Dalvin Cook Cruises to Victory w/ 2 TDs & 111 Yds | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
An angry Jets Fan

Hopefully he stays healthy this year

zmon 8426

Pls don’t get injured

    Andrew K

    I agree

    P K

    Find some wood and knock on it

    Knock on wood if you’re with me


Vikings looking clean, good weapons at wideout with Adam and Diggs then Dalvin cook at running back plus a young defense.

    Vikings Secondary

    Tiger Eyes We beat the falcons who were “super bowl contenders “

    Zach Dragon

    Tiger Eyes what more do you need

    Nathan Ingle

    Defense isn’t really that young. Most are pretty experienced

    Unimpressed Alchemist

    @Tiger Eyes yeah all they have is two top 10 receivers, Young talent at almost every position, an elite defense, and an above average qb who can be elite when he’s on.


Grabbed him in 3 leagues, so glad cuz he looks ready to take over the world!

Yeng Vang

Elliot wants to eat and feed him the ball but Dalvin don’t need a quarterback to feed him he always “Cook”.

    Brady Haley

    Yeng Vang bad joke but creative

    Corey Higgins

    Nah bro

    Van Jaylon

    This doesnt even make sense

STCB Prod.

Good for him to have a nice performance, now has to stay healthy and consistent.

Hippo Crip

Thank god i got him on my fantasy team

Brady Haley

Don’t let this distract you from the fact the browns lost by 30 points to the titans

    Dellway Hellway

    Dam right #TITANUP

    Zach Dragon

    Brady Haley don’t see the big surprise? The Browns are the most overrated team.

    Greedy Monki

    Zach Dragon Fr. Baker threw 3 ints 😂😂

    Zach Dragon

    Greedy Monki sounds like a overconfident/cocky offense making mistakes cause they have so little chemistry

The Fort Gaming

We got an amazing passing attack 💯 But I LOVE to see Kirk only have to have 10 pass attempts 🔥

    Money Blaise

    The Fort Gaming I don’t I have Theilen and Diggs in fantasy

    Christine Culpepper

    @Money Blaise Zimmer said wed be a run heavy org… Shoulda paid attention.

    Money Blaise

    Christine Culpepper I totally forgot I was thinking oh I got the best wide receiver duo in the league smh

    The Fort Gaming

    Money Blaise . It definitely won’t be like this every week, Diggs and Thelin will get theirs for sure this year💯

Mean Machine

As a Vikings fans it’s nice to see a good running game again

    Big Bruva

    Mean Machine i thought we might miss murray but mattison did his thing 🙏🏾

    Wayne Friedman

    Our division this year…

    Sports Genius

    Mean Machine hello Vikings fan I was wondering is Cook going to be a good start against packers for fantasy

    Mean Machine

    Sports Genius He may not have as big of a day running the ball as he did week 1 because it may be a shootout like last year

    Sports Genius

    Mean Machine I feel like I should keep him in the lineup regardless

Geoff Thompson

The Vikings coaching staff formed a creative plan for their offense.

Last season they always focused on the passing game.

    Vasil Kronstein

    We just never have an OC that can stay diverse. Hopefully with Kubiak here we can keep teams on their toes and mix it up effectively

Matt Patterson

Needed to borrow an air pump after that first run. Gotta re-inflate Jones after being steamrolled like that.

Mike Weber

Great start to the season for Dalvin Cook!

Sean Comerford

That dude Just say he loves a guy right at the beginning?

FakeUser NameTwo

Almost forgot the Vikings had a star running back.


Whoa. If this guy stays healthy he might break records. Hats off Vikings fans. You guys got someone special. Eagles fan btw


That block by irv smith on the 2nd TD was beautiful


Respect this Backfield.

We’re loaded.


absolutely Love D.Cook but the Rookie mattison is also special


Cook carved some falcon bird that day good job taste great! Skol

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