Damon Harrison Sr. on building chemistry within defense – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Let’s go #OnePride 🦁 new year new roster

bigperm079 Reply


bigperm079 Reply


EmarcyProductions Reply

I see you’ve been having issues with your sound. Hire me. 😉

    Carlos Lawson Reply

    Lions have since they started doing interviews on internet have never had the best quality sound. I believe that this year it’s slightly improved 🤣🤣👍🏾

M K Reply

I’m glad we extended him.

    bigbabyzubas Reply

    Yea. Gotta get Slay too.

    M K Reply

    bigbabyzubas He’s next probably after this season. This is a prove it contract year for him

    bigbabyzubas Reply

    @M K Slay has already proven his worth.

    I guess they wanna see is he has still “got it.”

DaGoddson 313 Reply

Their going to be nasty 👹👹 #GoLionsBih

    Bill Carland Reply

    And no one went to jail for this heist!!

Michael Shan Reply

Still can’t believe that we got a player of his quality for a fifth round pick. What a robbery.

    Ali Powe Reply

    Yea man!

    Carlos Lawson Reply

    Believe it we are 62 years overdue believe it!!!!

Mark G. Reply

Defense will be better, offense still a question mark, plus a tough schedule……9 – 7 or 10 – 6 at best.

Sillsy Presents Reply


bigbabyzubas Reply

Snack Attack is coming!!!

Joseph Murdock Reply

It all starts in the classroom.. I really can only hope the D-line and secondary stays healthy… This lions D should be fun to watch this season. Eh?
Go Lions!🏈

Cowardly Lions Reply

It starts with a boat load of money!

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