Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints Week 4 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

If Saints win without Brees. Saints are definitely winning the super bowl!

    Ctsmtbw Ctsmtbw Reply

    Your the best buds fan

    First Last Reply

    Not a Buccs fan anymore?

    Ryan N. 95 Reply

    Chukky How do you not understand what he’s saying?

    1000 subs with three videos challenge Reply

    I see you changed you profile pic after that Giants lost?

Tomny Zamarron Reply

As cowboys fan i respected saints and there not to be taking lightly cus saints still load it with weapon and it’s going be good game if we win is going be by field goal

    Jaleel Dean Reply

    Tomny Zamarron same to y’all, should be a good one

    Jacob Allnatt Reply

    As a saints fan I respect your respect. The environment and our defense is what will win for us should we win it, but without drew, we should lose.

    Tyler Main Reply

    @Jacob Allnatt Na y’all have a really solid team top to bottom to match the cowboys. Teddy is still able to win. Cowboys win if their pass rush can get going… If not saints will walk away with the win.

    Jacob Allnatt Reply

    Tyler Main good point…if Alvin Camaro gets going then the pressure will be off teddy.

    Tyler Main Reply

    @Jacob Allnatt exactly. Also jaylon smith has had problems lately. . Alvin hits a stutter step an he is gone to the house.

JasnoGT Reply

This is gonna be a close, exciting game.

    S D Reply

    JasnoGT like last year on TNF 11/29/18

    lil pepe Reply

    Yess sir

    1000 subs with three videos challenge Reply

    Except now the saints offense Is mostly rushing so the cowboys can handle that better

    NOS Reply

    JasnoGT Yes it is. Can’t wait to watch. WHODAT BABY! Good luck to y’all! Let’s give them the game of the week.


It will be the same result from last year baby🤠🏈🇺🇸

👇 like if you agree

    Godlikelobster01 Reply

    69th like. nice


    @Young Nola and y’all SUPERBOWL was a bad call lost to the Rams🤣🤭🤣

    Young Nola Reply

    INVESTMENTS what the rams did y’all 😂😂😂

    Young Nola Reply

    INVESTMENTS when the last time y’all won a super bowl and the rams still lost ain’t score a damn touchdown dats karma 😂😂😂

    Dallas Cowboy Fan Reply

    @Young Nola same goes for the saints

TBG_BIGChucky 32 Reply

Who dat Lets do it again 🖤⚜️🔐🤷🏾‍♂️

    Manuel Saavedra Reply

    Loose again like the past couple times my boys have stomp yall?? DC4L#TEXAS

    I F55 I Reply

    Manuel Saavedra Aaron Rodgers owns your team. That 4-0 start is your guys super bowl lol. Wait on it…

    Manuel Saavedra Reply

    I F55 I that’s very true but we are a very different team than those years behind us now

    Manuel Saavedra Reply

    Watch us be 7-0 before our bye week

    B Wheels Reply

    Manuel Saavedra last Super Bowl was in the 90s so sad

Chukky Reply

Cowboys win 27-23

lil3ric88 Reply

Tough game. We respect the hell out of the Saints and know that they are going to bring it with or without Brees. The Dome is a very hard place to win however I think the Cowboys are too focused and too good right now to drop this game. I think it will be close regardless but I trust Dak and Zeke to make the right plays at the end of the game to seal it and the defense to make some big plays. If we start slow like the last 2 the Saints might just take it from us. However I think watching film this week and knowing the team we are playing is much better, we won’t be greedy and will play to our potential.

Cowboys win 28-24

    Tay K 74 Reply


    lil3ric88 Reply

    Tay K 74 ? You talking about dolphins game?

    brunosanmartino Sabb Reply

    Saints 27 Dallas 24

Steven Martinez Reply

I wish Drew Brees was there to make this game even better but without doubt we cant sleep on this team.Im thinking
But without doubt if Drew brees were there it would been different since he can make comebacks like he did in week 1

James Wilson Reply

I got the Cowboys winning 31-30

E Russo Reply

Whoever edited this video made the music way to loud. It over powers the commentary.

Jayce Reply

This is a great matchup. America is in for a treat.

Ray M Reply

If the Cowboys shut down Kamara I think Dallas wins big. If Kamara continues to ball it will be close. Either way it should be a great game and I can’t wait till Sunday. Go Cowboys.

baby_jay nikki Reply

I can’t wait to see the reactions when some of y’all realize you’re wrong.😂😂

    lil pepe Reply

    baby_jay nikki who’s Wrong

    Darnell Reply

    @lil pepe She’s talking about the predictions that everyone on here commenting is talking about. She cant wait till after this game, whoever loses whether it be the cowboys or saints, she still cant wait to see the reactions on their faces. Lol or their comments

    Tay K 74 Reply

    We’ll just have to wait and see

Them_Eyes_Thou Reply

We Got no Beef with Saints & the Fans so I have nothing to say bad about them just Good luck and let’s give them game of the week 💯✊


    Thomas Urech Reply

    I completely agree the cowboys and the saints have no bad blood just two good teams that play good games and the winner wins fair and square! 🤠

    Them_Eyes_Thou Reply

    Thomas Urech lets Just Hope The Ref Don’t Control the Game for both

    Arvonta Taylor Reply

    I’m sorry #WhoDat?

    electriccub shocker Reply

    Yep, Dallas is going to win big baby..
    SAINTS 31
    Dallas 17, let’s have a good game..
    Go Dallas!!!

Obi-Wan Kenobi Reply

As a Dallas fan, we shouldn’t let our guard down against the Saints. They are an extremely talented team.

    TheDrew29 Reply


    Ryan M Reply

    Why would anyone involved in the Cowboys’ organization be letting their guard down? That would be complete insanity.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi Reply

    Ryan M Because Brees is hurt.

    Tay K 74 Reply

    @Tiger Boy bruh being a fan and saying we is literally part of being a fan. Stop killing the fun. God damn

    Arvonta Taylor Reply

    Respect. I wish every NFL fan could show this level of respect

Doc Brown Reply

Cowboys 20 Saints 27

Eric Starnes Reply

If Cooper is ruled out later today, the Cowboys are in trouble

da.aii Reply

Cowboys all day! Final score 31-17 Cowboys!

Skullking81 Reply

Can you guys figure out to use the equalizer music should not be louder than the people talking

BallDon'tLie4216 Reply

There are so many toxic Cowboys fans in the comments my lord.

    ric234100 Reply

    Toxic? Don’t see any of that. Just a lot of people favoring them

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