Dak Prescott’s big payday with Dallas Cowboys is coming | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Dak Prescott’s big payday with Dallas Cowboys is coming | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Dak Prescott and the Cowboys' offense looked explosive in their first game under Kellen Moore as Dallas ran over the New York Giants in Week 1. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #DallasCowboys #NewYorkGiants #DakPrescott #KellenMoore
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Dak Prescott's big payday with Dallas Cowboys is coming | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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Chase Maldonado Reply

He’s our guy! Should’ve been paid last year

    GOlden St8 Reply

    Next week he throws 2 picks and fumbles lmao he’s trash

    Brandon Espinoza Reply

    GOlden St8 why you hating

    BKK Reply

    @Brandon Espinoza Dak is inconsistent

    Brandon Espinoza Reply

    BKK the only thing that was inconsistent was the play calling it was holding him back let’s see the next game if he balls out again then you have to think about it

    TNT Reply

    It’s the Giants lmaooo calm down

da Star Reply

I’m just glad we’ve got him and Jerry will do the right thing. Go Cowboys!

    Keyser Soze Reply

    It’s not Jerry, it’s Stephen. Jerry is stuck in the past and he’s finally being overpowered by Stephen. It’s Stephen’s team now.

Chris Hess Reply

You talk about stringing Games… Washington this week followed by Miami??? This is going to be a Hot Start

    Cory the goat Reply

    Hope so that’s why the games played!

MrFluffysteel Reply

People need to throttle it back a few degrees….there are still 15 games left…. No need to anoint him the GOAT after 1 game.

    Felix Blaksley Reply

    MrFluffysteel Okay your first response to Sariha got me dead 😂😂

    Sariha Altaf Reply

    GOlden St8 Dak Prescott is really underrated and u just here the outside noise so ur just a follower but respect to whatever team and qb u like

    Ced 214 Reply

    Who said GOAT??? You said it we didn’t, Dak is Shining!! Let him be great

    Sariha Altaf Reply

    Felix Blaksley there was really nothing funny about it, it was just football talk with a hater

    Sariha Altaf Reply

    MrFluffysteel u ain’t right cuz if u were smart enough to read no one in this world is calling him the goat I just talking and don’t know nothing about football

Stephan Ross Reply

What team in the NFL is comprised of nothing but pro bowl caliber corners, safeties, and linebackers who are great in pass coverage. The answer is there isn’t a team like that in existence in the NFL right now. There are teams that are stacked in their secondary, but none of them have nothing but pro bowl caliber players in their secondary. I hate to get ahead of myself, but the cowboys have Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, Randall Cobb, a good receiving tide end in Jarwin, and if none of those option are available, Dak can always just dump it off to Jason Witten for a five or six yard gain because he is never not wide open somehow lol. I’m interested to see whose going to be effective in stopping the passing game of the Dallas Cowboys with the way it looks under Kellen Moore right now.

    Connman 8d Reply

    I hear you fam. There is no team that can stop this Cowboys offense. You have to choose who you’re going to stop. You can stop Amari, you can stop Gallup, you can stop Zeke…you can’t stop them all. And now, we finally have an offensive coordinator who will play chess instead of checkers. Top 5 Offense, Top 5 Defense. Super Bowl bound. All aboard the hype train.

    David Tapia Reply

    Im excited as much as you bro ! Let’s just take it one game at a time & enjoy this season that’s going to be a good one . Key is health 🙏🏼

    brian baur Reply

    Just remember guys Zeke didnt even start his engine either if anyone sells out enough to stop our pass game the tune game will pound them up and down the field

    Jayce Reply

    The fact of the matter is Dallas and Dak made a team of professionals look lost and embarrassed them. That’s not easy to do in the NFL. BAL did it also this week, but still, it’s rare to see a blowout.

Il Tack Bae Reply

It’s more Moore than Dak

    California Cowboy Reply

    Lol boy you stupid 😂

    Ced 214 Reply

    LMAO was that a joke 😂😂

    eudy Maverick Mentor Reply

    @Il Tack Bae No matter how you cut it. Moore didn’t throw one pass. Dak threw every one of them. So it doesn’t matter the play calling if the QB can’t deliver. And it’s really stupid and idiotic to try and plot the offensive coordinator against the QB. The reality is they both played and equal part in the success.

    Jayce Reply

    Nice excuse.

    Jayce Reply

    @QB The King Welcome to the internet, full of idiots and hypocrites.

Brandon Espinoza Reply

There aren’t many teams that can stop that many weapons

BKK Reply

Dallas will regret this

BKK Reply

Dallas acting like they beat a good team 😂😂😂😂

    Connman 8d Reply

    They roflstomped a division rival by scoring touchdowns on 5 consecutive drives of over 70 yards each. Don’t act like that’s not impressive.

    Affordable Sticks Reply

    Giants were 11-5 2 yrs ago lol

WilliamSLeibSr Reply

Week 4 vs Saints will tell us if we’re real

    Dwaine TwentyOne Reply

    Already humiliated them when they were undefeated….were u asleep?

    Dwaine TwentyOne Reply

    Already defeated them….were you guys asleep?

    WilliamSLeibSr Reply

    @Dwaine TwentyOne Just not living on past glories…week 4 vs. Saints will tell us everything we need to know about this team

James Cramutola Reply

When the cowboys play teams like the packers and Eagles Patriots Rams then will see if Dallas is really that good.

    Ced 214 Reply

    Just shut up dude😂😂

    kev m Reply

    You think we also dont wanna see it?? We can’t w8 to play those good teams.

    Id wish cowboys had a harder schedule… Cuz it only brings in more experience and More reps etc..

    Ppl wanna talk as if those teams can’t be beaten.

Justin Williams Reply

S/o to all my black qbs! GET THAT MONEY

Connie B Reply

He’s all that.

Connie B Reply

The difference is Kellen Moore , that young , creative offensive coach forDallas.

COWTown Tx. Reply


Ernie Estrada Reply


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