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Giants/Mets/Blazers Reply

Dak is a perfect example of “it doesn’t pay to be greedy” lol. He should’ve signed with the 1st offer.

    michael silverson Reply

    Pumped 999 underdawgs against a 0-4 team that had “home field advantage” more like 50-50 coming back from garbage time foh with that nonsense your speaking.

    Pumped 999 Reply

    @michael silverson I didn’t say we were underdogs this game

    Troy Rusk Reply

    Pumped 999 Ya you’re rival, the eagles, totally didn’t win a super bowl with backup QB and a large amount of injuries elsewhere as well. Guess you gotta ignore that so that your cognitive dissonance can do its thing tho.

    Pumped 999 Reply

    @Troy Rusk I want to see them do it again

Top5 Reply

Jets DB: *Breathes*
Refs: Pass interference, defense!

    Slim 803 Reply

    On GOD

    Elijah crump Reply

    Illegal expelling of breath numer 20 breathes directly on reciver automatic first down

    Garenthal Reply

    @Anthony Williams the jamal adams one was clean as hell

    Tyqll * Reply


    Sam Young Reply

    seems like your refs were moon lighting our game ( Browns) just crazy how bad the refs have been this year.

Bobby Hill Reply

Skip tomorrow….” my qb almost led them back” ” jason witten was held on the 2pt conversion”

    Stonie’s Manager Reply

    Bobby Hill best qbr in all of football will win him a trip to the superbowl

    Doug Carter Reply

    @Bobby Hill the ref’s are true cowboy fans for sure. 😎💣

    Bobby Hill Reply

    @horankti why when i read ur comment i heard skips voice as im reading it 😂😂

    Bobby Hill Reply

    @horankti i heard skips voice as i read ur comment. That was spot on 😂👍

    NYC's Life Reply

    More like pass interference but either way wouldn’t have been caught

Gene Vanhorn Reply

Hey the refs tried for the come back and just came up short i mean the cowboys

    ReggaeEli Reply

    there were too many flags but the jets were holding the receivers most of the calls.

Roberto Moreno Reply

09:04 Ref: After reviewing the play, Jerry Jones check has been declined.

    Luis Aponte Reply


    Edgar Ramirez Reply


    Bruhhh Comedy Reply

    It was his birthday yesterday too smh

    Mercedes Fierce Reply


    Antonio Labaš Reply


Piyush Jain Reply

Interesting fact of the game:
Referees threw flag for more yards than Dak Prescott threw the ball.. 😂😂😂

    ODST Reply

    @Donald Trump no I know but at least 100 yards in a game that’s decent for a running back but yes in this game he did bad and all that

    George Alvarado Reply

    😂😂😂😂 top tier comment my god the ref had more time on television then Dak

    Juwan Kane Reply

    Banquet Meal you should watch more Cowboys games then.

Scott Chiware Reply

Jamal Adams is special, he’s all over these highlights

    Aradom Belai Reply

    He absolutely dominated the game.

    Charlotte Haggerty Reply

    @Aradom Belai he dominates every game

    teller_of_truths Reply

    geaux tigers.

PoonDestruction Reply

id love to hear why “the goat” had 0 tds tomorrow from skip. who’s fault was it that they lost this time?
three in a row? lose to the jets? shannon gonna chew him out tomorrow.

    Donald Trump Reply

    Dak had a TD.

    Randy Williams Reply

    As long as we have Garrett, then we will be mediocre at best. Hoping Philly beats the pants off the Cowboys if that helps get rid of Cap Clap.

piebaldify Reply

Skip tomorrow: “i am so impressed with my quarterback dakota prescott, coming back in the 4th quarter!!”

    Jasen Gonzalez Reply

    A Comeback, Really? The Ref….Advanced The Ball 40 Yard, for The Cowgirls To Get To (1st and Goal) Goal-line Position. “Yellow Flags Everywhere, In the Last 2:40 Minutes. Dak Was Given A TD….and Still Lost The Game. Cowboys Are Trash!!

    Cali World tv Reply

    Dakota 😁😂

    Þórarinn Snorrason Reply

    Yeah it was kinda ridonculous. Glad they held on to the win. Looking forward to see how Skip spins his way out of this one 🙂

    Toastyyyboyyy Reply

    @Jasen Gonzalez r/wooooosh

    Albertina Rodrigues Reply

    @Smokin52 Sportz58 npatnau

TheAireaidLord Reply

Skip tomorrow:

“Dak Prescott was simply amazing yesterday”

    aaron berhane Reply

    Edgar Ramirez “he’s still leading the NFL in QBR”

    SeanA118 Reply


    Frank Esposito Reply

    DALLAS did Okay…..they have nothing to be ashamed of…..

    A.T X Reply

    TheAireaidLord he lead the team back tho

    A.T X Reply

    TheAireaidLord him and zeke look like they were the only people on the team trying bruh

Adam Ware Reply

“How Many Flags do You Want to Throw on Last Drive?”


    Orange Buffoon Reply

    Boo Hoo!

    Stop crying, it’s part of the game. Complaining about it isn’t going to change it.

    Stop watching it if you can’t deal with it!

    Adam Ware Reply

    Orange Buffoon I ain’t crying my Jets won

    Orange Buffoon Reply

    @Adam Ware Then why complain?

    people who complain, have a shitty outlook on life.

Rangecontrol Reply

Refs doing everything they could to keep the cowboys in the game.

Ashok Manoranjan Reply

“This is the one that’s showing everyone who he is, right now”

*gets intercepted*

    Edgar Ramirez Reply


    Dougie Ballew Reply

    Romo is on point often on his calls.

    mannlisten Reply

    He wouldn’t want it any other way.

    Nick Jolapy Reply

    Ashok Manoranjan Tony Romos calls are always on point

    HipHopR&BLover Jon Reply

    That was Sam’s best drive of the game until that pick too.

Rk9 Reply

Imagine having a QB who wants 40 million, losing to a winless team and throw no TDs.

    Comrade Shark Reply

    Elijah Howard yes we suck rn but it’s not bc of him. He can’t catch his receivers balls for them

    Young Black Conservative Reply

    Tried to tell people this…but nah he’s worth it…

    Rk9 Reply

    The offense runs through Zeke. He threw no touchdown against a winless team, and struggled whike having 3 good WR and TE who knows the system. I pray they extend him and Jason Garrett, they’re good fpr business.

    Yee Glock Reply

    Didn’t joe flacco lose to a winless Miami dolphins
    Didn’t Tom Brady lose to a winless jets

Jake Shepard Reply

Skip tomorrow: MY quarterback almost led the greatest comeback drive in nfl history against that scary New York Jets defense who were playing hard for their quarterback

    Alex Shayatovich Reply

    That sounds about right lol

    Xavier Feliciano Reply

    His Quarterback Is Tom Brady Don’t Be Fooled

    ctgstudios421 Reply

    Jake Shepard SKIIIIUUUUPP

Sadiq • Reply

Skip Bayless: “In the last five minutes of the game, Dak Prescott had the highest ‘QBR’ out of any QB in the NFL”.

Neva simpinfoo Reply

Shannon: “Dak came to my restaurant last night and got served a fat L”

Skip: hmmmmm..

    Erik Lerström Reply

    but then skip is going to be as boring and predictable as he always is and just blame it all on everyone not named dak

    Doug Carter Reply

    Happy birthday Jerry Jones ha ha ha.

Terrell Dancy Reply

Skip Bayless- “he was down 21-9 going into the 4th quarter and came back”

Shannon – “SKIP …*bangs pen on desk* can you tell the people at home what dak was doing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters”

    Fabian Correa Reply

    I’m sorry, you mispronounced it. More like “SKKEEEEEIUUUUP”

AmazeThemAll99 Reply

Sam Darnold: comes back to play

Jets: *try-hard status initiated*

David Lee Roth Reply

Score: gets close
Refs: time to start calling penalties

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