Despite being a Hall of Famer, Fouts may be underrated. Receiving Corps were elite. Joyner, Jefferson, Chandler and Winslow.

    B Reply

    FormulaWill and still no Super Bowl

    J Chapman Reply

    That porous defense was due in large part to owmership’s stingy nature. I don’t remember if Gene Klein still owned the team then or if the George Spanos already purchased the team. I’m thinking Klein still owned them. Anyway, I recall how they failed to compensate Fred Dean who a beast on D. That hurt the Chargers so, in order to win, the offense had to be high charged in order to score more points than their opponents. That was Air Coryell! They had an excellent hurry up offense and were great inside two minutes and Fouts was great in the clutch. And, Fouts almost never lined up in the shotgun formation. He was under center liked to back pedal with a quick release. He was also great at double pumping before throwing to get defenses to bite. Not like the Chargers O of late.

Lowkey asab Reply

Tell spanpos to stop being so cheap and greedy and to actually invest some money into the team for new players

David Powell Reply

Dans the man!!! Slanging that ball Crazy footwork. True San Diego fan here!!

Ducky Boi Reply

“First down San Diego” :'(

B A Reply

Fouts looks amazing. No wonder HOF.

SD Fishin Reply

Dean Spanos is the worst owner in all of sports

Gregarious Crypto Reply

Nostalgic video. All it makes me want to say is……BRING THE TEAM BACK TO SAN DIEGO. They will never be as loved in LA as they were in SD. If you can’t pay your rent in Inglewood, you can play at Mission Bay High School. New field!!!

Daryl Sandlin Reply

Can you imagine this offense playing this year…same players, same offense….would be crazy fun!!

Gary Martin Reply

Fouts looks like Fred Astaire compared to Rivers now!

Ron Silvia Reply

The chargers created the west coast offense not San Francisco the chargers were probably the most explosive offense in the history of the NFL and dont even say Kansas city is with mahomes not even close

RetroK Reply

If this gets replicated by Rivers my fantasy team will have a great Sunday

Paul Kelcher Reply

Could have been their last game of the year, can’t hold anything back 😉

Wyatt Thompson Reply

Pretty cool. The previous generation got Fouts to Winslow. This generation got Rivers to Gates.

Greg Pal Reply

I’m not surprised by the way our season is going I predicted a losing record for this season we’re not impressed

lobo81865 Reply

If only they’d had at least an average defense..

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