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Captain Kirby

The fumbles killed us.

    Terrill Elliott

    No excuse why they lost they are not a good team

    Mel Wood81

    @Captain Kirby, them were kilked when then found they were gonna play the Saints, this is a NEW season.


    Yup Witten and zeke fumble hurt us and why they didn’t run pollard also

    Obiwan Kenobi

    @Ethan Davis maybe they should start fineing refs when the mess up

Lourdes Tarango

Such an amazing QB and team. Just like he’s saying it is a learning experience. It’s not like it was season ending 🤷🏻‍♀️. The boys will bounce back!

    aaron rogers

    @Andre Darin I don’t know if you know this but the players dont call the plays and it’s a learning experience for Kellen Moore to see what hes up against now the teams are gonna challenge that he needs to know how to answer. Go cowboys!!!!

    aaron rogers

    @Marquese respect to you bro it’s bad when another team fan knows we good and our wannabe fans hating on us #cowboysnation we’ll be seeing you 🤜

    David Umelo

    Seymour Butts you’re dumb af how many teams lose games the week before then go on a winning streak? Don’t you think everyone has film on everyone? You think it’s so easy to shut a team out just off one game film then go apply as a defensive coach then. Dummy 😂 cowboys still #1 in the East

    Bradley Slusser

    You losers bought in to the hype after beating 3 high school teams. Too funny..

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    @Andre Darin This game showed jerrah and his autistic son are still running this team.Nothing is gonna change as long as the old fool fails to hire a real GM.


Those amari PI’s making me lose sleep


    Brian Waller the Saints had more penalties than the Cowboys. Your argument makes zero sense. It was a fairly called game.


    BR4N DOG no he wouldn’t have because it was a clean hit he had the ball until he was hit. You’re grasping at thin air


    Sigueme1 his flopping is A1

    Chop Chop

    Sigueme1 Most yards given up by a DB this year that lattimore?! Lol

    Chop Chop

    BR4N DOG Cooper is still hurt man! He’ll be alright…if the saints can make it to the playoffs then we’ll see them again! We’ll be there at home waiting for them!


Offensive pi calls were high sus lets be real


    There was only one bad call and it was early in the game. The one later was the right call. Cooper pushed off, and he didn’t need to.

    Mel Wood81

    @thcouchpotatos13, WHO you wanna BLAME. ???

    Steven Garthune

    Yeah, Coop did nothing wrong.


its gotta be super annoying listening to LITERALLY the same question over and over…. its easy to tell why athletes dont enjoy pressers.

James s

The 2 things I can’t stand from my Cowboys is our cornerbacks can’t cover and they went back to the old play calling plays against The Saints…

    M R

    Brown is garbage.

    Mel Wood81

    @James s, the BEST they can cover, is themselves with a blanket, when it’s winter.

    aaron rogers

    @TheSpriggins28 but he still went and got the ball he didn’t stop playing

    da Star

    It did resemble last years game plan. I just knew they were going to put Zeke and Tony in the backfield at the same time.

    Ray Quan

    James s I actually disagree about our corners not being able to cover .. I feel like they’re all pretty solid in coverage but they’re just terrible at finding the ball !! That’s why Chidobe finds himself on every receiver’s highligts


When the run is shut down and the just la on and heavy, roll out and pass. Go deep and pass a lot. QB runs. Bring in pollard and rest zeke. Pass pass pass. Let coop dad some PI.

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    That sounds all good and fine but Dinker cant run the offense if the running game aint working.Dinker sucks on the road anyway.You saw last night how his passing attempts are when he’s hurried….terrible


If Cooper or Cobb catches the ball in the End Zone, we might have been signing a different tone….

    XxxShoreion NNMF

    suanniiq same could be said for the Eagles! It happens, it’s football! No EXCUSES! It’s on THE COWBOYS! They weren’t good enough, BUT they WILL learn and they WILL be BETTER. #HBTC

    Mel Wood81

    @suanning, If the Cowboys could hold a NOTE, they SHOULD be able to sing REGARDLESS.

Xavier Don’t Sweat

Just sitting here wondering why they didn’t let pollard switch up with zeke every other snap… so much for the “ duo threat “ smh

    Mr & Mrs V

    @The Punisher No.. There were a couple interviews floating around where Zeke is hanging with Pollard and they are both smiling ear to ear and happy about sharing the load.

    Saul Tarsus

    The reason they ran Tony alot at the end of the Miami game is because they were running the clock out in garbage time,if the game is close it will be Zeke…

Player One

With 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter down 2 points 4and2 dallas decides to punt the ball away i think thats what really killed the game for them in that situation you gotta go for it if the defense didnt get that stop they wouldve never got the ball back saints wouldve took a knee and game would be over theyre real weakness is coaching dak was solid tonight he was not the reason they lost that big pass to jason witten wouldve been a turning point in the game if he didnt fumble the rock

    Najaley Hatcher

    It did

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    Kelleyn Moore took the mask off after the game and it was really Linehan.

Kewawn Jamison

Idk if I’m tripping but zeke looks so slow to me, no explosiveness at all.

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    @Linda Easley True! Gonna be the same with dinkndunk

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    @DaSayinSnorlax 85 bullshit.Quinn didn’t have any problem.lol

Darryle G

Can’t be mad 2 turnovers left plays on the field with on the offense, but Defense played well so we will Bounce unfortunately Tyron Smith got hurt so one game at a time 👊🏽

    William Stanley

    Darryle G Cameron Fleming is a good lineman, we should be fine in the meantime

metalmaniac 101

Garrett got outcoached bad as usual and Moore called plays like he was Scott Linehan. And I can’t believe they didn’t use Tony Pollard this game, same idiots running this team.

Felix Blaksley

Regardless of what happened on the field, penalties, fumbles, drops, bad play calling….Dak is going to take the fall smh

    Stacy Lynn Sutherland

    Thats why he makes the big bucks . Or will soonn anyway

    D Nation of One

    That I don’t understand it is clear as day he should if any get less of the blame. He didn’t fumble yes he miss some passes but the drops were beyond his controlled.

Ryan M

Keep grinding. The result of this game is less important than continuing to improve as the season moves forward.

Yusuf Bey

We’ll be back! Fumbles lost us this game the missed TD to Cobb in the end zone was huge easy fixes on to GB

Shoresy 69

Zeke was unproductive. He fumbled and so did Witten. This hurt us. I’m proud of Dak though.

    David Umelo

    Shoresy 69 Zekes fumble was a bs call, even you a cowboy fan should’ve seen his elbow was down.


    you know damn well that wasn’t a fumble

    Stacy Lynn Sutherland

    Zeke didnt fumble bumble head it was called a fumble on the field but the replay clearly showed it was not they just wouldnt overturn the call. Thats a lot different than actually fumbling the ball

    Adrian Espinosa

    U trippin Zeke’s elbow was down


Why in the world did the play calling regress?


    the playcalling was pretty much the same as the first three weeks. The execution wasn’t there

    Sentry service Service

    martinhousemuse always Jason Garrett you will not win anything with him

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    Saints are not the same team as the first three weeks.just my opinion but I think the cake walk is over.Next week will be another challenge.Quinn is the real deal.I was impressed.He should get Dlaw type money.

Oscar Martinez

They limited what Dak could do. They need to give him full control of the offense, plus the receivers dropped everything.


He’s such a professional

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