Damien Harris: “We just try to be our best because we know that we all push each other” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Sadie Mears


    Branden Copeland

    So yes or no

    Sadie Mears

    Branden Copeland yes

    Sadie Mears

    Sorry I was asleep

    Branden Copeland

    @Sadie Mears so do you

    Sadie Mears

    Branden Copeland yes

Miguel Tova

Dammm Alabama running backs are solid
Harris with Sony and White 3 headed monsters all Day

Michael Ransom

I like this kid. Carries himself like a Patriot

Charly Gr. v.L.

Damien – good luck and success –
the next season is YOUR TIME with your teammates – Do your job!!


Harris will be a great fit. Like Hightower, they played for Saban and the coaching styles and grind it out environment from Alabama should make for a seamless transition. If he can survive Saban, surely he can make it here.

bargain bob

“Just working hard. Focus on doing my job. Trying to do everything I can to help the team win.”

Same line for the past 20 years.

VeganVRking- dGameaCat


Rob Roberts

Your the reall deal Damien. Good luck trying to stop the Michele, Harris combo NFL. OH YEAH!

Rob Roberts

Man we have to keep the best coaches from the BB coaching staff tree. We have to keep this enviroment Bill has created in New England. We cant clone him unfortunetly so we better get his best understudys. I never want to see this culture he developed change. This is the absolute best organization ever put together. We have to keep it going.

    Tonja Leclerc

    I have thought about this a lot and I believe they will have a playoff caliber team for years after he leaves just because of to the depth and draft capital he will leave behind. I think the only reason it hasn’t worked out great for guys that have left to other teams after playing under BB is because they have gone to near impossible situations compared to the Patriots.


My mans is a fucking beast


Sony Michel, James White, Damien Harris & Rex Burkhead…..Damn our running back depth is legit….even Brossette has looked good so far in the pre season. We’ve got Gordon back week 1 hopefully, add him to Edelman, N’Keal Harry, Dorsett, Meyers and hopefully Inman & D. Thomas at some point and Ben Watson in week 5…..Offense isn’t looking so lack luster after all. Defense on paper should be Great this year, Top 5 for sure. Go Pats!

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