Creed Humphrey: “It’s been fun getting in there and learning the playbook” | Press Conference 5/14 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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gep3 Reply


Luca Playz Reply

Come on guys make a good team this year

Ismael Ibrahem Reply

Brother Creed we like you to be the Sooners wall for Patrick. Whoever wants to sack Patrick kick his behind good in a pancake Form..

Adrian Gordon Reply


Randy Plett Reply

Mahomes will never ever win another SB. Brady will beat him next season & go back to back & accomplish what Mahomes wasn’t good enough to do. Brady will add one or two more SBs for good measure & all the Mahomes fans will be crying,. 😂🤣

    Nicholas Shaw Reply

    He’s a helpless troll. Ignore him.

    Randy Plett Reply

    @Nicholas Shaw Patrick Mahomey has his nightly nightmares it’s of Brady beating him in yet another SB! 😂🤣🤡

    Trevor Thompson Reply

    Randy my boy what’s up bro, I see you’re still going strong on the Chief’s videos. Hope you have a great weekend man.

    Randy Plett Reply

    @Trevor Thompson You too

    Jordan Francis Reply

    @Randy Plett hey bro I am a chiefs fan so can you please don’t be mean or kill me bro because I am 17 bro so can you be nice for once.

Randy Plett Reply

Tom Brady will lead the Bucs to first ever 20 and 0 season beating Mahomes again to win his 8th ring
Brady will then become the 1st quarterback in SB history to 3peat beating Mahomes for a 3rd time winning his 9th ring
Brady will retire and the Tom Brady 2.0, Mac Jones-led Patriots will win 3 rings in the next decade
Mahomes will accumulate multiple injuries due to his style of play and retire as a one and done SB winner
Mahones fans will still say he’s the greatest ever publicly while privately they cry in their pillows every night 😂🤣🤡

    Nicholas Shaw Reply

    This dude keeps deleting and putting new comments saying basically the same thing. He’s just a helpless troll ignore him.

    Randy Plett Reply

    @ExtendedClipTelevision sAvInG thIS sO i cAN cOMe bACk tO iT 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    Randy Plett Reply

    @Roger Davis Bwahahahaha!! What a clown! 🤣😂🤡

    Anthony L. Taylor Reply

    You wasted all that precious time in your life to let us see you literally blow smoke and whatever else out your azzhole! 💨💨💨 Good job! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    ExtendedClipTelevision Reply

    @Randy Plett your down terrible imagine spamming clown emojis in 2021🥱🥱

Toni Stillions Reply

Need to go to Q39 you will not be disappointed. Go Chiefs!!!!!!!

Shane Lewis Reply

This guy carrys himself like MAN no nonsense beast this dude is freaking baller and he knows it!💀😠😜😳

Dave Beal Reply

The Chiefs press is just awful with the exception of Matt and Craig who ask informed football questions. The rest of these guys are so shallow and cliche, they don’t deserve one of the few spots in the press pool. You should give their slot to people who cover the Chiefs and not the stupid who’s your favorite BBQ, what do you think of the city you haven’t seen yet, and please out your relatives for being jealous of the money you haven’t made yet. Whats next, whats your favorite color?

    I missed the Joke Reply


Benjamin Wachold Reply

He’s gonna be Patrick’s starting Center and best friend. I’m sure Patrick is gonna make then play calls but, Who’s gonna make the protection calls? Creed did both in Oklahoma.

    Ben Finley Reply

    Yeah and Austin Reiter was not good at that at all so I am so excited for creed to be out there !!

Malcom X Reply

Get Gates BBQ rookie

E B Reply

Those symbols on the wall other than the arrowhead always make me think they’re the falcons logo.

William Girard Reply

I want to hear him say “I will kill anybody that tries to out their hands on my QB”. Forget all this nice guy stuff. Lol.

Poverty Spec Reply

Creed, Patrick is your baby. Coddle him, protect him, don’t let a scratch be put on him.

Jordan Fletcher Reply

Looks like Andy’s got some Bbq eating competition now

Dadson worldwide Reply

Center is way unrated and underpaid.
As a position the injury odds are comparably hi. THEY pick up d ,call block schemes and audible in game.
It requires smart quick and strong minded players 💪 👏 👌

Zilla-X Reply


Devon Chambers Reply

Welcome to Chiefskingdom! Let’s go Chiefs! #Championshipswagger 💯✌🏽💪🏽

Jay G. Reply

Thumbs down is for Soren Petro question at the 235 mark.
Mr. Petro you asking if Creed is getting a vaccination is a violation of the HIPPA law.
That is none of your business. Please let go of fear and move on with your life. Freedom over fear!

Ben Finley Reply

Love all this physicality we have added to the team this offseason man we needed it

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