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best rb out there

    Zach Dragon

    N1G Atractz he can definitely catch, but Dalvin can too. Dalvin is faster, more shifty and more explosive.

    N1G Atractz

    Zach Dragon ok buddy, believe in what you believe, but rn who looks more like an MVP, CMC or Dalvin Cook


    @Andrew K nah Cook beats him in that too, remember his run against detroit


    @N1G Atractz Cook still averages more, lmao


Vikings went from Adrian Peterson to dalvin cook not bad at all

    Jessie Jonez

    Only if they had a QB

    Zach Dragon

    Jessie Jonez only if you watched this game, lol


    @Zach Dragon kirk nice in games against bad teams but he don’t got winning record vs winning teams

    Xeng Thao

    while our qb situation stayed the same…. since forever


Cook is a beast and fans need to start realizing this. I saw him at FSU for years and he did this on a consistent basis.

    spell i cup

    MRTUPAC 28 are you a vikes fan, because if you were you’d know that we recognize his talent plenty


    @Jessie Jonez Cook has been great the first 5 game except for againts the bears.

    mark stouffer

    @michael thompson they both are. that’s allowed. God Bless Dalvin Cook!!!

    U done messed up A-Aron

    michael thompson this has nothing to do with Saquon he never said Dalvin was better what are you on

zmon 8426

Best Rb in the league without a doubt

    spell i cup

    Ian Ramirez-Mathews the only reason mccaffrey is putting up the numbers that he is, is because they overwork him because he’s the only offensive weapon they have. If mccaffrey actually played for a half decent system he wouldn’t be considered as good as dalvin

    Ian Ramirez-Mathews

    @spell i cup but you could argue that overworking a running back would only hurt their running statistics (since they’d be so tired after repeated plays). If that’s the case, then why is McCaffrey putting up these incredible numbers v.s someone with fresh legs WHILE being “overworked”? You could also argue that having a good system around the RB only makes them more likely to succeed due to their negligence in handling the run game due to increased focus on the passing game. Running and passing are complementary. If one doesn’t have a good passing game, it makes it hard to run. If CMC is “their only weapon” then why haven’t teams been able to shut him down? Dominance. That’s your answer. You’d have to quantify how much better a RB would need to perform under a not “half decent system” in order to have the impact that McCaffrey does. In my opinion, having a better system benefits the RB, not boosts them. This isn’t basketball.

    Matt Perry

    michael thompson between your giddy child-like emoji use and unsubstantiated claims, makes me want to slap some sense into you. I hope for your sake that you aren’t an adult yet


    michael thompson I believe that saquon is the best rb, don’t worry giants fan, let’s cry together

    Darren Smith

    Frankly to call any one player at any position in the NFL “the best” is just kind of a waste of time. Each position has 3-5 players at any given time that are just on a different plane than everyone else. At RB right now it’s Kamara, Barkley, McCafferey and Cook. You can make the case for any one of them being the best but all that matters is they’re in the God tier.

Osman A

Best Running Back in the NFL

    Chips Aloe

    @michael thompson u dont need to say that to every comment

    TeMpT Monsta

    michael thompson nah Dalvin cook.


    michael thompson nah

    rob p

    I take it you haven’t seen Christian McCaffrey.

    Jessie Jonez

    Child Please

Curtis 23

This kid is special.

FakeUser NameTwo

He needs to stay healthy and he will be up there with Adrian Peterson


    macdaddy danny nah you don’t know football if you disagree bud

    Jackson Vliem

    @Vikings123456789 I would say he COULD’VE been the best. But he had more passes deflected than most corners. And a big fumble problem in big games. But he is hands down one of the best pure run running backs ever


    Jackson Vliem hard to catch a pass when you have Travaris Jackson and Christian ponder throwing you passes.

    Jackson Vliem

    @Vikings123456789 I agree he had some garbage cans throwing to him. But I’ve seen him drop a few easy ones. I’m just saying he wasn’t a super good pass catcher or pass blocker. Was he terrible? No, but he could’ve been a lot better in those areas. If he had been then I’d agree he would’ve been one of if not the best ever. Also injuries held him back so he never was able to rack up enough yards to compete for the top rushing spot. But his skill wise yes one of the best ever


    Jackson Vliem 2012 is all I have to say. I don’t care about numbers If I needed 1 RB for 1 play im taking AD. There’s no way in hell emmit smith is better regardless that he has more rushing yards. AD was an outside linebacker playing RB with legit 4.3 speed. Put him in the rams offense today and he’d avg 2,000 and 15 TDs easily


He’s a human joystick


Say what you want, I’d rather have Dalvin than CMC, but damn are they both superstars



Mags Mobile

Best back in the NFL #MVP #SKOL

Peter Nguyen

Second best RB , CMC being the first best rn


What a beast, fantasy team goldmine

Greg Rubin

He’s a beast.

Mike Weber

Amazing game for Dalvin Cook!

Darrell Campbell

This is Cook breakout year since he healthy for the first time.

Nick Peterson

He’s looking great! Hopefully with his game being as awesome as it has been it well open up our offense/passing attack more… gotta give him props!!

Jake Vetter

Damn he’s dangerous when he’s healthy

Jackson Vliem

Man, the 2017 draft could be the best ever for running backs. Cook, Kamara, mcm, hunt (if he continues his play) fournette, Aaron jones, mack, connor and Carson. All these dudes have so much potential. Mark my words, best rb class of all time

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