Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 2019 Gameday Performance | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Big Ticket

I heard they were fighting for raises and won! IDK if that’s true or not. But if so good for them! Shid, I’d rather have them on the team than Zeke or Dak. Can you spell “ Iconic “ 😂…….. but really we need to pay Dak. 😑


    was it true that the mascot got paid more than the cheerleaders?

Kenneth Banks

Damn them some short shorts

Eric Starnes

I can’t wait to see their Super Bowl routine at the end of this season

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    Dillan Artis

    Eric Starnes yeah ok there not going to the Super Bowl divisional round losers

    Lacy Archer

    Dillan Artis you never know what the future holds

Daniel Rodriguez

More skin the better

    Lacy Archer

    Daniel Rodriguez and this is why women and cheerleaders are sexualized all the time

Dillan Artis

Why can’t the giants have cheerleaders

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