Dak Prescott: SI Cover, Mechanics & More | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Dak Prescott: SI Cover, Mechanics & More | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Quarterback Dak Prescott discusses how he’s worked on his throwing technique, the Cowboys’ receiver depth and more as the team gets ready for the Dolphins.

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Ricardo F

Playing for the Cowboys is prestigious. It’s brings you more fame.

    Eric Griffin

    It can also bring you infamy. It brings you ridiculous criticism and scrutiny. So it a double edged sword. Fortunately we have a QB that can handle it.

Brett Moltner

Happy you are the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Never seen a more mature, well spoken player in the NFL

    Jimmy Cline

    Troy Aikman was a Dallas Cowboy fan growing up, I knew one day when we got another quarter back that was a Cowboy fan growing up, he would bring this team back to its former glory! He’s like us he really wants the Cowboys to be great!

    Botrell Oneal

    I agree just a mild manner young man. Go Dak

    Brett Moltner

    Jimmy Cline for Dak, it’s like that too, he said in his documentary that although he was from Louisiana, he was a Cowboys fan.

Lavon Davis

Dak Attack Love This Guy he is a great Leader

    Richard Coleman


Dirk Diggler

Don’t agree to any discounts, Dak. You’re worth the money, and this team is on your shoulders. Get your coins.

    Mode IZM

    And Rings.

    True Gooner

    Agreed. That reporter at the beginning pissed me off with his dumbass comment… he got the cover because he’s balling out right now.


Kitna been putting in that work with Dak… I know Rush is improving on his mechanics as well… Great pickup with Kitna!

    Gerry Stevens

    Agreed! On both counts. Rush is going to hard to keep. He will be ready one day.

kev m

Just keep balling!!! The real test are the Packers. Show that defense what you can do all game long.

Gerry Stevens

Per my view 1 “Dislike”.
It’s Carson Rentz.

Free America20/20

Reporters asked the dumbest questions.

Norris Powell

I was in the locker room when Mississippi State beat Auburn to become #1 in CFB. The guy is always the most reserved guy in the room

jeremy x

See folks
Credit Dak’s older brothers for prepping him for the relentless onslaught of criticism and biased judgement he’s been receiving from media, fans, and rivals alike

Motivation? Somewhat
But mostly what motivates Dak is family and living up to family culture and beliefs in him
Do NOT proving anyone wrong
But proving loved ones right

In loving memory of Mama Prescott

That was for you from me, Dak
A faithful follower since you came to MSST

Blessings bro

☮️ Peace

    Herman Taft

    Actually, most that knew her, called her, “Ms Peggy”!

    jeremy x

    @Herman Taft
    Well known and publicized fact
    I humorously chose Mama Prescott just for fun

    No disrespect to any of them
    Ms Peggy is well-known
    And Dak will insure her legacy stays intact

b allen

my dude i knew he had it from the jump


That’s my quarterback 😭😭😭

Richard Coleman

COWBOYS 15-0 💪😎👍🏉🏉🏉🏆🏆🏆💪😎👊⭐⭐⭐LETS DO IT FORE 6 COWBOYS

Richard Coleman


Adam Camacho

Dak has done his part on improving his game, from his footwork, to his reads, to his deep ball. I know there is a few things he can do these other pocket passers cant. Playing for the cowboys isn’t easy either will all the media and critics. He deserves a big contract. He deserves to win it all. I’m sure this Jerry jones last rally

chapo guzman

Most underrated QB in the NFL and he’s gonna prove everybody wrong.. #DAKATTACK4


That young man is taking us to the Super Bowl this year watch .

mr_hachi_roku 86

Pay the man his $50 million already

Brett Gardner

Dak needs to flatten that brim a little bit. I guess I shouldn’t complain at least he isn’t wearing it backwards


The humility of this guy inspires me.. And the Eagles going to rule the day they let Nick Foles walk…

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