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Tony pollard cold! Zeke better get back asap

    Steve Davis

    @Nicolaus Cory there is no common sense in the politics of whatever job you participate in. That’s why it’s called politics and not common sense

    Nicolaus Cory

    @Steve Davis Politics? If I had a chance to make 3.9 million dollars anywhere in one year I would do it and be retired forever. So far out of touch with reality are the players these days. Jones just bought a yacht for 250 million and Dak just said no to 30 million. It is sad.

    Steve Davis

    @Nicolaus Cory that’s because you don’t make that kind of money now. I wouldnt complain either but when you are considered one of the best RB’s in the NFL and you see other guys who havent put up the numbers you have but are getting paid higher, you may end up with a chip on your shoulder, not to mention the work load they put on him bc dak sucks. He wants to get paid to secure a future. Rb’s careers are not very long.

    Nicolaus Cory

    @Steve Davis You have good points that I can agree with. First off, if I made the money zeke has already made, I wouldn’t even consider playing again and risk getting my head caved in. No amount of money is worth life changing injuries. As for one of the best in NFL, true. However consider Bell, Barkley, Gurley, and David Johnson. They would all be rushing champs in the cowboys system. (Heavy rushing attack with the best O – line in football). Another good point is that they feed him constantly as a 3 down back, because Dak is a hair above a game manager, but improving since Cooper came in. I say draft a guy like Pollard to split the load. If one gets hurt we aren’t done for. Lastly, I get that he wants a secure future, but to date he has made about 17 million dollars. Any halfway intelligent person would be set for life on that. And their kids would never have to work either.

Bigg B

Aloha stadium got more fans than a chargers game

    Dude Ranch

    Heso Melo that’s what I like to hear!

    Empowered CRB

    agreensubstance the rams ain’t doing nothing but getting helped from the refs. It’s only been two years if successful 500. Over two playoff appearances in last two years. That’s good but lost as best team in nfl. They ain’t nothing suckaaaaa.

    Empowered CRB

    Zyon Life naw it’s good it’s a vacation right after they play pro bowl. They get to relax

    x Brown

    @Zyon Life the pro bowl use to be played in aloha stadium

951 Vasquez

Good game but anyone else see Dakota Allen all over the field he gonna be beast 💯💯


Michael Gallup bouta Ball out this year 💯

    Donald Thompson

    I think he will I like him a lot last year he’s going to have his chances this year with Cooper being double-teamed


    @Affordable Sticks and still with 8 less played games the touchdown difference is only two..that alone enda whatever argument u want to have

    DirtyDanGG CS:GO

    Hyper – Mobile Games where was Wentz In 2017? Not in the Super Bowl lmao

    Ghost Big Q

    Off of preseason games


    @Hyper – Mobile Games win 4 more then you can talk.

Nelson Garcia

8:04 SANDWICHHH EMM‼️😤😭🤦🏽‍♂️

    Blah Blah


    Matthew Ward

    We need that though. As a cowboys fan for a very long time…. I’m tired of the missed tackles. I want to see more of this “sandwiching”. That was beautiful

    Finessed Gang 336


    951 Vasquez

    Matthew Ward fr the rams and cowboys were both making some crazy hits I haven’t seen that in a whileeee especially since there hasn’t been any football it feels good to see those big hits already just imagine what kinda hits we’re gonna see throughout the regular season with the starters in 💯💯👀

    B Gray

    A better timestamp would be 8:00 so people can see what you’re talking about

Jan Ge Jo

8:02 now that’s what you call: „Mom, I made my own sandwich today!“


    Jan Ge Jo no


Anyone else just hear that girl in the back it must be like her first day


    @Ethan Shukis you’re incorrect. Check the 272 upvotes on the original comment.

    Jackson Quinif

    Ethan Shukis 5:16 she says “no” when she finds out that Dallas intercepted it. Biased is not good


    @Jackson Quinif 😂ik I was like ROOKIE

    Taft Gardner

    @Al HassanT Is there any female sports commentators you like?

    Viking Fury

    @Taft Gardner none that I can think of

Saved By Grace

5:10 ok. Ok! NoOo!


    followed up by “ohhh, ohhh, ohhhhhh.”

    Rowdy Rebel

    All game she was making noises. So annoying lmao


    Rowdy Rebel that was horrible

    Michael Buchanan

    Dude you beat me on it lol 😆

    Ooni Oomphs

    The trick is to keep her on the sideline so we only have to hear her for only about 30 seconds a game. And maybe see an errant(?) ball hit her in the head to make the highlight reel. It’s about as annoying as hearing a dude(?) talk about nail polish.

Parallel Andeh

Can’t wait for the regular season

    Patrick Martin


    Bart Blackenship

    What y’all have so much hope for? These two loser teams ain’t going no where this lol

    Jerry Junior

    MONSTER 54 They sure do! 😂

Kyle Short

Bruh pollard is fast

    Devante Smith

    tone 22 he ran a 4.68 at the combine. He got solid speed but he not faster than zeke. I seen him play at Memphis and I seen zeke live. He not faster than zeke.

    tone 22

    @Devante Smith you keep talking about the combine dont you know they have another workout at their school called a pro day ?? At his pro day he ran a 4.38 !! Don’t you see the speed against the Rams . It’s a reason his speed a 93 on Madden Google his pro day

    Devante Smith

    tone 22 I seen pro days bro every player run faster at their pro day. I see the speed against the rams. It’s good speed but not blazing speed people are over reacting to his speed. Zeke has good speed too not blazing either but between the two zeke is faster

    Ricardo Hotboy

    Devante Smith Zeke has that gliding speed! U cant compare the two.

    Jackie Clark

    @Devante Smith …wait til the game slows down for him…you’ll see the difference…I’ve seen them both play live…Pollard is faster…Zeke is fast…He’s def bigger and stronger…Pollard had a bad 40 at the combine…whether it was due to illness or not,it doesn’t matter at this point…he had a bad 40 time. Watch him later on this season…

david sanders

Zeke was crushing it. Oh, wait….🙄

    Randy Koney

    @ShatzN Giggles the CBA sucks, but that’s the contract they signed, I can go to my union, or bosses and demand a raise, i understand it’s a different business but if he wasnt going to play for a five year contract he shouldn’t have signed it, yes he deserves to paid but as an owner or GM you have to think about the rest of the team and 52 other contracts that are signed, RBs are screwed in this league and every rb should seriously reconsider their profession, if you want top get paid, be a wr, or a db, or a qb if you can, and d line, just a fact of today’s NFL, sorry Dallas you built your team around an outdated concept, and now you are going to have to pay for it or retool and get a new head coach for God’s sake, God’s team, lol. I think the cowboys can be fine without Zeke just need to spend his money wisely and invest in defense and speed on offense, I think Garrett and Zeke hold dak back from being a 30 td guy but we will wait and see for the accident waiting to happen.


    @Soldier for Christ Zeke has 2 years left on his contract, and as far as not being able to put anyone behind the cowboys oline Darren McFadden has 1100 yards behind that Oline

    Soldier for Christ

    @Bigcheese1211 I’d prefer my running back put up 1600 and 1400 yard seasons and be an elite level blocker and catch very good outta the backfield and lead the league in rushing multiple times. Rather than have a has been who only gained 1100 yards. I see u love mediocrity


    @Soldier for Christ I didn’t say I love mediocrity or that McFadden was better than Zeke all I said was that just about any RB can but up over a thousand yards behind one of the best olines in football

    Doritos Duck


Colin Aitken

Whats with the soccer mom commentating


When you’re so starved for football you’re genuinely mad you weren’t able to see the last 3 minutes of the game

    The Glorious

    angelcorvette28 hahaha you gotta eat man! More feasts coming this week, well.. entres.



Too Fast

Tony Pollard look damn good!

Mr. Glasses

Funny how Reggie Davis on Dallas fumbled the punt return 1:37 and then the punt returner on the rams did the same exact thing 2:25.😂

    Michael Zannis

    I was at the game if looked like both the punts had some weird spin to it so that’s part of it

    BLK Jewish Investing gawd

    Illuminate confirmed

    Giovanni Flores

    Jojo natson always drops the punt return 😒


    Then we threw an interception then the next play for Rams they threw an interception lol

Jose Gonzales

Yup Mike white not looking good..


    Mike needs to go asap

    Jake Kiejko

    annnnnnnnnnnnnd hes gone

    OnThe Gang

    Hes poop am sorry


    He looks like trash!

Joseph Simmons

Did one of the announcers bring their 16yr old daughter to work??
“Ok. Ok.”-“Wow”

    Ivan Reyes

    Peter K. Rosenthal Bro i don’t care if it was a man making those noises she made, it was unprofessional, biased for the Rams, and annoying.

    Peter K. Rosenthal

    Pat L you seem to be the only one.

    chris madsen

    Another clueless woman lmao

    Peter K. Rosenthal

    chris madsen You chauvinist pig.


    Peter K. Rosenthal … you big mad or little mad?

Cameron brabant

fire this girl lmfao. all she likes to say is ” ok ok”


    Cameron brabant of course it sounds like that when you only hear tiny clips in highlights. If you actually watch the game it flowed just fine.

    Leo Dancor

    @NoctemAeternusMusic ok ok

Shane B.

Cooper Rush won the backup job. Mike White isn’t getting any better. He makes the same dumb mistakes all the time


    @OnThe Gang imagine being one of the top 5 qbs with the most wins since 2016, also having 8 comebacks plus 14 game winning drives, took top of the division twice in the last 3 years and finally getting your team a win in the playoffs that has been in the dust for +20 years…. then getting told cooper is better than you

    Jonathan Vico

    lmfao the guy who i think is either trolling or is just an idiot. Ill admit that I thought Mike White would compete for the starting job when they picked him up. But too say hes better than Dak, i mean 😴. If ur argument is that hes playing with people that wont make the roster, if he was really that good wouldnt he be lighting it up against comp that wont make the roster for the other teams as well? 🤔🤔

    Greg Grimsley

    Cowboys need to find a veteran backup quick.

    Greg Grimsley

    If Dak doesn’t underthrow the deep receiver on the opening drive, the receiver scores. It appears to me that Dak is still making the same mistakes as has plagued him throughout his NFL career. Well at least he can still throw the simple check downs.

eddy the yeti

That female commentator was just reacting to plays 😤 “Oh” “Wow”

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