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Escocivo 30

He helped the Seahawks get the win! He is a steal and will do well with Russel Wilson.

    B Tree

    @scruffyarc gaming does it really matter what round someone is drafted to determine how good they will do in the league.


    We see how he does, nice start. But it going getting ball and landing on your back and shoulders we see he can do that.

    Jumbles Gaming

    @scruffyarc gaming you can have steals in the 2nd round😂 pretty sure drew brees was a steal (granted for the saints but if he had this career for the chargers he’d be a steal)

    scruffyarc gaming

    @B Tree that has nothing to do with this you could be drafted in the 6th like Tom Brady the question is if he’s a steal no a seacond rounder is not no matter who it is


    Jumbles Gaming players like Antonio brown, Steve Smith and Shannon Sharpe are steals lol


Still can’t believe this man slipped so low. He’s gonna be a problem in the NFL

    Lashonda Rolonda

    NotARapper he’s taller than Julio and mike Evans isn’t the best route runner either. Besides none of those players are even built like mekcalf nor have his type of speed.

    Kubby Kush

    Where TF you people come from talking about Calvin Johnson had a “limited route running tree” you asshats MUST didn’t watch that man play. It’s the play calling and how it’s excuted that determines the result , if you watched him you would know that man could run any route but did the play situation call for such and Calvin had separation speed where D.K doesn’t. You people make comparisons with Google to justify the B.S. that comes out of your mouths.

    bargain bob

    it’s one game.

    Mike Pancake

    @Kubby Kush Sheesh.. Never met a snowflake who got so butthurt over another persons opinion. You should probably eat a snickers. 🔧

    Johnny Tsunami

    Mike Pancake 😂😂

Sam Co

A 2nd round pick that everyone thought was a bust because he was ripped just had a better game than OBJ 👀👀👀

    Tom Whitehouse

    no one said he was a bust. people were just pissed that he was so overhyped.


    Sam Co people didnt see him as a bust. analysts were just saying he isn’t Megatron. everybody saw his pics and combine and thought he was going to wreck the league. he might just end up being a solid WR2.

    supa dupa

    Many people kept saying he’s David Boston 2.0 because he was super rocked up and injury….. and some felt he would be a bust because of “running one route” and had a horrible 3 cone time, like a really horrible 3 cone time


    Sam Co he had a batter game than obj yea but whats your point LMAO jamison crowder also had a better game relax

Michael Chapman

Dude’s gonna be a stud for us. Great debut for us, however I wish that 42 yarder resulted in a TD.

    Johnny Tsunami

    ryonanno7 Nkeal is hurt on IR until mid season that’s why, but yeah DK is a beast


    @Johnny Tsunami crazy to think that the patriots got josh gordon, nkeal harry, julian Edelman, and antonio brown

    sam hawkz

    @ryonanno7 because he doesnt have good cone running skills. Meaning he doesnt have quickness to beat separations on slant routes.Dk doesnt need separations! Hes fast and strong and can beat corners going deep!

    jacof62 x

    @sam hawkz Calvin Johnson had a slower cone time and ran four routes most of his career. The goat Jerry had only four routes in his arsenal as well. When it comes to big straight line runners the best thing to do is have them run straight and be big

    sam hawkz

    @jacof62 x see but that’s the thing. Other than Calvin and julio jones! How many tall big receivers have done well in the NFL? Kelvin Benjamin looked good but hes dropping off big time. Does he even still play? I’m glad seattle drafted DK! I’m not happy with Seattle offensive line. Ethan povich and ifedi has no business being in the nfl!

Johnny Tsunami

Baby Megatron


    Hopefully Seattle does better than Detroit did with Johnson so that the same fate isn’t repeated.

    sjsj jtrj

    @Eagletotravel101 hopefully, but I think people are too high on dk right now. He’s played one game and people are already comparing him to Calvin Johnson. I understand the size and speed comparison but I think people should slow down on the comparisons. There’s only one Megatron


    @sjsj jtrj I think that DK is right now the #2 guy to Wilson (behind Tyler Locket). I think his career is likely average at worst, (journey man, 5 years) but could be legendary if it’s well executed.

    sjsj jtrj

    @Eagletotravel101 Fair enough

    Christopher H. Meuse

    @Eagletotravel101 I dont think average recievers really happen in Seattle. Russell makes them pro bowlers, and DK has the physicality to be great, he just has to keep his motor and mind working hard

Daniel Cha

he actually doesnt look so enormous and freakish when on the field in the NFL, but he seems good, no idea why ppl thot he was gonna be a bust

    J Will

    @U done messed up A-Aron idiot retatd


    For a receiver he’s massive lol don’t know what your seeing.

Money Blaise

This dude is gonna be nice I can tell

    Bret Lebo

    Money Blaise he’s actually really mean

    Money Blaise

    Bret Lebo lol 😂

Christopher H. Meuse

That 3rd down lob catch was NIICE

DK looks like a tight end with 4.3 speed out there. Straight beast

    zurich foreman

    That was against one of the top corners in the league

    Razor Edge

    @zurich foreman um no, that pass was defended by 23 on the Bengals, who ever that is lol

    tito thomas

    zurich foreman bengals dont have any top corners tf are u talking about😂

Raj Papineni

Pete Carroll: Ok, we’re on the 1, let’s run it this time
Pete Carroll: Never mind, Russ, throw it to DK

    My mom Twerks too much

    @blue 92 lmao


    @SDS .2 loser


    dialogue ?

1738 Vibes

Haters: “He can’t run routes! He’s not goin be good”

Lmao metcalf doesn’t need route running to catch

    Jumbles Gaming

    @Chris Paul point god that’s more of a ole miss problem they didnt allow him to run routes even though on slants for example (which he hardly ran but when he did he was wide open) he’d get open the Jordan would overthrow him or just not see him, also calvin didnt run many routes in Detroit…

    sam hawkz

    Nobody said he cant run routes! Its separations on cone drill routes!

    Jumbles Gaming

    @sam hawkz why does he need to run cone drill routes? Megatron ran mostly slants posts flat and curls which DK can run so…

    sam hawkz

    @Jumbles Gaming I’m talking about scouts in the combine! They rate you not only on speed and size but how fast you can quickly turn. It means you can create separations from defenders! This is why Dk wasnt drafted in first round! Why do you think Russell Wilson was selected in 3rd round? Hes top 5 qb in the game! His college stats were first in many categories but he was still overlooked! Why was chris carson taking in 7 round? Carson is top 5 running back in the NFL!


Teams are gonna regret not drafting him when they had the chance


    Most teams. We got hollywood.


Yo he and AJ brown are gonna be problems. Crazy to think they were on the same team in college wtf.

    Brandon Kelly

    It was a fun time at Ole Miss. Wish we could’ve won more.

    Leonza Duncan

    My 49ers had chance to draft both of them and passed on both of them.

    Mark Reeves

    @Brandon Kelly I don’t watch college football but seems so crazy you guys didn’t win more with the NWO.


    And go fig the WR A Brown that balled was AJ, instead of the guy that’s usually been doing it


Metcalf is gonna be problems for defenses this year. Lets talk about what we all really were concerned about.

Theophilus Baidoo

Seattle was the perfect fit for this guy


    Because we don’t have any receivers lol. They just double teamed Lockett all game so he was open.

    RespectThaGoat 2k

    OJ no it’s because Russell likes to lob up the deep pass


I don’t get how all the fans could see his ability, but NFL gms and coaches passed on him. Great pick by the Seahawks.

    Jonathan Kang

    That’s how we got Frank Clark “lower” at 63rd too. He had bad history but we went with him. Now he’s paid out. I’m excited for LJ Collier. We got him 29th in the first round. Pete and John must like him a lot.


    That because he is a work in progress. He is very lazy and sloppy with his routes in college, but because of his superior athleticism he could get away with that. He so big he can absorb a lot of punishment, we will see if he can make it in the NFL.


    Remember, Rocket Ismail was drafted by the Raiders with 4.1 speed, but he did not have very good hands like Doug Baldwin. If looking for a receiver you want someone how can get open and hang on to the ball. That why DeAndre Hopkins is consider one of the best receiver in the NFL.

    T3rminata T

    @swave158 They didn’t make him run loads of routes in college. There was about 3 quality receivers Ole Miss had and they used each differently. He was mostly just used to take the top off of defenses and that’s it. They didn’t move him around or run a full route tree. He was pretty much just a decoy who’d catch one deep in single coverage. I’d put that way more on Ole Miss for not using him more as a focal point in their offense, than I would on him. Similar to how Alabama had a freak of nature in OJ Howard and used him one dimensionally.

    Dillan Ponis

    Because its all scripted just like AB going to the Pats who will go undefeated in the NFLs 100 season

John Doe

How this man didn’t go early first round is beyond me

josh's bullet club

People laughed at me when I picked him for my fantasy team

    Tony Scott

    I got him as a flex receiver


    i mean cmon, hes not gonna put up many fantasy points compared to other recievers

    josh's bullet club

    @Stackondat I was late picking a reciever

    SDS .2

    Stackondat doubter

    Rowdy Jr.

    @KINNSTER Stfu

Drake Sanders

Calvin Johnson was Megatron. Here comes Optimus.

    sam hawkz

    That was Sherman

    Drake Sanders

    sam hawkz Sherman is clearly Starscream

    sam hawkz

    @Drake Sanders yeah when Sherman first played against Calvin for the first time ever, he was talking trash making headlines calling himself optimus and how hes going shut down megatron. FACTS! I’m die hard seahawks fan since steve largent days. My favorite wide receiver of Seattle of all time is Joey Galloway! The best left tackle in the nfl Ever is Walter jones who only gave up 10 sacks in over a decade. Did you know that before the legion of boom started! Marcus trufant and earl Thomas was only 2 that was elite on defense? Shaun Alexander was overrated and only was able to rush all those yards because Seattle had the top 5 offensive line in the nfl rated that ever played!

    Keaton Ross

    That’s what people called Julio

Seattle Seahawks

What a play! ➡️ 0:23

    CoolCat 33

    Hey Seattle Seahawks it’s the Seahawks!

Jordan Lea

It baffles me how his three cone practically made all scouts ignore his elite traits. Rooting for ya DK!


    exactly, why do teams always focus on the bad things on a player? They should focus on what they do good and maximize their ability. It worked out for seattle in the end 🤷‍♂️

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