Dak Prescott Postgame Week 6 vs. New York Jets | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Justin D Reply

O line not protecting Dak.


    All these bs excuses I trash Prescott has to have 5 hall of fame lineman, an elite rb and hall of fame wide receivers to be somewhat successful

    Bluestars Reply

    How in the hell can it when your LT and RT are out?! We have an undrafted rookie filling in for Collins today and Fleming has never held his own when Smith was out. We’ve never drafted for a LT and it’s a high priority now with Smith getting to the end of his contract.

Cole English Reply

Much respect for Dak, sticking in there all night getting slammed into the ground. You can blame a lot of people for tonight’s loss but you can’t blame Dak, he had no time in the pocket & his WR’s were dropping easy balls…

    Kamu Ela Reply


    John Mathis Reply

    Like the positivity, but I am done with Dak. He is just not the right QB for the Cowboys in my opinion. If the Cowboys organization gives him a long term deal, they will regret it. Teams are not worried about playing against Dak. They have been game planing to shut down Zeke and the running game, and putting it in Daks hands to win the game. Dak has not come through.

    Hashtag EV Reply

    John Mathis youre wrong

    John Mathis Reply

    @Hashtag EV I wish I was!

Joseph Neira Reply

Lincoln Riley for head coach and tony Romo for offensive coordinator

    WhoPenny Britty Reply

    Dare to dream.

    Mr. Bossman Reply

    I wish that were true about Lincoln Riley being the Cowboys head coach. But I don’t think it’s possible because I believe he recently signed an extension with Oklahoma. But for sure Jason Garrett has got to go…….

    Bluestars Reply

    Absolutely ridiculous!

    Lynette Lee Reply

    Let Romo stay where he’s at because he didnt do nothing for 14 years and we need newness on this team. Not the same old garbage.

Martin Gonzalez Reply

jones fire jason for dont get mad or nothing just clap he suck ad a head coach for real fire him jones

    Ruben Espinoza Reply

    🔥 🔥 🔥

    Joseph Taylor Reply

    Jerry Jones the owner needs to
    Jerry Jones the GM also.. He a trash GM.. It’s time for Stephen Jones to start running this organization…

    Fermin Martinez Reply

    I got brain damage trying to read your comment ☠

Josh Martinez Reply

I dont think garret is lettin moore have alot of leeway in calling plays..romo even said it has garret all over it..as u can see the style and the creativity isnt there like it was at the beginning

    Kenneth Harrison Reply

    Josh Martinez I think Garrett got jealous of Kellen he had the offense rolling

    ram nation50 Reply

    @Optimumnutrition01 who tf is this guy? Lol he only has 1. 2k followers? Lol kellen moore offense he clearly run by his former HC at boise at the time Chris Peterson. Kellen was never this offense genuis. Chris peterson is a OC genius. Hand signals or not that offense the first 3 weeks was definitely Chris playbook.

    Force Inducted Reply

    Josh Martinez I didn’t even think of that josh!! Now remembering that room did mention that during the game… these past 3games haven’t shown that explosive offense like we have seen in the beginning… well all I can say Garett’s days are numbered as a HC, it’s LONG over due anyways..

ten 2twelve Reply

Tyron Smith , La’el Collins get well quick regular Joes don’t know how important both are

    Tikka 300 WSM Reply

    49ers lost both starting tackles and still dominated! Stop with the excuses for your team being trash.

    Joseph Taylor Reply

    Patriots lose players all the time.. but. Yet they’re still dominating.. The owner, the GM and the head coach straight up trash.. No respectable coach would coach the Dallas Cowboys as long as Jerry Jones owns the team..

    ICE H2O Reply

    @Joseph Taylor, the Patriots have the easiest schedule in the NFL. They get to play Miami, Buffalo, and the New York Jets twice each. That’s a guaranteed 6-0 to start the season every year. Which means they will always have a bye in the playoffs.

    Misael Gomez Reply

    @Joseph Taylor look at their division lmao, NFC>AFC

Mike S Reply

Call the Cowboys leave a message to fire the coach I just did lol

    Joseph Taylor Reply

    You got the number?

    Michael Scofield Reply

    what’s the number

    jms97 Reply

    Spam Jerry on twitter too

Humberto Jacquez Reply

coaching can’t game plan to protect dak no fast routes or short passes

Fu chi Moua Seeking the Truth Reply

It’s time to fire Jason Garrett bringing a new head coach with a new vision. this head coach that the Cowboys have right now is uninspiring and has lost the locker room

Humberto Jacquez Reply

kept running on first down made it easy on the other defense they blitz every time they they where on third and long

derek williams Reply


    Kelly Wright Reply


Scott Ayers Reply

We’re going to figure it out. The same excuse every week.

    The Brew that do Reply

    He can only do so much… You can tell it’s coaching.

    John Mathis Reply

    Yep! Sick of hearing Daks voice. The guy is just not a good QB, plain and simple.

    Felix Blaksley Reply

    John Mathis What do you mean he is not good? He got fucking planted in the ground every play??? How do you expect success when you can’t protect your QB. This is coaching all the way, players showing up flat

    Automobili Lamborghini Reply

    40% of the season is gone. Like how long is it going to take to figure it out.

    Katie G Reply

    Dak is a great QB

Anthony B Reply

Your coach is failing you guys Dak!!

lasay inchrist Reply

LET’S get this ship rolling COWBOYS 😤😤

Jason Rios Reply

We need a new coach.. period

    Ice Maxwell Reply

    the fucking QB is a LOSER! we need new Head coach and QB …

Kelly Dardeen Reply

I’ve Been Seeing a Lack of Discipline on The Defense and It’s Getting Worse !!!

    John Mathis Reply

    Big time! Wayyy to many penalties…

Kevin Keliipio Reply

What time is Jimmy Johnson showing up on Monday? Oh yeah, Jerry doesn’t want a coach.

Ivan Cruz Reply

Has anyone caught on to the “be like dave” videos, Michael Gallup – (vs jets) bad game
La’el collins – (vs packers) injured
Randal Cobb – (vs packers) bad game then injured
Amari cooper – (vs jets) injured

Matthias Kerr Reply

Lol this man wearing a tuxedo and lost to the Jets.

    Rudy FuckU24 Reply

    something u can’t afford

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