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John Thomas II

He’s hurt, but he’s a warrior, so of course he’ll say “I’m fine” or “I’ll be good to go”… I hope the line protects well so he won’t get hit.. This is a Zeke game, feed Zeke early and often.


    @Michael Skyline …..Does that change anything about what I said?……

    Stimey Mccslimey

    All he needs is about 20 passes other than that a heavy dose of Zeke and Pollard….LETS GO COWBOYS!!!

    Ken Salazar

    @David Umelo yea..uh can you get that to Garrett and Kelen Moore…….

    Zachary Rodriquez

    Zeke and TP game we got this


    And pollard

Cowboys Show network

Dak is a warriors he will play through his injuries to get the job done I’m glad he’s my quarterback

    Anchorbaby Dude

    Romo would play:

    Sole Soul

    @40INTENSITY lol

    Juan Bretado


    David Parkes

    @NormanRockswell Dak is way more of a warrior than Romo could ever hope to be because guess what? His team actually wants to play for him & more often than not he can lead his team to a win.

    Hell why do you think the vast majority of the losses this year have been as close as they were? Dak Prescott.

    Yes i know y’all will call it “stat padding.”

    Duncan McGee

    @NormanRockswell compare Romo at this point in his career to Dak and then say something

AJ Mares


    themememan 69

    We do, only because he’s the only good quarterback we’ve got 🙄

    AJ Mares

    @themememan 69 yup Cooper Rush sucks I’d rather Kitna be in than him and Kitna is QB coach now

    Cortez Armstrong

    @themememan 69 STFU BKITCH

    The Hated Rogue

    @Cortez Armstrong wtf??

    David Parkes

    He’s definitely earned 30+ in my mind.


Let’s go Dak! I have the utmost confidence he’ll be fine for Sunday. With all the hits Dak has taken since he’s been the Cowboys QB, I’m surprised he hasn’t been injured before now. And some of those hits he’s taken would have been “Roughing The Passer” calls if he would have been a different QB.

    Thomas Fletcher

    They only protect Tom Brady , all the others get treated like they’re Cam Newton . Some of the hits he has taken should have game ejections .

Carlos B

He’ll play. Didn’t Romo play with a broken back? Or Rib? lol

    Sole Soul

    Just because Romo played that way doesn’t mean Dak can too. Everyone’s different.

    Carlos B

    @Sole Soul no. I can’t accept that. Everyone is the same. Lol jk yeah that’s obvious🤘

    David Parkes

    @Chris Lawson Lmao. Gtfo with the O-Line excuse. Romo played with all 3 of Frederick, Smith & Martin in their primes before their bodies started to breakdown in the last few years with Dak. Not to mention Romo’s weapons were somewhat superior to Dak’s.

    It’s no-one’s but Tony Romo’s fault that he couldn’t do jack with it.

    Cortez Armstrong



    @Sole Soul right, Romo was a different breed

Jaden Lawrence

That’s my quarter back

    Brenda Fain

    Jaden Lawrence. Okurrr.


    “WE LOST AS A TEAM!!!” -T.O.

    big earl

    Well he stinks

Chase Dyer

I love the way he handles the media

Cathy Leatherman

We should all be this way … too many complainers … everyone complains … take it from Dak … do not complain !

Preston Fugate

That one dislike is that one salty rams fan trolling

    Myra Crosby

    Preston Fugate Steven A Smith probably.

charles henderson

Aikman, Romo, and Prescott we got QBs that play through injuries!!!

AJ Favila

This man is gonna be here for 15+ seasons. He’s gonna get incredibly good. I promise you

    Mandoe Muñoz

    Yup soon there won’t be a defense he hasn’t seen . !


Dak is such a gentleman and an extreme professional. So glad he’s our quarterback. Go Cowboys!!! p.s.: Jerry, give Dak his $$$$

E 757

Reporter: Have you talk to the equipment manager bout extra protection?
Dak: Yeah I got good protection on the front line and this guy next to me. So yeah I’m good

cool azul

He got hurt during the second series and still won the game by 44 points. PFFT


I will cry bc I’ll be drunk if we beat the eagles bc it will secure a playoff spot for us . This game could be called a playoff game . once the playoffs come records don’t matter . I want the 49ers .

Marcel Stephens

my cowboys are ready.

Agustina Gonzales

I was at at&t stadium for the state championship Grandview zebras vs pottsboro cardinals

Captain Kirby

Slide Dak please!

    Vampire Prince

    Captain Kirby ikr




the offensive line will play a big part in this game

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