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Dak Prescott is #1 Priority | Dallas Cowboys

VP Stephen Jones talked to the media Tuesday about a priority on players, QB Dak Prescott's contract, TE Jason Wittens future and more.

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GreysonAndGarrett Vlogs

How bout them cowboys

    GreysonAndGarrett Vlogs

    Horace Ward We all know they were bad. But you can’t just give up. Look at the chiefs they haven’t been to a super bowl in 40 years and there now.

    Horace Ward

    GreysonAndGarrett Vlogs I like your cowboy spirit! I’m just disappointed..we should be watching our team in the big game this year. However, how bout those cowboys!

    Daz Dealz

    Didn’t they get beat by the Eagles Practice Squad? 😂😂😂

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    @Horace Ward true! Same as they did Linehan.


    @GreysonAndGarrett Vlogs wasn’t it 50 if it was that’s even worse lol


Let’s go Boys!!

Craig English


Gary Davidson

Sure man dragg it out so he misses camp like zek HOW DID THAT GO. Cruise


    @David Parkes yeah but daks not gonna just skip practices and training camp. That’s not the type of person he is.zeke is though absolutely since he missed weeks and weeks. Dak wouldn’t do that.

    David Parkes

    @R.E.D27 Nope. He is 100% a team player & a great leader though. That & even though his team lost a lot of close games (which WEREN’T his fault. He was the reason they were close) Dak had a career year under Moore’s offensive scheme. Why get rid of him in year 5 just to start over with a rookie QB?… I don’t get some fans who want that tbh.


    @David Parkes what are you talking about? All I said was dak wouldn’t. WOULD NOT miss camp just because of a contract. He is a good leader and he will be there no matter what

    David Parkes

    @R.E.D27 I know, i was agreeing with you. I’m sorry if it didn’t come across that way.


    @David Parkes my bad


Jerry and I Jerry and I someone might wanna tell him that’s his father

    Exzavier Sheffield

    AlphaDawg Jerry Jones prefer to be called that it was said to general public years ago. He’s not being disrespectful. It was talked about before


    @Exzavier Sheffield And that makes right??? That’s cold man is on kid’s got a call and Jerry all business but I guess I tell you become a billionaire🤷‍♂️

    Exzavier Sheffield

    AlphaDawg doesn’t make it right no. But it’s all business In front of general public. It’s been said the team it’s not trying to come off a certain way and I get that. I know I couldn’t call my parents by there first name.

    Kevin’s Durant’s Burner

    AlphaDawg yes imagine Stephen saying “ my dad thinks” yup the public would totally not clown the cowboys even more than they already do boy


    AlphaDawg Stephen and jerry probably have a better relationship together than between you and your parents combined 😂

Nicolas Chinchurreta

Yeah right. If he was priority then they would have paid him and lifted that cloud possibly improving this year and getting us into the playoffs.

Slippin’ Jimmy

IF he is the #1 priority, than sign him before the week is over! Enough of playing chicken, get it done mother bleepers!!!



    Slippin’ Jimmy



    @Slippin’ Jimmy LMAO!

    Ali Muhammad

    Dak trash go head an sign him an dallas wont smell another sb for 50 years

    Bradley Conard

    @Ali Muhammad if you don’t sign you’re damning you’re only chance of winning a SB in the next 5 year’s. We only have a few more year’s left with Oline.

Dave Yarnall

Let’s take care of Dak and Coop. Then we can work from there. I would love to see Cobb come back. Last I’m not sure of Byron I want him back. Last thing let’s bring back Cobra Kai are kicker. Hey Cowboy nation keep the faith we will be back next season. IF YOU SMELLLLLL WHAT THIS COWBOYFAN IS COOKING. IF YOUR NOT DOWN WITH THAT I GOT 2 WORDS 4 U. SUCK IT. GO BOYS GO.

    Ali Muhammad

    Dak is no sb qb facts

    Dave Yarnall

    @Ali Muhammad He has only been the league 4 yrs. Give him time. He will get there.

    George Ybarra

    Sure let’s pay 40% of our cap space to 2 players who arent the best in there respected positions foh


    I agree with you, some of these people don’t know how cap space work and we can afford to pay Dak and coop and even tag Byron Jones, but Jones I rather trade or release him for more money for a free agent or just more cap space $, we can restructure Tyrone Crawford contract, release some people all that stuff

    michael j.

    Dak can suck it

Rmf 22

wait..waaiiit…did Stephen just actually say that we’ve had alot of great defenses here under Marinelli???🤔

    Blake lerma

    He got the best out of mediocre players. Cowboys spent money on offensive players not so much on defense.

    Rmf 22

    @Blake lerma oh I agree..just saying that if Stephen thinks we’ve had a great defense then he’s going crazy..had a couple of decent yrs but they weren’t great..that system they ran was so outdated and easy to read that good offenses could just pick us apart when it counted..but to ur point, I really hope they realize how much better we need to get on defense and start investing alot more draft capitol there

    Brenda Fain

    @Rmf 22. He did. We haven’t had a defense like the Doomsday Defense. I didn’t see a lot of hungry pass rushers last year. Sure D-Law and Quinn did their job, but who else stepped up? I need more guys like DeMarcus Ware and we can get back to being unstoppable. #DC4L

    Rmf 22

    @Brenda Fain totally agree..I think Stephen was just being respectful to Marinelli..they HAVE TO know that we’ve got serious issues on defense..I hope they go defense heavy with the draft and Mike Nolan’s new scheme will also help some..we’ve just been way too predictable on defense and good QB’s and good offenses could just totally take advantage..if u look at the superbowl winning teams the past 20yrs+ they are usually teams that are top 5 defensively in these 3 categories: points per game allowed, QB pressures/sacks, and turnovers..so we’ve got alot of work to do..

    Brenda Fain

    @Rmf 22 l love a man who knows football. Respect.

Loy Cox


    Brute Dectective

    @George Ybarra Romo was worth it Stephen dumbass wanted him out! If they don’t force Romo out they wouldn’t be in this predicament! Y’all think Jerruh is bad just wait until his son takes over!

    Scott Sullivan

    @Dustin Lowy Nah, dak nope, cooper resign.

    Bradley Conard

    @Scott Sullivan nah you gotta pay Dak to have any chance at a SB within our 3-4 time period

    Scott Sullivan

    @Bradley Conard Yea, 😆 He was way off at throwing the football. 😆

    crip records

    Our Players Safety is our main concern. ——

Peter Serrano

These Q & As would be much better if you could hear the questions.

Keith Hill

Sign dez

Willie Gatza

DAK needs to get paid 💰 DA BOYZ -4- LIFE 🏈

    Juan M

    @Scott Sullivan just like Romo lol

    Scott Sullivan

    @Juan M Idiot, romo would’ve if he had a healthy team as dak does. You’re a fucking moron.

    Scott Sullivan

    Plus demarco Murray and dez fucked it up for romo, you dumbfuck.

    Jose Garcia

    @Scott Sullivan First off Jason Garrett is not a Superbowl head coach. Secondly Romo was only good during Sean Payton and Bill Parcels until he was able to figure out the game on his own at the end. The arguments I read about not paying Dak are the exact same arguments not to pay Romo.

    Scott Sullivan

    @Jose Garcia Idiot, Romo was still good and is a suoerbowl champion type qb, dak is not, he fucking sucks. Romo was paid that much to be in meetings to talk about the issues etc. You dumbfuck.

ThE PrEdAtOr

I like dak but dont want to pay him like 35mil a year.

    Scar_nightmare 2

    Rhythm Styx nope

    Rhythm Styx

    Scar_nightmare 2
    Well thought out response. Allow me to retort, YEP

    jordan mangrum

    It’s our money with out the fans no football at all. Dak not that good. We pay him 35 mil we lose people who are just as important. We all seen him with coop.

    Scar_nightmare 2

    Rhythm Styx the money doesn’t cone from us to jerry he uses that money for their stadium and how they live and other things of that nature the money for the teams to pay their players comes from the nfl which are funded by tv deals and other things they have

    Rhythm Styx

    Scar_nightmare 2
    That’s utter non-sense. The amount of money spent each year on Cowboy paraphernalia is insane. They are the highest grossing team in all of sports. That does NOT come from the NFL. I know they get a cut from NFL productions, but much, much more comes in from the fans. Where do you think the NFL gets its money? Even advertising money ultimately comes from the fans. Don’t be so short sighted and narrow minded. Look at the Whole picture

Shawn Pringle

Gosh, he looks older or as old as his dad!!! So much for having a lot of money!

# Guiltless

Franchise Dak and see if he can take that next step with quality coaches!

    Scar_nightmare 2

    What more do you want outta the man he had a great year

    Stark Villain

    The man has earned his money. You scrooges need to F OFF.


I want to see Dak Prescott as an elite quarterback into a new Lamar Jackson

Jose Garcia

I’ve been hearing the Jonse’s talk about this for months. If we’re keeping Dak pay him immediately (no franchise tag). If we’re not let him go so he can find a team in free agency. Whatever the case do it sooner rather than later.

Shavers Houston

Its called making good draft picks.

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