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Dalvin Cook Takes It 85 Yds to the House!

Dalvin Cook flies past the Cardinals for an 85-yard TD run in the 1st quarter. The Arizona Cardinals take on the Minnesota Vikings during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL preseason.

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This literally happened 10 seconds ago

    Brad Murray

    Sw1ssJumper how is that even possible

    Epochal Bull

    Brad Murray Super connection xD

    Turhan Henderson

    @Brad Murray Ain’t nobody taking away they views this year man. They want the revenue lmao


    Turhan Henderson lmao 5realll


    Get your upload game up son.

Kevin Pawl

Kermet the frog is my pick for mvp this year

    Nathan Langseth

    Patty pat pat


That’s my Running Back let’s go

    Mr. Shrexx

    Mine is Lamar Jackson

    Isaac Ontiveros


    Nehemiah Howard

    @Mr. Shrexx 😂

    Evil Duck

    @Mr. Shrexx hell yeah Lamar Jackson >> Saquan Barkley

    Mr. Shrexx

    @Evil Duck big fax


I’m so glad he’s back, and I’m a Ravens fan

Jude Hogan

Great blocking and vision

HeadHoncho Films

Comeback player of the year?

    Shaquille O'Neil

    Nathan Peterman

    Winston Lewis

    Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career it was a question not a fact

    Alexander Jackson

    That will be Aaron Donald coming back with another dpoy award..

    Anthony DePaola

    I’ll believe it when he actually plays a whole season. 🤷‍♂️


He’s gonna breakout this season… Before he inevitably gets hurt in week 5

    Turhan Henderson

    @Huey Ali I don’t believe in wishing. Either way, nothing’s gonna change unless HE changes it millions of people”wish” every year for things to go right and it doesn’t. You have to be a kid sounding so sensitive on YT. Don’t do that, people attack you for having compassion online. But YOU go ahead wish all the fame and well being to him and let me know how it goes:) HOPEFULLY you’ll come back after week 16 and tell me it worked and he’s still healthy. I want him to do great, but I can’t change it.

    Anthony DePaola

    Huey Ali
    Come on, man. You’re not serious. If I say, “I don’t think the Dolphins are going to make the playoffs,” (because they likely won’t) are you saying I’m “speaking that into existence”? There’s no such thing as a throwaway comment on YouTube somehow summoning the cosmic forces into carrying out a prediction.

    Brandon R

    Turhan Henderson nah, i hope tom brady breaks his ankle out there.

    Turhan Henderson

    @Brandon R I was gonna add except Tom Brady because almost all of you are ready for him to die, but I might’ve shattered the kids heart lmao

    Sax machine69

    Kayman234 since college? You mean 2 years?

    Dude had a freak ACL tear as a rookie and dealt with the aftermath of that the next year. It’s very common for RBs to have nagging injuries and struggle a bit the year after an ACL tear. You literally can’t walk on it for months, the muscles become weak and shrink. You spend most of that year just trying to walk normally again, then you have build up the strength in the leg and learn to trust the knee again.

    With an off season of conditioning as opposed to rehabbing you can see he has his strength back and is running without any trepidation of cutting on his bad leg. And you can see how explosive this kid is when he’s at full strength. He only missed on game in college, so unless Lady Luck bites him in the behind again, expect big things out of Cook this year.


We need him to do that all season, praying he stays healthy.

    Minnesota SportsFan

    @Turhan Henderson Well I may be biased but most people would say Thielen and Diggs are the best duo. They had both over 1,000 receiving yards. The only duo that could do that next year is Odell and Landry and there not proven yet.

    Sax machine69

    Turhan Henderson you kidding? Thielen and Diggs have been known commodities for two years now. Thielen broke a record for most consecutive 100 yard games to start the year last year. If they’re not the best duo, they are top 3 for sure. Only could argue for ODB/Landry and Julio/Ridley at this point.

    EbkSaints Nation

    Shackalakin thanks bro! Good luck on you guy’s season. Nothing but respect to you and the Vikings.

    EbkSaints Nation

    Turhan Henderson Thielen and Diggs may not be the best but it’s one of the bests in the NFL today.

    Turhan Henderson

    @Sax machine69 I only know bout Thielen all like that. I’ve said it once already. I barely heard of Diggs at all, just know him from watching them beat the Saints 2 years ago. Adam was known for me because I know he been grinding. No disrespect, I just ain’t know him. I have JJ and Ridley number 1 RN too. Hopefully none of the amazing duos get hurt and we see who does best this season.

Cold Chicken

Dalvin Cookin up the end zone 🏈🍽!!!!

Hockey Scouting Reports with Matt Levine

The chef just roasted up and served some birds

Go vikings

Touchdown Vikings!❤

Josh Banda

Dude it’s about damn time he shows that burst. I know it’s partially the OL too but finally! Haha

Hopefully he carries that into the season and breaks loose!


    Sudish Vengat

    Josh Banda he’s showed that burst before lmao. This isn’t his first long run.

    Josh Banda

    Sudish Vengat yeah I know that

    He’s just injured so often he really hasn’t been worth that first round pick

    Don’t even get me started with treadwell 😂

    Sudish Vengat

    Josh Banda true

    Sax machine69

    Josh Banda Cook was drafted in the 2nd round, not the 1st.

    and he’s only been in the league two years.

    Fans are so quick to throw around injury prone label. He was leading league in yards as a rookie before tearing his ACL. Nothing you can do to avoid that, it’s a freak injury that happens to a lot of RBs at some point in their career. Coming off that injury usually takes a year for rehab and a year to get your strength and trust back in the knee. He had a nagging hamstring injury last year because he was coming off an ACL and his leg wasn’t back to full strength.

    Obviously, there’s no guarantee he stays healthy this year. But clearly he’s back to full strength with an off season focused on conditioning rather than rehabbing. Expect a big year out of Cook, especially considering his fit in Kubiak’s zone system

    I Like Waffles

    Josh Banda he wasn’t a first round pick though and can’t really help it if you get hurt

Ken Martin

When you go into a preseason game in super bowl mode.

Tucker the YouTuber

If he stays healthy he’s going to the pro bowl

Money Blaise

If he stays healthy he’s a top 10 back


    Top 5


And hes out til week 4 with a pulled hammy from this


Kinda reminds me of when he played for FSU. SKOL!

Samuel Fanene

This is how he got me last year! He’s burned me twice, but I think I’ll take a chance again this year🤷‍♂️

Ray Colón

He was a steal in the 2nd round 10 mins ago. Now he is a 1st rounder. FML

Martin Hernandez

damn looks like the cardinals will have the number #1 pick in the draft next year as well lmao

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