"Excitement that we got this win, that we got this first one. Just pure excitement, excitement for the team and the way we got it done through the ups and downs."
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott on his excitement for the win against Seattle.

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63 replies on “Dak Prescott Postgame Press Conference: Cowboys Win Over Seahawks in Playoffs | Dallas Cowboys 2018”

  1. Cowboys nation, this is the fun part! Watching the hating commentators go on national television and give our QB his props after all the negative, personal, and wrong comments they made about him! I LOVE IT! DAK 4 PRESIDENT!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Dak is a great face for the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL. Total Dak fan. Keep on ballin’ and proving the doubters wrong.

  3. You can tell he’s focused he’s ready to get back to work πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾

  4. Daks composure and the way he interacts with the media just speaks volumes of his character. The way he leads the team and carries himself is exactly what Dallas had been missing. #thatsmyquarterback

  5. Dude is always humble… focused… doesn’t get too high or too low. Really don’t get some of the Cowboys fans hate for him… this guy is probably the most mature young QB I’ve heard take over a team, maybe Russell Wilson is the only other one that at a young age was really focused on the job and stayed humble.

  6. +Pacino Heat keep Garrett cuz the team believes in him, but linehan fucks up our formula, will be a juggernaut without him

  7. DAK matched up to Russell Wilson and came out a winner. He took full control of his game and it was a battle. Fight! Finish Strong!!! One game at a time … One goal”

  8. D.A.K. …Delivering A Knockout! Dak” almost had two TD’s in this fight. He matched up to the Seahawks.

  9. most doubters of Dak have been Cowboy fans themselves. Just look at comments on videos from 5 weeks ago. i will say they have improved on offense tho over the past few weeks. Even as a Skins fan i gotta say they are lookin really good. Damn shame that Philly got in due to most of Skins offense being injured. Dallas definitely earned their spot tho.

  10. The haters and trolls are joining and riding the band wagon now. There is still space for many of them … Real Cowboys die hard!

  11. Im a Seattle fan and I was at the game last night. Just wanna say Congratulations to the Cowboys fans. Your team was clearly the better team last night. Pretty much shut us down. I can only give credit where credit is due. Im now rooting for you guys to go all the way. My reason is because I know what its like to be a fan of a team and have no success for many years . But to remain loyal to the team and show support regardless. So it will be cool for you guys to have some wins and feel good again. It a great feeling man !! So go Cowboys and shock the world next week man. Good luck. Last thing I wanna say. AT&T stadium is breathtaking. My brother is a cowboys fan, and like I said we went to the game last night. But as soon as we entered the stadium, we were blown away by the sheer size and cleanliness of the stadium . Its impressive. Alright…. im out !

  12. The haters weren’t exactly wrong when he was (1) dropping the ball every game–and at key times—, and (2) hanging onto the ball like Drew Bledsoe and taking needless sack-after-sack. He’s stopped doing those two things, plus he’s actually throwing more and more accurately. He played an excellent game last night.

  13. +Acatchison it was definitely bad…a fracture clear through the bone. He’s still only 27 but with a fracture like that he’ll need screws and plates all over the place. 2 years down the road minimum …then he’ll be 29…is that realistic ? maybe. If it were me I’d look for another vocation. I’ll eat my words if he’s back to football in 8 months (August). He’ll probably be on crutches for 3-4 months.

  14. +Brian Flanagan so do they love Dak now? What if they wouldve lost. Him and coach wouldve been on hot seat. Front running fans

  15. +xIronMaskx don’t forget the coaching is also the blame too. Dak is starting to prove me wrong too. I’m happy Dak is. All I see Dak does is three reads and then every 3rd downs. Dak looks for Beasley, Zeke, and then runs. I do love having Dak as our QB because of his great attitude, mentality, and hard work ethic. I can tell it’s paying off. I’m happy it is. I hope Dak plays like that at a consistent basis and continues to have the same attitude. Yes facts and stats do matter. At the same time people should still watch the game. Records and stats matters yeah. At the same time it matters what a team puts on the field or court.

  16. +Theron Neal Linehan hasn’t been a problem either. An inconsistent and banged up oline has been. Can’t open up the offense with rollouts and pitches outside while you have 2 guards with a bad knee and bad ankle and another OT thats had a bad elbow and neck. Linehan has dialed up some nice plays for months now. They’re not being executed.
    Look no further than our inability to convert 3rd and short. That should tell you where the problems are on this team.
    Sua Filo playing on a bad ankle for weeks allowed Connor Williams to hone his skills and its shown. Dallas ran more rollouts and Zeke took some nice runs outside. He just needs to bulk up in the offseason and work on his power.

  17. +Theron Neal You can’t refute what I’ve stated. Look at the tape. Push up the middle in particular has been a problem. Big time inside the opponents 10.

  18. @123 RF I’m with you. I’ve been a big critic of his, but he’s doing enough for me to like him. Let’s not forget he’s sorrounded by a stout Defense and the best RB in the league. He’s not talented enough to carry a team, but he does enough to win games, and I’m ok with that….for now.

  19. I’m one of the doubters…lol…he’s not perfect I still feel needs to work on his throwing mechanics…but hey Ws is all that matters as long as they they win who cares…he doesn’t make all the throws be he’s proven to make all the ones that count I can live with that

  20. +Acatchison touch to say. Who comes back from those kind of injuries and plays the same? Realistically no one. I hope he does. I only had respect for him even on the jags. Underrated receiver

  21. +Vanpan Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady weren’t making all the throws early in their careers either. But your point is a valid one. I think Dak has the potential to improve his accuracy the same way those guys did as well. As long as Dak keeps the right attitude and continues to work hard.

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