Dak Prescott Postgame | Preseason Week 1 at SF | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Cameron AC

How about dem cowboys

    Josh Eph6:12

    Go to bed you know you got school in the morning lol

ItzChris YT

Don’t feel bad y’all still good y’all did ya best👀


    They def didnt do their best. Its preseason

    Dividend Income

    Before majority of the starters were taken out on both sides the score was 6-0

    Once the starters are gone then you really ignore the score after that.

Ryan S

Looked weak

    Chris Salcido

    Only preseason🆗


    You have a clown avi so I get it

    DONALD Jones

    Get your money dak

    Lil Sonic Recinos

    Ryan S did u watch the first drive

    Ryan S

    PETER BLUE cool, now I can get sleep at night knowing PETER BLUE gets it 🙏

Tabatha Aime

My baby beautiful i love hoy gooooo cowboys

Tony Williams

Ima Need More DAK

    Joshua Branson

    Need more? The man has more game winning drives, more 4th quarter comebacks, more QB rush TDs and more wins over the last three years than anyone in NFL. the only thing the man need is more opportunitys from his teammates and coaching to play in the Super Bowl. come on stop being so silly bro

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Tony Williams You mean more wak

James Austin

Give him 40 million just for carrying this circus of a franchise. They were taking the Cowboys off of TV before Dak came. Last 3 years. Most Wins..1. Brady..2. Prescott…With a terrible offensive scheme, and a terrible head coach, no #1 WR, or TE AND 6 game Zeke suspension, and off the field issues. Pay the man he’s been the only stabilizing force inside this circus.

    Tyler Main

    Facts facts facts my man

    Salty Creature



    And Stilll won 9 game in his worst season to date👍😂

    Tyler Main

    @JAY JAY TRILLa big Jay Wats 👆 bro I see u everywhere. I remember when we would have killed for a 9 win season n that’s the worst he has done.

Henry Hill

Trashscott 30 mill a year you can’t survive on? Good luck getting that on open market dinking and Dunkin greedy s.o.b .

    Henry Hill

    @Cesar Belle Wentz would won MVP before his injury let’s not fake ourselves and foles got hot right moment. Do both players deserve 30 plus a year. Hell fucking no they don’t . But for Dak turn down 30 mill a year is insanity.

    Recency Bias Radio

    @Henry Hill yes we can compare Brady & Dak. Both were drafted late. Both outplayed the people they replaced to keep the job. Dak is a winner. Tom was nowhere near as good as Dak in his first 3 years anyway lol but of course you dont remember Brady’s first 3 years

    Salty Creature

    @Henry Hill Woulda. Coulda. Shoula. That’s all you can say about overpaid Wentz. Foles is not there to save his injury prone butt anymore. You ought to be scared. Real scared.

    Milton Jimison

    Henry must be a Giants Fan.

Shannon Sharpe

Cut Mike White, I don’t like anybody getting cut from a team but dude GARBAGE.

    Tyler Main

    Makes it worse that his whole family was there to watch it.

    Landon Oilphant

    Thought I was the only one … he plays like it’s practice

    Shannon Sharpe

    Tyler Main 😂😂

purah pog

Y’all needa relax you’re stressing a pre season game like wtf it was are backups are starters are still solid quit freaking out


    I’m a Cowboy fan, always will be…..BUT I AM CONCERNED!

    Jack Woods

    @jsloan0423 Chill

    Jack Woods

    I know, right? But that kicking game needs to be fixed. Maybe the can trade with Chicago for Cody Parker…


    Jack Woods I’ll chill when I see us putting up some TD’s on the board. Settling for FG’s is not enough.

Landon Oilphant

Cut mike white sorry to be so blunt I’ve seen enough

Ben Braker

Why didn’t they ask the obvious question about passing to Jarwin with three defenders?

    Lil Sonic Recinos

    Becuase they were playing a zone and jarwin sat down in between the and was wide open but Xavier sua filo is trash and got bull rushed and the d linemen made a good play to bat the ball down

Devil PvP

Dak Prescott looks Chubby

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Devil PvP Chubby don’t mean anything if you can’t even complete a long ball

    Recency Bias Radio

    He’s not chubby. He was in the best shape of any player on the roster when they did the conditioning test at the start of camp.

    Kevin Hanson

    Camera angle… Notice most YouTubers angle the camera downward.


Nick eatman lookin


1st team OFFENSE and defense looked nice af,sprinkle in some baackup flash players and you gotta solid roster

Tony Sony

take the contract 30 million

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