Dalvin Cook Dominates Raiders w/ 110 Rushing Yds | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Dalvin Cook Dominates Raiders w/ 110 Rushing Yds | NFL 2019 Highlights

Dalvin Cook put the pedal to the metal with 110 rushing yards and a touchdown against the Raiders D. The Oakland Raiders take on the Minnesota Vikings during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Andrew Kyle Reply

Cook is so good when he is not injured

    Turbaux Reply

    Andrew Kyle you say that as if he’s injured periodically, he had a couple major injuries in his first two seasons, he hasn’t been in the league very long.

    Nathan Ingle Reply

    Turbaux his hamstring was messing with him last year

    Aramis Dennard Reply

    @Turbaux he got plague by injuries alot since his draft..he was easily gone lead the league in rushing every year if it wasn’t for injuries


Cook looking like best running back in league right now

    juicy Reply

    @Chris Anderson my guy his 2nd touch not every 2nd touch common sense🤦‍♂️

    Chris Anderson Reply

    @juicy and I quote… “He also averages a TD his every second touch rn”

    Tyron Mitchell Reply

    Alvin Kamara

    spell i cup Reply

    GABRIELA ACEVEDO that’s because he is

    I Insult the prophet Reply

    Jeremiah Hull I think you mean Barkley is doing LESS with LESS. About 130 yards LESS, LESS yards per carry, and 3 LESS Touchdowns. You can make the argument that Barkley would be doing better with a better team but you can’t make the argument he’s doing more. The numbers don’t lie.

Sum Solution Reply

It’s official just call him The Chef

    tim allen Reply

    I like it!

MRTUPAC 28 Reply

Cook is going to be a beast and if you don’t know check out his Florida State highlights.

    A D Reply

    He is a beast

    jondough7777777 Reply

    Man he masked a lot of our issues when he was at FSU.

K S Reply

Dalvin Cook looking like a first team all pro RB, I didn’t realise how fast he was damn 💨

    BIG DA Reply

    K S that 4.49 40 misleading he be leaving players that run 4.3 in the dust like he did with jaire Alexander last week

    Titan Blooded Reply

    Yeah its like he is already at top speed by his second step. And jab step is just something different altogether. Special back. I thought he had a chance to best out of this recent group of special backs. Barkley still looks like clear 1 tho.

Dooky Reply

Best RB this season so far.

    Sam S. Reply

    Dooky him and McCaffrey are tearing it up!

    Dooky Reply

    @Sam S. Yeah, CMC is great too.

    Mags Mobile Reply

    And will stay as

Minshew, The Gardner Reply

Dalvin cook is a BEAST!

Zach Dragon Reply

I don’t think he can be stopped, lol. He’s making everybody miss.

Itz Nanau Reply

Cook had them throwing punches (2:08)

    Aramis Dennard Reply

    Lmfao ..

    unAdvanced Reply

    Of course is Burfict too

    EveryDaffodil53 Reply

    Itz Nanau wtf lmao

Darrell Campbell Reply

Thats what a healthy Dalvin Cook look like.

A D Reply

He is Clearly the best one cut back in the nfl this dudes cuts are amazing

WombatMuffins Reply

Dalvin Cook is a glitch. Effortlessly navigates through traffic and does it at the speed of light lmao. It’s absurd.

Jonathan martinez Reply

So much for Oakland doing good this season. Kinda wish I didn’t watch this video. Hurts to see Oakland get beaten so badly. I should’ve expected this though Minnesota is a good team.

Denver Fan Reply

There’s a chance he’s the best combination of speed elusiveness power and pass catching in the whole league. Just needs to stay healthy.

BIG DA Reply

Remember when raider fans said they’ll lock him down like Damien Williams and Phillip Lindsey? – Pepperidge farm does

Dayton J Vlogs Reply

This ain’t a fluke, dalvin is something special

se7enX89X Reply

Best RB in the league.

Gfro27 Reply

110 on only 16 carries and didn’t even get a run in the 4th. Cook is something else.

Tenzin Wangdu Reply

He is so damn good. Shifty god. I really hope he stays healthy, cuz our offense runs through him now. And he looks unstoppable so far.

Cool Breeze Reply

He has NEVER got the RESPECT he deserves. When he said he was better than MCafery and Founette, he not only believed it ; HE KNEW IT; and they know it to!

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