Dan Arnold: “Biggest Thing For Me Is To Be Consistent” | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Dan Arnold: “Biggest Thing For Me Is To Be Consistent” | Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals TE Dan Arnold shares what he's looking forward to this season. LB Jordan Hicks discusses the improved linebacker group, and gives his outlook on the defense's potential this upcoming season.

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stigandr the warlord Reply

This man is gonna win our starting job

Big Red Reply

Lets hope he’s a reliable weapon for Kyler.

LENNON Woolf The Az sports fan Reply

Jordan hicks Is a beast

Bosco Gamer Reply

Big Dan!!!

    Arizona Animal Reply

    You beat me to it.

Robert DePhillips Reply

I think Dan may be very instrumental in the offense this year

JustAPhase Reply

All i heard was dan the man = 🐐

sparKos Reply


Christian Floyd Reply

*Big Dan* lets gooo

Raul Perez Reply

Dan should have great season with us with Kyler doing his thing


He’s getting a lot more playing time for darn sure!

Arizona Animal Reply

We got some linebackers now boi.Can’t wait to see Hicks & the boys punish the Whiners week 1.

lsuperior Reply


LilGrimz Reply

Just needs to pick up confidence 👍

DestructableMe Reply

Hey Arnold!

Roberto Licon Reply

Dan Arnold is about to cement his status as the best TE of all time.

nikoS Reply

We need to keep hicks. Great leader

austin hoy Reply

Kevin Zimmerman is the only one that asks good questions.

Miguel Torres Reply

Dan the Man with the Masterplan!!

Swiizzle Reply

Love this dude hoping he puts in work for us

Realest Reviews Reply

I honestly think we have a top 5 offense this year. Let’s hope defense can hold us up.

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