Dak Prescott Speaks On The Return Of RB Ezekiel Elliott | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jesus is beast 77

Dak is so mature and looks ready!!!


    Lol he’s been the exact same

Lavon Davis

214 Zeke And Dak

DC Daniel

Hope my man gets paid man he really is a good quarter hes gonna prove everybody wrong this season


    Well if you gonna just credit Dak with all the wins then you have to keep the same energy when the cowboys lose, You making it seem like all our wins are because of Dak, the TEAM wins but the QB gets the credit for wins, I think that’s disrespectful to the team, Dallas wins because they have a good team, The NFL have always tried to make the QB seem way more important than everybody else on the team, Do you think Dak gets all these wins with a bad team, Our RB, Oline and Defense has helped Dallas win games and its not just Dak, they say football is the ultimate team sport but yet the QB gets all the credit lol

    Saul Tarsus

    @Brandon EspinozaEvery body has Dak about 15th or 16th best QB in the league…He is limited….You can win with him as long as you have a good team around him,but what happens when you give him 34 million dollars a year and you can no longer afford to keep this defense togther,and you start losing offensive players…Can Dak carry this team then….I don’t think he can….

    Brandon Espinoza

    Saul Tarsus I like how you say everyone when it’s all the haters dak is a winner bruh just get over it

    Saul Tarsus

    @Brandon Espinoza Nfl.com has him ranked 15th Pro Football focus has him at 17th…I have not seen one sports show or radio program,not even Dallas Cowboys own radio program the “lunch break”has Dak as a middle of the pack QB….And finally anybody that has eyeballs and the gift of sight and has even a rudimentary knowledge of the game can see he is limited…Now can he take the next step,Absolutely….If he plays as good as he did the last seven games,all year that would be great…But I don’t think he can,what I seen in preseason was the same problems I have been seeing with him….

baby biglou

dak is focus👀💪🏾

Lost Timing

He honestly looks excited


Cowboys going to the SB this year I can feel it #AmericasTeam

    Brandon Espinoza

    Correll Millbrook you should give credit to your coach

    Brandon Espinoza

    Jimmy Cline you should be a speaker lol

    Saul Tarsus


    Correll Millbrook

    @Chicken Wang Lol!

    Chance hardy

    Correll Millbrook nope

Andrew Mendez

You want the microphone in front of him at all times he says the right things so mature so professional A TRUE DALLAS COWBOY

Hunter Crain

Dak has always been a great leader but a great leader who’s comfortable is different and he seems to have settled in.

Andy Delgado

Cowboys are going to the super bowl this year baby I feel good

    Brandon Espinoza

    Andy Delgado I hope I was born in 98 so I wasn’t able to see them win one


    @Brandon Espinoza I was 17 in 1992 when I saw my first Cowboys super bowl game, 18 & 20 for the next two. It’s been TOO long, I’m 44 years old now…we GOTZ TO WIN another one maaaaannnnn!!!! Lol

    Awesome Kid85

    @jayjaylen75 well damn I’m 16 and tryna see my first while I’m in school so I can brag and finally say my team won in this decade


Say what you want about Dak but he’s never looked as bad as trubisky did tonight. Trubisky will get ever excuse in the book from the media though, if Dak had a night like that he’d get destroyed. Glad we got Dak.

    Sports Guru

    Eddie V nah he’s a really good QB But for whatever reason the media paints a picture that his ceiling is “limited” and he can’t have success unless all pieces are in place around him . He’s not allowed to have weapons

    Luke Moon

    Crazy how the same people who say dak is only decent is because of the talent around him but they proudly say that the eagles have the best roster in the league and don’t say that Wentz is a product of them🤨


    Preach man, I’ve been saying this for a while and I just get hate. No team loses their MVP and goes on to win the super bowl, unless that player really wasn’t your MVP 🤷‍♂️


    Agree 100%. Carson Wentz according to the media is a world beater QB, and his team lost him (their “MVP”) and won the super bowl without him. Then they talk about how good the eagles roster and coaches are but don’t take anything away from Wentz. While with Dak it’s everybody’s but his fault they won.

This Guy

Id follow him into battle against the nazis

Paul Howell

I live a couple of minutes from where he came from. Population 4000 or so. Dak is humble and appreciative. Proud of my QB


I love Dak. The relationship between him and Zeke is wonderful. Look at that smile, he missed his friend.

Allan Brogdon

Dak is always trying to win.Great attitude and if he’s gonna get hit he will make yards in the process.

Michael Buchanan

35m for Dak lets go

Ahmed Chaibi

To the people who don’t believe in dak remember all the first overalls and first round quarterbacks that were obviously more talented than dak and yet they never made an impact. its not about the arm its about the charm its how u control the moment and ur emotions during the game and come through when necessary ………..facts

    Jimmy Cline

    No, it’s about heart! Trot Akiman was a Cowboy fan growing up, I always said if we ever got a quarterback that was a Cowboy fan, we would win the super bowl again, and Dak was a Cowboy fan growing up!

    Saul Tarsus

    Yeah right,its not about arm its about charm…Thats the most ridiculous statement I have ever read on a Football site….He is a QB he is a glorified game manager…He is so limited in arm talent the Cowboys have to run endless curl routes to give him a stationary target to throw too…Get real…

    Luke Moon

    And he’ll STILL beat your team

Kurt McKelvey

Why do a lot of people hate Dak !!! He’s cool as hell !!!! 😕 🇺🇸


    Brandon Espinoza See the problem is the fans that like Dak so much put that narrative into they own head, You have to realize some people are not gonna be overly hype on every player, Dak does seem like a nice guy but just because someone don’t think he’s a good QB they are hating, its players that’s on the cowboys who I think are just average but that don’t mean I hate them


    Saul Tarsus Its nothing wrong with that, I agree, Dak is not the worst QB but he does do some things well, we have won with him at QB but I think since we have a good team it makes Dak job a little easier because we don’t always have to rely on Dak to win games like we did with Romo, I think Dak is just okay and I root for him because he plays for my cowboys but I don’t hate the guy either, The only thing we can do is hope he gets better as a QB


    Hell isn’t very cool, but you have the right idea. I don’t mind Jerry Jones giving millions of his dollars to Dak Prescott. Or me either.

    D B

    A Black QB of America’s Team. People don’t and haven’t wanted it.

Blake lerma

Super excited to see this mans leadership and game management this year. Better player from his first year


The most underrated, overlooked, underestimated, but still he’s achieved more than any QB IN HIS CLASS! HATER’S ARE IGNORANT! LETS GO COWBOYS!

Sports Guru

When he has success this year they’ll blame it on the weapons around him

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