Dallas Cowboys will need to reset RB market to sign Zeke | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Dallas Cowboys will need to reset RB market to sign Zeke | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

The Cowboys and Ezekiel Elliott remain in a staring contest over a new contract extension, and Chris Simms and Mike Florio believe Dallas needs to reset the RB market in some way to end Zeke's holdout. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #DallasCowboys #EzekielElliott
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Dallas Cowboys will need to reset RB market to sign Zeke | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Bill Deemer

That’s nuts. That you take less by playing for Dallas. The Yankees don’t do this. The Lakers? No you take what you are worth.


    MLB doesn’t have a salary cap they can spend whatever they want. The Lakers dont have to do this because contracts in the NBA are 100 times better than NFL contracts.

    Mog Wi

    @elchucofried that’s all true but doesn’t negate the fact that people in general should get fair market value for their labor. Do you go into your employer’s office and tell them to pay you less for the health of your company?

Donny Knepper

Pay Zeke. This year is the Cowboys best chance to win it all. They can go 7-9 or 6-10 for the next five years, I won’t care as long as they win it all this year. Don’t blow it Stephen Jones. A Super Bowl has lasting value. Just do it. Pay Zeke!

    Steve Walston

    What is paying zeke is 10million getting paid 11 12 what is getting paid

    Steve Walston

    What is getting paid 10 million 11 12 what is getting paid

Telugu mekalu

Give him a butt load of weed or money , make him play atleast for the sake of Fantasy bullsht 😁

Elite 2424

The Jets and Rams are dipshits and just screwed up all running back contracts for the next decade by paying 2 guys $5 million more than they deserved

Bryce T Sawyer

Didn’t the Cowboys play the “we don’t need a #1 WR last year?”… Now they think they don’t need to pay the best RB. This is the Jones’s hubris.

nate k

What’s under Simms coffee cup?

Kyle D

These guys are clowns. Its not just the qb that makes money outside of their contrsct in dallas. No state tax for one. Also dallas sells By a huge margin more merch than ant othrr team and the players get a piece of that. The good ones also make alot of money in local marketing (not national like dak).

Matthew Howell

Why would i take a pay cut to play for a team that hasnt won a bowl since the early 90s? Its not the patriots.

    Chuck Pridgeon

    Matthew Howell Exactly

    Steve Walston

    Why would a team pay for people who haven’t won a superbowl

    Chuck Pridgeon

    Steve Walston teams pay players who hasn’t won a Super Bowl everyday. So what do you mean? All 32 teams haven’t won a Super Bowl

    Steve Walston

    @Chuck Pridgeon what I mean is what is getting paid is 10 million a year getting paid people keep saying pay the man

Charles Broderick

You don’t pay a running back you franchise them then you cut them. Running backs are a dime a dozen


    I hope you’re not a boss to anybody. I could already tell you’re a weasel. Treat people horribly, horrible things comes back to you in one way or another.

Charles Broderick

Or if you do want to pay a running back to only two year deals at Max a three-year deal

At a total of 15 million for three years or a two year deal at 12 million


You can try to reset the market. I don’t know who’s taking less money than they’re worth. Would you? No.

Robert Hersh

Florio doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he says the 2015 Cowboys weren’t successful because they didn’t have a good RB. They had Darren McFadden, and say what you will about him, he was a 1k RB that year. Don’t let him fool you, the reason that team wasn’t successful was because Romo was injured for most of that year!

    Derek Maugans

    Dez was out for 7 games too.

    HeSo Holy

    Derek Maugans tony was hurt also

    Derek Maugans

    @HeSo Holy thats already been established.

Norwall Music

Liked this video very much.

Mog Wi

I remember cowboys fans telling me last year that Zeke is the best running back in the league but now that he’s asking to be paid like that they’re telling me he’s easily replaceable….funny how that works.

Stephanie Nicole

If anyone can listen to ESPN Dallas in the evenings Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones does weekly interviews about 30min each (separate interviews). They both talk way too much and they both feel like they are going to the Superbowl WITHOUT Zeke.

Chop Chop

Actually guys.. the Cowboys has a Thousand yard rusher in 2015… they had the 4th pick in the draft because of the QB situation! Tony Romo got hurt… then he gets hurt again pre season in 2016 and then Dak and then blah blah blah! Point is…it wasn’t the RB position that year that was in need!

Jimmie Tanner


    warren steele

    Trade to redskins or the Panthers.

warren steele

Pay Zeke or start over or trade the best back in NFL.

Joe torres

No you don’t see Zeke in commercials, but you see him on the news for doing something stupid.

Bryan Blanks

If it were Tom Brady they would get it Done. But since it is Duane Thomas, Emmit Smith, or Ezekiel Elliiot it is a problem!! Ezekiel ask for a trade immediatly!! They the Jones have not learned anything in 30 years of ownership! Emmit Smith, Uh I mean Ezekiel Elliott ask for a trade!!

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