Dak Prescott’s MONSTER Game w/ 405 Yds & 4 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Marcellus Aaron

😢 That’s my quarterback

    AD HB

    That’s the type of support you want 😭

    Stewart Robinson


Escocivo 30

Dak doing everything to get that 40 Million!

    Steven Jenkins

    @supermCcnasty the cap goes up in 2 years Lamar Jackson, Patrick and Dak Prescott. 35 million will look like cornerback money.


    Steven Jenkins right. I have no issue with him getting 35. I’m just saying he ain’t getting 40.

    Leo Dancor

    I hope the Cowboys blow their load on him and pay $45 million.

    El Honcho

    Leo Dancor yea cuz you eat cowboys nuts for dinner

efryo - MusicOfPlus

We all know Zeke likes to be fed, but we need to talk about the wide receiver BUFFET that Dak has

    tony montana

    Your going places

    Burger Boy

    @RD2 4 why are you watching this video then?

    Boondock Patrol

    I pray they can all stay healthy! If Cobb is healthy, it will really help out underneath!


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Once You Go Asian You Never Miss The Equation -_-

I like how everyone says he’s mediocre. Idc how many weapons he has, mediocre qbs don’t throw for 400 yards.

    Duncan McGee

    @RD2 4 haters been saying this since he started lmao qnd every time he does something good its “against a trash team, wait till he plays a good team.” You gonna say the same bs after week 4?


    @RD2 4 Lets see how many other QB’s get a perfect passer rating vs the Giants this year.

    Camping Man

    Freaking right 👍 they hate on him because he’s a cowboys QB if he was playing for anyone else he’d be the best in the league……

AJ Rivera

Kellen Moore 🔥🔥🔥

    Transparent Motives

    He is the truth. He won’t be a OC for long. He is Sean Payton status.


    @Transparent MotivesHe might stay around because I don’t think he’s in a hurry to go anywhere. When the time comes he’ll want it to be on his terms.

    Ben gibb

    For real, I was down on him as a quarterback coach, but maybe linehan was just holding dak back, with his ancient play calling.

Mr. Baksu

Dak reminding us he can do more than just hand off to Zeke


    Matthew DegliObizzi True, but it’s the concept that the play calling is more than just run, then curls, then screen or run, then inevitably punt. Moore is opening up the play book, showing confidence in Dak’s throwing ability, Dak looks to have more confidence throwing, the whole team seems to just have a better vibe


    Matthew DegliObizzi still Pros So

    Leo Dancor

    If Dak can do this against the Eagles, I will praise him. He had a fantastic game, but it was against the 28th soon to be worse ranked defense.

    Camping Man

    Yeah Wilson never let him throw the ball like he can that’s why people say he can throw deep. But he showed them Sunday….

Isaac Hampton

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Kellen Moore letting Dak throw deep.

    Gabriel avila

    My like is #666


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    Snicka 817

    JR 214 Agree!

    Aaron Lopez

    Kellen More and John Kitna
    two former QB’s instructing
    Dak Prescott on how to use
    his talents, what beautiful thing!

    HR Department

    Shows how bad and outdated Linehan was he never made Dak better or should i say help his development it was the same plays nothing new so predictable.

Aajish Marahatta

I just read a comment by an idiot on ig that said Dak is overrated and only got good stats because they were against the giants

That idiot was an eagles fan

    Brandon Steward

    The eagles were down 17 0 in the first half against case Keenum.

    40th Street Black

    So if dak played like trash or struggled against them, then what???

    Esketit Esketit

    You mean the team that got lucky the saints DB didn’t make a hit?

    Camping Man

    Yeah right ! Or every sports Media/ anouncer . That hates him because he’s a cowboys QB.

Nancy Doerfler

Dak is now 5-2 vs the Giants. Hahahahahahahahaa.

    Derrick Berry

    @Leo Dancor Atleast 5 years


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    Esketit Esketit

    What’s funny is how Dallas ain’t sniffed the SB in 20 years

    Derrick Berry

    @Esketit Esketit Dont worry, thatll end this year. Remember my Title head. Derrick Berry said it.

    John Ash

    Lmao and 5 – 1 bout to be 6 vs the redskins.

Ahmed Chaibi


    J Breezy

    Lol whaaaat

    Scott Davidson

    Roflmao LOUDLY!


    Priceless 😂🤣

    Chase Dyer



Dak lit it up. He’s going to have a great year in Kellen Moore’s offense.


    GlaPlayz Moore did great, I thought Romo would’ve been a good play caller too


Great QB play from Dak Prescott, man.


    shortstackJMD96 Kudos to kellen moore


Wentz and Dak are both good. Holy cow. Dak really did ball out today.

Edit: I say that because I’m an Eagles fan and Dak deserves some credit.

    Ron Riggs

    Yeah Dak is so much better than Carson Wentz! Went gets a lot more hype though!

Jude Brennan

As an eagles fan he is one of the most overhated players in the game he’s is a damm good QB what he has done in his time in the league is impressive he is a winner

    Koji Collier

    Thank you mad respect

    Chris Hildabrant

    Frank Woods wentz

    Georgia Brawler

    Jude Brennan Respect. Look forward to playing you guys

    Marcus Williams

    Frank Woods wentz’s arm talent is undeniable; however, dak is a grown man, is durable & never missed a game. He’s 4-2 vs Wentz & has better stats & more wins than wentz. At this point I’m taking Dak. Wentz has to complete a full season and win a playoff game b4 we can believe him.

    Camping Man

    He’s only hated because he a Dallas cowboys QB….

Sports Guru

Beautiful football. Cowboys now finally have a modern offense.

    tony montana

    I put milk in my cereal


    Its been forever since I had fun watching our offense. If it was Linehan, we would’ve MAYBE barely won with a last-second comeback.


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    Saved By Grace

    BandleBandit if it was linehan we would’ve scored 3 field goals and 1 touchdown maybe 2

Shane B.

Dak was making his reads faster, showed improvement with his footwork, didn’t hesitate to take a deep shot, 4 TDs and a perfect passer rating.

Thank you Jon Kitna and Kellen Moore 👏👏👏.

    Carson Young

    @Tubal Cain Opponent has ZERO to do with ball placement or accuracy


    Shane B. Huge giants fan naturally hate the cowgirls … dak looks real good


    Tubal Cain and remember they still pros Not HS stop taking credit away from him it’s any given Sunday tired of y’all saying that “ oh it’s the NYG “ like so what they are props Not college

    Camping Man

    You got that right 👍 and a hurry up offense all game not just the last 2 minutes. Also when they got the lead they didn’t sit on it they kept playing ball. Finally some great play calling for the great talent they got WONDERFUL!!!!

Mason 11

The people discrediting Dak Prescott because “it was against the Giants” are ironically also hyping Lamar Jackson for his game against the Dolphins 🤔

    T3rminata T

    Lol I’m not


    Mason 11 wow thank you!!!!!

    Camping Man

    Why every team they beat the other team is no good but if they beat the cowboys they or the best 🤔🤔.


The Media:Dak is an average at best passer
DAK: Hld my Gatorade; 405 yards 4 TD’s, perfect passer rating

    Joshua Holley

    Lee Jizzle yep and Miami after that


    its one game at home against one of the worst teams in the league.


    *hold my Campbell’s Chunky soup

    Camping Man

    Freaking right 👍!!!!!

Evan Swayzer

405 yds and 4 passing TDs from a QB that “can’t throw” and “mediocre.” Dak is going have his this year!


    Evan Swayzer he’s gonna get paid big time end of the season

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