Dak Prescott Dominates Again w/ 3 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Dak Prescott Dominates Again w/ 3 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights

Dak Prescott gets the W with 269 passing yards, 69 rushing yards, and 3 touchdowns. The Dallas Cowboys take on the Washington Redskins during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Emperor Palpatine

I gotta say the cowboys look good

Marcellus Aaron

“aNyOnE cAn Do ThAt” – Josh Norman

    Dawson 21

    @Salvador Muniz The Skins D is actually their strength… Shut down the Eagles in the first half

    TheAwesomeSosa 123

    Salvador Muniz oh yeah…saying it every week. Give it a rest, it’s getting old.

    Shoresy 69

    @Salvador Muniz must be a Giants or Saints fan.

Escocivo 30

When Dak is able to throw deep. He is one of the best QB’s.

    British Boxer

    @Lucky King D4k will out number BRady this year, now that he i allowed to throw a deep ball.


    British Boxer except Dak IS comparable to Brady. They have incredibly similar stat lines, with both QBs slightly beating out the other in some categories.

    British Boxer

    @Maxcrss i love D4k but he is way far from caching up with Brady, his superbowl rings say it all, you seem to forget that D4k is a new young QB, before you even compar D4k wo Brady dont forget Patrick Mahomes II this guy is a bully QB, lets be honest here, D4k is better then Romo, he may win Super-bowls soon but has not yet., as it stands Brady is the best QB atm, regardless of all this the NFL will always remember Roger Staubach, if it was not for hum o one would be interested in D4k or the cowboys alltogether.

    D B

    @Lucky King He is 1st now.


Dak has definitely improved even more in his 4th season. Cowboys no doubt in my mind if they stay healthy will make the playoffs. Jerry pay this man when you can.

    swjp 36

    Jerry is tripping I wouldn’t let him get on the bus until we agree on a deal. He keeps playing like this they’re going to have to pay him $40 mil a year lol.

    Ronnie Alston

    MRTUPAC 28 playoffs? if every one stay healthy I see a Superbowl Run


Dak is making all the doubters including me eat a pile of crap.

    Gregory Hicks

    @Matthew Stratton that’s weak. What happened to Rodgers without that same thing last year? Oh…do they go 6-9? And he can’t win?

    Gregory Hicks

    @Ronnie Alston Actually same thing happens with Rodgers…they went 6-9 last year. He only had mid 20’s for TD’s (what DAK has had all 3 previous years) and only 62% completion. Dak had 67% completion before having this lineup

    Goldy Bobi

    @Matthew Stratton did you see how wentz played last night with his main targets gone? Proof that all QBs need help

    Jamon Gibson

    Matthew Stratton troll is obvious

    Tyler Main

    @Matthew Stratton lmao it’s killing u isn’t it

aaron berhane

This is for all of you guys saying he’s bellow average #GoCowboys

    Ronnie Alston

    SW yet when Philly Beat them Philly played a great game yet Dallas beat them now there not good

    Caleb King

    @SW Who’s your favorite team


    Ronnie Alston makes no sense


    Caleb King Panthers, but does it even matter? I’m just wanting to share my thoughts and Cowboys fans get butthurt and try to prove me wrong

    Caleb King

    @SW Well i actually meant to ask the Depression guy who said dak is average


dak should have a better contract. what he is doing is great!

Bigg B

Here come the “chill it was the redskins comments”

    Mystic TK

    Bigg B Facts

    Arty Munoz

    Chill it was the redskins


    I’ll chill with a 2-0 record against the division, facing Miami next all day. They’re cup of jealousy is spilling over..,

    Chris Smith

    The team that almost beat the Eagles??! Oh wait it was just the sorry Eagles

Loyal Philly fan

I’m a eagles fan but Dak isn’t bad as everyone says. He’s looking good early this season

    aaron rogers

    Respect 👍

    Thomas best

    @Affordable Sticks he didnt even say dak was bad. He just said that he isn’t bad like everyone says he is. Go somewhere else and start a senseless arguement. This man is complimenting a bitter rival and your coming in here like he said something bad against dak.

    Americas Team Best in the NFL #DC4L

    Affordable Sticks He didn’t say anything bad about Dak tho what are you talking about?

    Manuel Herrera



If Dak is this consistent all the time the cowboys are top 5 easy


All the Shitbird profile pictures are awfully quiet today.

    Bryant 88

    Exactly lol

Wayne Diner0

Bro I should slap any idiot that mentioned Wentz before the season started. 👋

    A Freak in Each Sunroof to Keep You Suckas Trippin

    Also all the local jerkoffs who were drooling over Foles after the Super Bowl win. “Foles isn’t an option.” -Jerry Jones

Yvng Reezy

An arm some legs a BRAIN Dak is gonna ba a monster QB and he alr kinda is

    Michael Blackmoxvevo

    Yvng Reezy true

    Daniel M

    Plus he’s sturdy


Anyone else see that 51 yard dink and dunk pass to devin smith for TD 🙄😂


    AlphaRez lol

    Nintengo 1985

    Had a few last week too

    Fritz 2Live4 U

    And Brady doesn’t and many other’s dont🤔

Owen Baird

Who’s better?

Like dak
Reply wentz

    Dallas Is Better

    Matt Ryan threw 3 interceptions and Wentz still couldn’t get the W.

    I get it, he was/is promising but he has to finish a season and he has to win games like this one against the falcons when that many mistakes are made.

    Dak had to play without Zeke, Dez, and at times his great O line.. so no excuses for Wentz

    Marcolas Timmons

    Dak. Been to the playoffs. Check the winning percentage. There is no comparison. Only in the minds of people that don’t want to see Dak on top

    Marcolas Timmons

    Dak has started every game since he started playing.

    TJ Augustin

    @Matthew Stratton The Eagles are a .500 team

    Dividend Income

    Wentz doesn’t deserve to be in the same conversation as Dak. Just look at last nights game, Wentz choked all night long…. Another 2-3 weeks and Wentz will either be benched or out for the season.

David Parkes

Ignoring his first int of the year, the reasons to not extend & pay Dak are disappearing VERY quickly, you’re delusional if you think otherwise. Dak absolutely dominated yet again.


    That int was the receivers fault. Just saying. But you’re right.

    David Parkes

    @MrCowboys2288 Yup. The disrespect on Dak is ridiculous at this point. To put things in to perspective, in the Packers win A-Rod passed for 56 less yards & a TD less & his RB had about the same stats as Zeke but let’s be real, it’s A-Rod who’ll get the credit for their win even though it is a “team game.”


So happy to see Dak use his Dual Threat Ability 😤😤😤💯💯💯💯

Bryant 88

Norman:Anyone can do what Dak did
*Dak proceeds to stiff arm Norman on 42 yd run* 😂😂😂

    Jake Mayfield

    Also, *Devin Smith, who hasn’t played a regular season game since 2016, absolutely burns Josh Norman for a 51-yard TD*

    40th Street Black

    Dak slowed down just to face palm Josh for that bulletin board crap. 😂😂😂😂😂

    FaZe Kay

    Also Jason Witten, who has been retired and is 30 something years old that hasn’t played football for over a year burns josh norman

    Bryant 88

    @FaZe Kay right lmao

Dawson 21

Lol all the haters just talking about how the teams we play suck. Didn’t see any of this trash talking when the skins nearly beat the Eagles.

Shoresy 69

Kellen and Dak make a good team. I’m shocked tbh. I didn’t expect this.

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