#CupOfJoe: Joe Rose has your #WASvsMIA preview. Watch today’s game at 1:00 pm on @NFLonFOX. – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Bill Dent Reply

Sunday morning, with a cup of joe.

Youtube Only Reply

They’re gonna lose again

Stefan Kosikowski Reply

I want at least 2 wins, both against the Jets. Phins Up All Day!!!

Mike Pelligrino Reply

Fins vs Skins = SNOOZEFEST

Jerry Fleming Reply

It appears to be blacked out?
You know what? All it does is remind me I that I don’t care. I quit football couple years back and I don’t even need to be here. I don’t know why I even thought I should try it out again.

Just Fusion Reply

Our manager sucks and our coach sucks especially the manager since he doesn’t want to pay the players and now everyone is gone

Youtube Only Reply

It’s 4:31pm and again the Dolphins lost I told you like 4 1/2 hours ago they would LOL

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