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Deandra Daniels

Cowboys for life

Valerie Normandin

That’s my Quarterback ☺️☺️☺️ #DakToTheFuture 💕💕💕 Pay The Man!!!

    Rocky Roadster

    @Toney Brand said – Pay that man
    Is he getting paid now?

    Toney Brand

    Valerie Normandin Facts!

    Valerie Normandin

    Toney Brand Yes Sir!! 😎


    @Valerie Normandin calm down they’ve only beaten the worst teams in football

da Star

I knew it would be a lot of complaining from fans when all you’re supposed to do is win the game and the Cowboys did that. Go Cowboys!

    Adan Martinez

    da Star yes exactly !!!

    Bruce Banner

    Teams always play Dallas hard we gotta play harder

Yur Journey

A great quarterback. He takes responsibility. He is still learning and growing. All games will not be perfect

    Eric Zavaleta

    all quarterbacks are the same way,

    David Parkes

    @Botrell Oneal THIS! As far as i’m concerned all the other QB’s since Aikman have been fill-ins till they could find a true QB1 in Dak and yeah, that includes Romo.

    Botrell Oneal

    @David Parkes well i think of it tht way but let the truth be told i liked Tony as well but we had to many player on our team at tht time tht wanted the ball all the time and now we have a team just like Troy had

    David Parkes

    @Botrell Oneal Basically yeah, a (potentially) modern Triplets in Dak, Zeke & Cooper/ Gallup (dependent on if you want them all to be Dallas drafted or not), a brilliant O-Line, a bonafide HOF-worthy TE. Dak’s D might need a breakout but they’re getting to a good spot. Jerry just needs to give Dak an HC who actually knows how to HC instead of clap and we’re golden.

    dave wilson

    @Eric Zavaleta not all

Dominic Dimon

At least Dak was honest about that sack from 🌮 lol…

    Manuel Herrera

    Vzp1946 Vzp1946 he didn’t want to throw it away because it would bring down his completion percentage.

    Vzp1946 Vzp1946

    Manuel Herrera I didn’t know throwing it away counts against your completion percentage


    Vzp1946 Vzp1946 yes its an incomplete pass

    The Sports Man

    @Vzp1946 Vzp1946 ?


    @Vzp1946 Vzp1946 yikes

Rob Host

It’s really encouraging that Dak and the coaches fully understand what they did wrong this game. They even adjusted at halftime and played like they should after that. This team should be favored to beat the Brees-less saints and the packers the next two weeks, but it’s definitely not gonna be easy games like the last 3.

    dirty dan

    @David Parkes Dak put up big numbers against Rodgers with Linehan. now he has better playcalling and more weapons. he def gonna shut him down now 😂

    brian baur

    @David Parkes you forget Sean peyton is still coaching lmfao

    David Parkes

    @brian baur I didn’t actually but what’s your point?

    brian baur

    @David Parkes you said the breesless saints wont really or shouldn’t be a problem lmfao sean peyton can have bridgewater looking like a starting qb hes omw of the better offensive minded coaches in the league dont count out the saints while hes still coaching and I’m a cowboys fan but even I know that

Ray Thomas

Good job Dak, keep learning, stay positive, ur only gonna get better…

lil boats tv

I’m just grateful there hasn’t been a close 4th quarter against these bad teams just doing business. Play your schedule

King Baker

Ooooo y’all see how clean dak dress

    Arty Munoz

    Cam Newton: “Hold My Sombrero”


    @Arty Munoz Cam dresses like a fruit.


Classy young man. On and off the field. Hopefully, a Cowboy for Life. We Dem ‘Boys!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Marke Sertalkink

    @Reese Amen, I love this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eddie V

Very impressed with a lot of things about Dak. His Maturity, accountability,self awareness, self correction to his errors,quick resilience within a game, Confidence within himself.

He’s on the right road to becoming a truly elite QB and Team Leader for years to come.
Excited for him.
Pay him.

Jeffery A Howard

Dak is a real leader! He is a great QB and a very nice person! Big thumbs up!

Lojack Dizzle

Dak is a Great Leader 👍🏼👍🏼🤴🏽 Proud to have him as our QB. GO COWBOYS 🤠

EazyKeey Music

He’s gonna be great. I can see it, I can feel it and I can hear it in his voice…😒 Dak’s gonna shock those who doubt. Watch.

    David Parkes

    Is great.*

    Marke Sertalkink

    @EazyKeey Music, Gonna? He already is. This guy is the truth!

pablo omar

That one dislike is an eagles fan #wedemboys#goboys

Sariha Altaf

Man we are lucky that he fell to the Dallas Cowboys and not go anywhere else

    Brandon Steward

    The Denver’s Broncos almost had him.

    da Star

    Very lucky and definitely better than a fourth round player.

    Hu Chay

    I think he wouldn’t be the player he is if he was drafted somewhere else.

    da Star

    Hu Chay you can say that about any player in the league. That goes for people that have gone on to have success in other careers as well. It’s always the people you’re with while you come along and still we’re lucky to have him.

Big Brother’s Keeper

We are lucky to be able to watch and enjoy the development of Dak.

Richard Coleman


    Bruce Banner

    Agree 100%

John Thompson

Man, this is a sharp guy. Dont know what his IQ is, but the average player doesnt speak like that.


    Yeah. It’s like the average player likes to say “you know”. You know?

    Luis Ramirez

    John Thompson right about that

Lynette Lee

Dak is playing with more confidence now. He is a great quarterback with great sportsmanship. He is great for this team!! Dallas Nation!!

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