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Curtis Samuel’s 2-TD Day in London | NFL 2019 Highlights

Curtis Samuel had 4 receptions for 70 yards plus one receiving and one rushing touchdown. The Carolina Panthers take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Amazing Bug Reply

First, like this bois

    Joshua Stark Reply

    Amazing Bug I was first

travel er Reply

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    Andrew Kyle Reply

    Get outta here thot bot you don’t belong here

    Ybnbryan 2005 Reply

    Andrew Kyle 😂😂

Andrew Kyle Reply

And people said the Bucs defense was good, not anymore

    Toons on Strings Reply

    Their Run D is solid but they can’t mess with a healthy qb

Mason Daub Reply

Them osu boys different

Ben Hutcheson Reply

The amount of likes is the amount of Super Bowls your team will win


    Jon Collins Reply


    semou35 _ Reply

    Ben Hutcheson 🖕

amutha janu Reply

Happy Sunday

Kublai Khan Reply

You see Cam? This is how you make the Bucs pay for stacking the box against McCaffrey.

    Brian Burns Reply

    We beat them for cam to feel better

TTrizzle 23 Reply

I’ve been a huge fan of Ohio State and the Carolina Panthers and I’m so impressed with the improvements of Curtis Samuel I just hope he continues to grow as a good WR

Jon Collins Reply

I think it’s safe to say Carolina is gonna make the playoffs this year

Comp 3000 Reply

Brooklyn Baby !

IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers Reply

I think Can should sit out until this team starts losing

Henry McGill Reply

That’s my guy!!

Jai Norman Reply

The best 🖤💙

Ken M. Reply

Brooklyn boy ‼️‼️‼️

vajleexi Reply

If Allen keeps playing like this then Cam will need an early retirement

    DSNCB919 Reply

    You’d rather have a healthy allen than a healthy Cam?

Samuel Santiago Reply

The Panthers with 4 wins in a row!!! Keep Pounding!!’

Artem Kozello Reply

Thank you for the 23 points in fantasy

william johnson Reply

Yeah C Sam !

Trevor Doge Reply

This squad is on quite the run in the absence of Cam. I hope he can come back and show them he is not a weak link. Cause he’s my favorite QB rn

Toons on Strings Reply

That End zone catch.. snatching it out of the defenders hands!!! That’s what big boys do!!!

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