Damarious Randall ” “The Jets have a very talented offense” | Player Sound – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Bryce Z Reply

He never watched MNF 😆

Benjimayn Vai Reply

He’s earning his extension. He didn’t look very good last week. Hope he balls out from now on. Love to have him long term with Browns.

c7_whiteghost Reply

Randall better straighten up for real. DONT GET EXPOSED AGAIN!

ramanjit gill Reply

We need you Randall we need you back and the rest of our secondary!!! It all starts with our defense our front 4 can’t do it all. I know we can do it!! Have faith Browns fans! We got this. Go Browns. I can’t wait I’ll Monday. 1-1!!

ramanjit gill Reply

I like what he said about sense of urgency being at a all time high. It’s another game just because it’s Monday night yea more eyes will be watching them. More teams will be watching them to see the teams faults we cannot get exposed to the whole league and whole nation. This is a big game for various reasons. We need to overcome last week.

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