Dak Prescott Highlights vs. Dolphins | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Dak Prescott Highlights vs. Dolphins | NFL 2019

Dak Prescott leads the Cowboys to their third win with 246 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Miami Dolphins take on the Dallas Cowboys during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Matthew Montemayor Reply

Don’t forget his rushing TD

    Lucky King Reply

    And left his drops out and that 74 yd td that called back

Reserved Reply

3-0 most lopsided win of the week!! All the haters have nothing else to complain about so instead they nitpick him not having 300+ yards, if you actually watched then you would know they started off slow and cooper and jarwin both had drops that would have put him over 300+

    chuckle chuckle Reply

    The 75 yard td from Cobb that got called back on a Conor Williams penalty

    SuperBiff89 Reply

    Im actually a cowboys fan but can we try not to get over confident because we havent made it past the first round in how long? So yea, we are looking good but lets also look good in the playoffs because thats what really matters

    ThatBoyNeeds SomeMilk #HolEmDown Reply

    SuperBiff89 “We haven’t made it past the first round in how long?” We made it past the first round in the playoffs just last season lmaooo

    Nolan Henry Reply

    Up 17-6 in the 2nd half with that o line and those rbs. There is no need to pass. Just run out the clock and take your win.

    Nolan Henry Reply

    @Chri __21 I was hoping Cobb would get a td he deserved it. But at least Pollard got his first td after his got called back last week.

Erick Colbert Reply

Don’t blame Josh Rosen for their loss.

    Lebron Isthegoat12 Reply

    Blame Ryan trashpatrick

    Erick Colbert Reply

    Lebron Isthegoat12 I was gonna blame the supporting cast.

Andrew Kyle Reply

I’m surprised they didn’t score over 50 points

    Andrew Kyle Reply

    Noxus Lore so it was basically practice lol

    Ray Hernandez Reply

    For some reason we start off slow every game and its kinda getting annoying holds us back from at least a touch down or two.

    trll tv Reply

    They started sloppy should have put up 46 with the dropped passes and penalties that killed drives.

    Rain Dakota Reply

    We got cocky but we made adjustments

    Gabriel Arellano Reply

    They were just playing cocky and were trying new things against an nfl team

ElGordo Loco Reply

like this and the dolphins will idk score 21 points?😂😂

    Tuan Nguyen Reply

    The Cowboys took care of the odd today.

MRTUPAC 28 Reply

Dak once again is showing how he has improved during the off season. This kid is going to be good for years to come. Jerry pay this man.

    Mariana Garcia Reply

    Tuan Nguyen he struggled and then he had a Perfect second half stop!

    ti253799 Reply

    MRTUPAC 28 big Dak fan here, he did struggle in that first half, but he proved his resilience once again.

    It's Life Reply

    @AlaskanCabinFilms You still can’t deny the fact he has improved tho. Even the previous years he struggled with his passing game against weak teams. He’s definitely showed progress. I mean the cowboys are actually scoring passing touchdowns instead of 10 field goals a game.

    Mariana Garcia Reply

    It’s Life he said he was forcing plays and he was a mean he wasn’t struggling and he apologized with kellen of that

Jaeten Reply

How do the cowboys have a 1st place and 4th place schedule at the same time…

    Isaac Hampton Reply

    Jaeten look at the back end of the schedule

    Gary A Reply

    @Isaac Hampton Only good teams are the Rams and Bears. Vikings have talent but Cousins has never beaten Dak. And even the Rams game is being played here in Dallas. Chicago Offense isnt great. If our team is healthy theyll be ok.

    The Sports Man Reply

    @Gary A Patriots?

    N. Willy48 Reply

    Gary A Bears aren’t a good team lol, they’re going to finish last in their division, but Vikings, Lions, Patriots, Bills, Rams, and Eagles are all good/great teams

David Parkes Reply

So what’s the excuse to downplay how fantastic Dak was this week? Dude is having a great year so far.

    Reserved Reply

    Haters gonna hate

    Arty Munoz Reply

    I’m a Dallas fan but this was the dolphins. Everyone is going to play great against them. But yes. He has improved so much

    David Parkes Reply

    @Arty Munoz It shouldn’t matter if it’s the Dolphins, Browns or the Patriots, Dak has been balling out so far this year. Dude DEFINITELY deserves to be paid.

    Arty Munoz Reply

    David Parkes I agree
    Never said he didn’t. Just saying. It’s the dolphins

Precise Cowboys Reply

when dak has a bad game and he still dominated 😂😭

    Donald Trump Jr. X Reply

    @A1 Kev Yes of course, I prefer to do my fair share of YouTube instead of actual work

    A1 Kev Reply

    Donald Trump Jr. X Lit

    Qey Visuals Reply

    Bad first half…went to the locker room, calmed down, and cleaned it up…

    Brandon Mendez Reply

    He Just had a average first half I WOULDNY say bad game but honestly I like that he was playing the way he was this week . Fearless. just sling that ball even if it’s not statistically perfect

Black Water Reply

The best QB in the NFC East.

    trll tv Reply

    You spelled NFL wrong, he’s the front runner for MVP tf you mean, don’t make me whip out on the categories he leads the league is cause I got em all right here.

    mksrookies Reply

    Lets see Dak is about the 5th best QB in the nfc east. Haskins Jones Eli Wentz then maybe Dak 5th. Dak has never won a Meaningful game yet

    Bryant 88 Reply

    @mksrookies u sound dumb asf

    khalifa_kk808 Reply

    mksrookies we’re talking about now not the past you bafoon

Tuan Nguyen Reply

This year Dallas Cowboys’ fiercest competitors are the Rams, the Packers, and the Saints with Drew Bee only. For the Eagles, the Cowboys can beat them any time.

    ti253799 Reply

    Tuan Nguyen Cowboys can go 13-3 no doubt

    rayronny d Reply

    We play the Patriots.

    Tuan Nguyen Reply

    I mean Dallas Cowboys’ fiercest competitors in the NFC.

bruce lau Reply

Dak had a bad game yet he still dominated today against Miami

    Gary A Reply

    Our perception and expectations from Dak have changed. This was a good game. Not a great game so they nitpicking lol. Just shows you how well he’s been playing

    Antonio James Reply

    I dont think he had bad game .. just had a terrible throw.. his qbr was still high

Mystery Man Reply

Dak” Making powermoves…Pass and completions. Go Cowboys”

Luis_Is _Goated Reply

Dak is way better than any QB in the NFC east 😂. Prove me wrong 🤷🏾‍♂️

DoubleJayy Reply

we are going to the Superbowl even tho we defeated three bad teams

    Boo Thornton Reply

    It is what it is tho

    OutlawStarkiller Reply

    I mean you can only beat the teams that are in your schedule

    Jerod M Reply

    Every team can’t be a “bad team.” This is still the NFL. The Cowboys are just better than them and they should have beat these three teams. And they did. It would be an issue if they were barely beating them or only scoring under 20 points in them.

    Antonio James Reply

    They say we playin bad teams i think everyone can agree we an explosive offense balanced so what defense got enough on backend to stop our recievers.. 1st game gallup ..2nd game devin smith.. this game coop.. how bout next game tavon austin.. to many weapons

Reese Reply

We have a franchise quarterback. People need to get used to that. Dak improves year after year. Footwork, pocket awareness, accuracy, especially deep ball accuracy, all improved. Keep doing it Dakota. Go ‘Boys!⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Culley Dakid Reply

    Yea he’s just a good qb he wants to win and u can tell…boys fan here denton to be exact

Steve O Reply

that game was brutal for the dolphins yo. I straight up felt bad in the fourth qt. kind of like watching a woman get beat up.

Greg Santana Reply

Skip Bayless goanna have a field day with Shannon tomorrow and say “HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYSS!!” lol

Emsbre Lopez Reply

Dak Prescott for touchdown 😂

Tyler Wagoner Reply

they will miss gallup a bit but my boy dak still balling

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