Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins Week 2 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Pix Burgh

DAL: 37
WSH: 14


This Dallas team is loaded! I have Dak Prescott having another big game with Zeke touching the ball more. 34-14

    da'ved velazquez

    I keep hearing that

    It was week 1

    If anything redskins wideout core underrated with the rise of Mclaurin and Harmon

    Shannon Sharpe

    da’ved velazquez u guys are equal to the giants that’s why u keep hearing that.😂 philly out scored y’all 32-3 and they started off slow, so Dallas gone come in and punch y’all in the mouth.

Mike Jay

Cowboys got this win and score 33-17

    Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan

    Mike Jay Cowboys 42-redskins 10

Trill Ville 504

When have the cowboys ever blown out the skins ?These type of games is up in the air. Someone winning by a field goal kick.

    Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan

    Trill Ville 504 We will blow the skins t out just like we did the giants.

    Jerry Junior

    Trill Ville 504 We blew them out in our house back in 2017, plus we got payback for that stupid ref call in the Thanksgiving game from last year.


    @Quinn Lacey Rivalry? You’re 71-45 against them


    Cowboy fans are getting outlandish, coz of that weak Giants pass rush.

    T B

    Contain Vernon Davis and we’ll be good

zmon 8426

Cowboys win 27-13

    Jerry Junior

    zmon 8426 Thanks Viking fan

    Affordable Sticks

    Cowboys will score at least 30


Zeke will get his game legs this game. Book it!

    blondeonabke 2

    It might take him a few games. If we use him too much he’s going to end up getting hurt. Its a long season and he didnt have a training camp or play in one preseason game. I personally hope he doesnt get more than 20 carries.

    Jason Strom

    Nah…. Peterson will though. I’m calling the upset now ….lol! Skins win 28-21 over the Cowpokes.😂

    Luis Arroyo

    @Jason Strom Sorry we poked your Cow’s

HR Department

38-10 Cowboys!

Javier Olvera

Cowboys taking that W 27-17
Lets go cowboys

    Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan

    Javier Olvera Cowboys 42-redskins 10 Lets goooo boyzzz.

    Depressed Guy

    27-17 more realistic


Cowboys looking great after that week 1 opener, deja vu from 2016 season.

Dallas: 42
Redskins: 20

    Eagles champs 1

    @Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😱🤦‍♂️

    TheAwesomeSosa 123

    Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan oh no why you saying that early

    Ghost Big Q

    They played a pathetic giants team like c’mon. Washington ain’t thAt much better let’s see how they do against real teams

Jonathan Piedra

Game will be close, but in the end the team with the better QB wins. Dallas 27 Washington 24

    T B

    Skins won’t put up 24

    Jason Strom

    @T B – Skins gonna win 28-21….lol! Calling the upset now😂


Score is cowboys 42-7 ikr

Em Hauk

That defense is gonna be too much for the Redskins.


    Em Hauk wayyy to much


    That defense was carved up by Saquon and even Eli Manning had success lol

Plantbased Outdoors

I’m hoping for a Cowboys win, but you can never underestimate a divisional game.

Jaideep Singh

24-7 Cowboys I think the Cowboys defense is gonna shutdown the redskins most of the game and let them have a garbage time td


| FOX | DAL 42 | WAS 17 | 4th | 2:34 | 1st & 10 |

Meteor Smash

Cowboys 38
Redskins 20

Jake Wilson

Cowboys 28 Redskins 14!!! The Redskins will go 0-2 because the Dallas Cowboys will prevail against them!!! Wreck em boys!!!


I got my Boyz Of Course


Jermey Ferguson

Redskins can win but AD Reed and Terry must ball out

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