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Aki Aniol

I’m looking forward to hearing Shannon RUB THIS LOSS in skips face.Lol

    michael edwards

    Undisputed is the best when the cowboys lose lmaoo

    David Mata

    Yea Dude, Skip will find a way to say the Cowgirls are the best team in the league and somehow they got cheated in the game. At the very least most fans can admit when their teams have been bested. My Lambs took it on the chin yesterday and as a fan you didn’t see the collapse coming your either blind or in denial. Losses happen and good teams like KC find a way to win. Period.

    King Markbarry

    michael edwards facts

    Spencer Stone

    I won’t be able to watch it. Skips excuse level will be at an all time high

    Aki Aniol

    I just went on to watch skip and sharp this morning and OMG!!!Skip(Like we all predicted)giving excuses and BS AGAIN lmao

ALM Mack

Congrats Saints fans!


    ALM Mack

    Almost the opposite of what you’re saying, LOOK INTO IT. 2 games=8 quarters, Chiefs only lost 2 of those 8 quarters and the 2 they lost were the first half in the Pat’s game. Your comment is wrong my guy.


    ALM Mack keyword is playoffs, which y’all will see New England again and they will shut y’all down. Coming from an eagles fan, Andy Reid chokes in the playoffs 😂

    ALM Mack

    @Roo817 The Pat’s opponents record combined 3 -13 Chiefs opponents record combined 9 – 7 – 1


    ALM Mack like I said, PLAYOFFS chiefs and cowboys fans love winning regular season participation awards lmao but choke in the playoffs

    Say Gezzy

    ALM Mack As a chargers fan yall not gonna even make it past us! Overrated chiefs lmao

Jack Connaughton

At 8:26 anyone else notice the alien way Robert Quinn’s ankles bent during his sack celebration? No? Just me?


    Jack Connaughton threw me off

    Block Party Saint

    Like rubber!

    Pablo Ramos

    I was like wait a min wtf and had to come to the comments to see of anyone else saw it 😂👀👀👀👀


2018: “I can’t believe the Saints lost!”

2019: “I can’t believe the Cowboys lost!”

    Jon Marsh

    who cares?

    Steve B

    @Jon Marsh existence is pain

    Dee Mac Jr.

    Lmaoooooo sweet revenge baby

    chris madsen

    @Hector Sanchez remember the 8-8 Giants that beat the Pats in the superbowl

    Usher More

    The power of home-field advantage

Joseph Routis Jr

DeMarcus Lawrence trash talks “We Dat” Sure you got the Saints on a scoreless touchdown but yet still lost, that’s pretty intriguing

    Robbie Sarkioglu

    He Plays Defense… The Offense was the reason they Lost so he technically did his job.

    John Mack

    Thats still bullshit he didnt do his job cause the saints put more points up even if it was field goals.


    the offensive interference’s were such bs

Bruce Guillory

Like Shannon said “the cowboys hadn’t played anybody” until they met the saints 😂😂😂😂🦴

    Blasto Manto

    I like how even when the Cowboys lose people still talking about em. Jerry Jones thanks you 😂.


    @Mark Torres They had Amari? Sorry receiving core with him in the lineup and fully healthy?


    @Mark Torres also, you guys won’t believe me, but the refs screwed us over that game xD

    James Faul

    lmao, that comment is dumb af. the Saints couldn’t even get a touchdown on their home field, and you want to talk about them being a real team? foh

    Mark Torres

    ryapowa they didn’t have Randall Cobb or Jason witten last season and Michael Gallup was a rookie. Our second best receiver was lil cole beasley

Steel Here

Jason Garrett: “We’re looking forward to our next game.”

    Zack Harlow

    Yeah JG would be the only person that is looking forward to the Packers

    Im certainly not looking forward to next week especially after this week and the history this team has had with the Packers as of late…..

    Mr Fixit Bass NM

    @America Reigns. Yeah! America’s team. NOT! Every team is America’s team not just the one with a star.


    @Zack Harlow Basin Ferrit (Jason Garrett) – needs a fist in his mouth

    Eugene Rollins

    It’s time to move on from Jason

Bruno Silva

Tomorrow I bet Shannon is gonna say “How bout them Cowboys!” and Skip is going to say the pass interference near the end on Amari Cooper cost Dak the opportunity to win the game for Dallas…

    KORN 1999

    @Troy C LOOK CLOSER!!!!!

    Bale Sahagun

    Nope everyone was going for the ball

    Fatima AL-Enizi

    Dak sucks. He overthrew most of his passes to Amari Cooper. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Hansim Glück

    @KORN 1999 he didnt have controll before the arm hit the ground but it was very hard to see so they just said stand and not confirm

    Mike S

    @KORN 1999 Clearly he did as it went against him as a…. FUMBLE. lol.

Paul Smith

I had will lutz on my fantasy, I’m a happy man

Jackson S

As a panther fan I still find myself cheering for the saints just cause that boy teddy

    -Can Ameri-

    Bridgewater > Vinny Testaverde, Sr. Now

    Raylan Givens

    -Can Ameri- huh?


    -Can Ameri- Is that like the Panthers QB?

Philip Tucker

Man I just love how supportive and involved drew Bree’s was in that game lmao.

    PysCh0 Zikul

    Like a soccer mom

    Duane Moody

    -Can Ameri- always in the past present and future

    Mark Davis

    At least very involved in the tv coverage of the game.


    @-Can Ameri- I called it stupid when it happened. Don’t fix what ain’t broke! P Rivers is great though but can’t win.


    We grown to get use to him!!! 13 years!!!

Fingering Things

Finally someone blitzes the QB on a Hail Mary attempt. Madden 101

    qp Liqwa

    Fingering Things Arizona Cardinals did in the NFC Divisional round

    4th Son


    4th Son

    @Dank Dank u must have been playing bums. I woulda made u change that real quick. Toss ends all that.

    Fingering Things

    FatLoser_21 thanks brotha

    China Babe

    Fingering Things Lol Same thing I was thinking Madden! 😡😩🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

Fingering Things

Four weeks into the season, the only remaining undefeated team in the NFC is…

The San Francisco 49ers.

    Max Sanchez

    They haven’t even played a playoff team yet 😂

    Arturo Pantoja

    Max Sanchez we played a team who beat the rams 😂😂😂😂

    Mr Fixit Bass NM

    49ers rule!!

    Travis Peterson

    Get used to it.


Brace yourselves:

Skip bayless excuses are coming


Stephen A. Smith: “Can I get some defense, New Orleans?”

    Pat Mcglohon


Blake Horton

When you don’t get a single touchdown and still win the game😂😂

    RoguePepper 9606

    Blake Horton first time for New Orleans since 98

    Blasto Manto

    That’s sad you can’t score a touchdown at home in your own stadium.

    fred barrientos

    Which i think it doesn’t look right for the QB since everyone saying he’s a starter caliber

    Amanda Guillory

    Blasto Manto But got the W! I think the fans preferred the W🤷🏿‍♀️

    Eugene Rollins

    @Blasto Manto Remember Bridgewater was quarterbacking.


01:28 The day the “Taysom Hill” truck crashed through traffic congestion! Dayum!

01:37 Drew Brees’ reaction “Whoa!”


    jamestheradioman Man, I love Taysom.

Philp Yung

Welcome to football 2019, where QBs do a backwards spin to their blindside for no reason and lose 15 yards instead of stepping up in the pocket or, God forbid, finding a receiver down field.

    Tony Channing

    Philp Yung that’s easy to say watching the all 22 broadcast view. A lot of things are being processed in the 3 seconds before you expect to be hit. It’s not always as cut and dry as it may look on tv.

    Philp Yung

    @Tony Channing bruh I am not talking about that one play, are you? I mean backwards spin to your blindside by default to fit in

    Honestly, go watch some “all 22” broadcasts and stop trying to lecture ME of all people.


Imagine having a QB who wants more then what he’s worth just to lose to a team who beat them with only field goals.


    It’s all good, for a defencive game it was a great show. What a collection of line backers to enjoy on both teams, excellent passrush and good secondary plays. Who Dat!


    Worth every penny

    John Mack

    Its funny how you cowgirls can score a touchdown and still lose with field goals.


    A game is about more than just offense. This was a game of defense and the saints showed out. The saints not getting a single touchdown also shows that dallas held decent defense. The game isnt on just the qb

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