Dalvin Cook’s MONSTER Game w/ 154 Yds & 1 TD | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Too Easy

He’ll be a top 5 back by the end of the year with Barkley Kamara Zeke & Christian .

    aaron berhane

    I’d say him or Leveon gets top 6

    EbkSaints Nation

    Saints fan here and ima be honest, if AK gets 1k rushing yards it’s even better. but saints don’t want him to get a workload. We want to keep him healthy. So he might just barely reach 1k yards or get another 800-900 rushing yards with another 700-800 receiving yards lol

    G S

    EbkSaints Nation Yeah that’s better. Because a team like NY, Barkley can run for 1400 yards but they will still be ranked in the 20’s in rushing offense like last year, due to no other backs producing. Where a team like NO SEA or BAL will have multiple backs producing to have the best rushing offenses

    EbkSaints Nation

    G S yeah man nowadays are mainly about duo backs, best of luck to your team!

Matt FC

only if we used him late in the game when he got us into the red zone and was unstoppable

Nicholas Katsikas

My fantasy team thanks you for your efforts Dalvin

    Chris Anderson

    Him and Mark Andrews have been on fire for my team through 2 weeks



Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

I wish we drafted him instead of Howard😭

    JaMarquis Gill

    Yall really should have

Day Be Trippin

Kirk cousins is holding this team back

    Day Be Trippin

    @ManyNurs fr. Vikings need to draft a QB. I can’t take this clown. Vikings gotta be one team with talent on both sides of the football except the QB

    Hanif Martin

    Cousins sucks my cousin better


    ah… been saying getting cousins instead of our team carrier keenum was a bad decision from day 1, here we are… whatever we can beat them again at home


    They should have kept Teddy and Keenum

    Phil J

    Rigged sports not kirk

philly_ sports

It’s a real shame that one guy (Kirk Cousins) is capable of messing everything up.

    Bob Charlemagne

    Louder for the people in the back.

    Skoldier 19 Vikings

    Can we borrow Wentz.

    Zac J

    Skoldier 19 Vikings fr tho can we


He is something special. If he stays healthy, I think he will lead the NFL in rushing and possibly break some records. Especially if Kirk continues to struggle. His vision, cutting ability, and explosiveness continues to wow me.


This reminded me of AP when he went for like 208 back in 2012 at GB and ponder threw like 56 yards and 2 picks but this time they had 2 star WRs which makes it worse Kirk is Christian ponder with an arm

bruce lau

Kirk cousins is really holding this team back tho

    Quiet Corner

    It’s like a we bought a really expensive boat and now we are stuck with the payments. We can’t sell it. Oh wait, we send him out to do wind sprints on i35.

Darrell Campbell

Dalvin Cook is a home run threat everytime he touch the ball but why they didn’t go with the run on 1st and goal in that game.

    BIG DA

    Darrell Campbell they ran it 5 straight times and they thought they could get the packers to skip up but Kirk cousins being scared and not thinking ruined everything

    Darrell Campbell

    @BIG DAyep he should go back to throwing 10 passes a game.

Gary Zee

all that and they still lost because of one guy…


it’s like having AP in the division all over again, and as both a packers fan and an FSU fan i’m a bit conflicted.


    god damn better team lost the game

    Skoldier 19 Vikings

    Yeah. It’s like AP and Ponder all over again. ..


Kirk cousins is ruining this team, if we had a real quarterback we would’ve won this game easily


    QB position is always our weakness

    I Create Peace

    019carter sorry but no. Kicker is


    I Create Peace if we had case and a consistent kicker we would have serious Super Bowl potential


    to be honest Our OLINE is only good at run blocking we need to roll Kirk out more cause that Pocket collapse on him in like 2 seconds


    BIGROO no we don’t need to roll out more cuz when we roll out more he throws picks


This man is Elite. Stop saying otherwise

    Morgan Scarborough

    who is saying he isn’t


Will Cook eclipse Adrian Peterson?

Playboi Polo

I made a video getting Saquon Barkley X factor activated in madden 20

Phil J

Bench Kirk cousins


One of the best backs I ever seen with my own eyes. He’s easily top 5 rb if he’s healthy.

Bella Dennard

dalvin cook was projected to be the best back in the league when he was drafted and before the injuries..i think its his time


That boy got some power for a small frame try it if you want he’ll leave you on yo back

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