CRAZY ENDING in Dolphins vs. Patriots!

The Week 17 matchup comes down to the wire as the Dolphins take the win! The Miami Dolphins take on the New England Patriots during Week 17 of the 2019 NFL season.

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NFL Dolphins Patriots

Josue Tejada

Fitzmagic just outplayed Brady. This is a strange Week 17

    T C

    The Pats defense played like garb

    Amber Brown

    @T C thank you

    Paper Tiger Lily

    Womp womp, Tommy

    Carson Wentz Fan

    I mean Brady is 42.

An angry Jets Fan

the Patriots always find a way to fall to the Dolphins once a year

    Leonhard Euler

    This time it was different, Miami had control for most of the game tbh


    @Leonhard Euler they had control in the cutler game too tho


    An angry Jets Fan My reaction to this game

Emperor Palpatine

Miami’s has delivered the two most heartbreaking patriots losses over the last two years. This and the Miami miracle.


    Teal Donuts84 at the time it was an important game it concerned the division but it never happened


    That’s why I’m proud to be a dolphins fan even if they suck they at least beat the patriots


    Are you dead or alive??

    Ervin Sinay

    @Obnoxious Fern this was sad to watch

Fabian Ramirez

Phins up
I won 500 dollars I beted with my friend that the dolphins would get the upset I’m a dolphinsfan

    Matt Beeman

    You betted lmao wtf kind of English is that.

    Luis echevarria

    @Matt Beeman you understood thoe so stfu

    Riley Reneau

    Don’t take any bets on Grammar polls


Tom Brady: *”You Can’t Stop Me”*

AFC Division: *”I Know But He Can”*

*Dolphins Defense*

    T C

    It was the dolphins offense


    IAmVenom if anything it was the receivers who keep dropping his passes, *cough, cough* Sanu

    itz Duffy

    @mike green so? Like us fin fans aren’t used to the disappointment ? Grow up kiddo,today was a good day for us fin fans bud. Let us enjoy it and stfu

random stuff

dolphins lowkey tanked the season on purpose and used this game to prove that they’re better than you think

    darth rabid

    @Alex Douang expecially if they get someone like tua tugalova

    darth rabid

    And if they wouldnt of got rid of minkah, drake, and more

    Spencer7445 _

    Barachiel even if they get a solid draft, the dolphins will trade him the next season for a washed up running back or someone in their late 30’s lol. It happens all the time.

    Dead poolmonkey

    Spencer7445 _ it’s so crazy though because y’all have hella first rounders on your team

    itz Duffy

    @Spencer7445 _ your such a downer. I’m a fins fan, I’m used to disappointment . But I’m happy for their future. Today was a good win just appreciate it.

Pryor the Dud

On my way to buy a Fitzpatrick jersey rn

-Chiefs fan

    itz Duffy

    @American Sports Fan lmao your funny bro. I wanna grow up to be just like you

    itz Duffy

    @American Sports Fan you prolly mad your rigged patriot organization lost 🤣

    American Sports Fan

    itz Duffy

    I’m a Chiefs fan…

    Kevin Hernandez



Dolphins find a way to beat them every year

    DolphinFan ButTheysuck

    @Rick Towers no tf we not

    Lupton Pittman

    Usually in Miami though. How we lost yesterday to a team we beat 43-0 three months ago is amazing.

    Melanated God

    I swear.

    Torren 33

    gamerdolphin yt I hate the Pats as much as the next guy and they’re pretty cheaty but they’re still a good football team… you can’t get to 6/18 of the last Super Bowls without skill.

Christopher Scipio

Ah…. the annual patriots-dolphins upset. It’s turning into tradition at this point. 🐬

    Jose Rivas

    Christopher Scipio It’s been around least 3 years in a row

    Mac Gyver

    Been 2 decades

Evan Sebestyen

That moment the pats think they can do a lateral like the dolphins

    Matthew Christiansen

    “Hahaha-NO.” – The Dolphins.

Jan-Michael Vincent

As a Jags Fan thanks Miami .. we just moved up in the draft lol

    Foster Vaughn

    Hey quick question Jags fan: Are you rooting for the Titans?

    John Padilla

    As a Chiefs fan I also thank you Miami! What a crazy ending!

    Tom Yazel

    move up in the draft to come up short…again.

    Delvon Hall

    Yes they do. Jags fan since 1993. One year we shall make it to the SB. Best believe that one!!!!! #DDDDUUUUVVVVAAAALLLL


    @StephenXplodes how lol your an idiot

Frosted Ice Pharoah

WELCOME TO THE NEW AGE. The Patriots dominance is OVER!!!

Stavon Scott

NE thought they was about to have a MIA miracle

    Jacob Lopez

    Stavon Scott they cant do it like us 😂 and they thought they had that undefeated season

    Proximity_ 72

    Stavon Scott 😂


Patriots: Let’s get this first round bye and win our 7th Super Bowl
Dolphins: Hold my beer


    BOOM!!👍🏽 Well said, alelogger! 1st Round Byes Matter!!


    @ll Rxtenless Antonio?

    Look at my profile picture

    @ll Rxtenless If you are a pats fan then you are an embarrassment. Or most likely a bandwagon. Unlike me

    Look at my profile picture

    @Ra To correct you we never got blown out by playoffs team’s. Maybe the Ravens. If you are talking about this season.

    Sage VVV

    @ll Rxtenless A losing team beating a high class team is like a superbowl for losing teams, they could care less about playoffs

Joey Dillon

Chiefs help Dolphins make playoffs in 2016, Dolphins help Chiefs in 2019 secure a bye. It all comes full circle.


    Sorry, not this year.

    Taco Vendor

    Yeah, cheers for the bye miami. No one thought it would happen, but it did.

    Tom Yazel

    dolphin lost in 2016 and chiefs will this year…thanks Andy “not the big one” Reid.

    MaCeo Millions


    RJ Ante

    @duffydog1 They’ll be on the road after the Wild Card. I don’t think so.

Chase Carter

😂😭 “tHe BeSt DeFeNsE eVeR”

    Brandon C.

    Earlier in the year people were talking about this Patriots defense being the best ever. They were on pace to break the 2000 Ravens 165 points in a 16 game season record. In the 2nd half of the year, they gave up many more points and didn’t even come close to breaking it. 225 points given up. That’s still a good season for a defense, but they couldn’t even come close to matching what they did in the first half where I think they only gave up 68 points.

    James Sanders

    “the only way to describe this defense is as historic”

    Chris Alcantar

    Belichick gonna be pissed the guy that films signals didnt do his job right

    Keith P

    @Chris Alcantar Exactly!

Wayne Ford

We ain’t making it to the SB this year – Pat’s fan 😔

    Warren Shiflett

    @Wayne Ford In the 4th quarter, they had no defense. That was the bottom line.


    @Steve Silvas u hating a lil much dawg chill its just football

    Foster Vaughn

    Yes you are… we ALLL know what happens. It’s a cycle.

    _speed demon_ 03

    You can still win it all, even if it’s the wild card as the 3rd seed.

    Carson Wentz Fan

    @Steve Silvas You’re a weirdo


As a chiefs fan I must say, everything went right for us today

    No Sleep Seven

    Not Juan Thornhill 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Tom Yazel

    sad when you need help and cant do it on your own.

    Sandra Barnhouse

    Amen for that.


    Tom Yazel and it’s sad when the dolphins beat Brady and the patriots every year somehow

    Austin Madore

    AmazeThemAll99 stfu bandwagon

Andy W

“He’s finally brought …….nope, STILL ALIVE!” lol that was great.

Paper Tiger Lily

HUGE love to Miami from Chiefs Kingdom! And big respect for the 2019 Dolphins all season for bringing that fire and telling the front office to go to hell

    Adrian Shaw

    Thanks, glad we could help 😂

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