COWBOYS POSTGAME: Cowboys drop Thanksgiving bout with Bills – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Mark Bowman Reply

Nothing like being EMBARRASSED on Thanksgiving!! THANKS AGAIN GUYS!!🤦‍♂️

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    TrippyStud Nope eagles fan for life we taking that division 🦅🦅🦅🦅

    kev127 Reply

    @Kamryn Vanatta Anybody that comes out the NFC east is getting stuffed back in. Not a single playoff worthy team.

    TrippyStud Reply

    Kamryn Vanatta cause you have the easiest schedule and the cowboys have the 11th easiest, so if you’re wrong the eagles must suck 🤷🏻‍♂️

    TrippyStud Reply

    kev127 wrong, the cowboys have a super bowl material team, wait til Garrett is fired

    kev127 Reply


Juan E. Gutierrez Reply

Same ole excuses. Play better play better. It seems that’s the excuse since week 4.

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    Juan E. Gutierrez Stop whining cry baby

    Deathevokation Reply

    @Kamryn Vanatta Eagles fans and Philadelphia fans are the biggest cry babies on the planet. And your state is a shithole.

Big Mike Reply

Garrett has to go

Banter Reply


True Gooner Reply

Well I mean, as long as you’re all emotional, then it’s alright. Ok cool.

craig barrett Reply

For the love of god Jerry please just sit back and be an owner. Collect your money and get a manager and head coach in there that know what the hell they are doing and can motivate this team. Grow some balls and fire Garrett! He has held this team back for a long time.

    Asat 85 Reply

    craig barrett u said it its all on jerry he loves garrett cuz he does whatever he says thats why hes still there he doesnt want anybody coming in there taken “jerry’s shine” i think big ego’s

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    craig barrett Nobody is gonna read your essay please stop talking

    craig barrett Reply

    @Kamryn Vanatta you obviously read it and commented so your statement is invalid.

BigBrain Reply

Why they all saying the same thing

Joseph Reyes Reply

Dallas ..a paper Tiger

Larry Haggerty Reply

Till Jerry willing to make changes people quit spending your hard cash going to these games..

Billy keith Reply

I’ll say it again the cowboys are consistently inconsistent

    Stephen B Reply

    Nah they just plain out suck

    kev127 Reply

    Consistent first round exits

Craig77 Reply

Garrett with a lot of talk but no solutions …nothing new here.

PRHILL9696 Reply

Relax cowboy fans you play my bears next and they are horrific! Now if you do lose to the bears then you really have problems!

MajorLeagueAbility Reply

Do they even gameplan/watch film? They are never prepared for the strengths of their opponent

Guttulus Reply

We need a new coach. We keep losing.

joshlugo84 Reply

That what happens when you put emotions and feelings in business Jerry this is your fault

Ricky Painter Reply

Yea Jerry it is your fault !! This is how you work 1) Fired Jimmy Johnson right after he WON A SUPERBOWL. 2) Keep Jason Garrett for 10 yrs. and has only WON 2 PLAYOFF GAMES.

Joshua Sanders Reply

Jerry the tard just said everybody doesn’t want Jason to leave🤡

Eugene Fontenot Reply

Beasley killed us , today! Smh

Jasonthehammer Reply

Seriously a 2 min intro!

Kevin Ellis Reply

Jerry loves Jason !!! Make him your assistant gm and get us a better head coach …

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